It’s not every day I say that an air purifier has great style, but the Rabbit Air A3 really does. It’s a sleek black device with multi-colour LED lights so it looks great, but style isn’t the best feature on this air purifier. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and it connects to an app so you can monitor your air quality and control your air purifier. It also uses a 6-stage filtration system to remove all types of particles and odours from your air including dander from pets, smoke, cooking odours, and more. Here’s a look at what I thought of the Rabbit Air A3 smart air purifier.

Features on Rabbit Air A3 air purifier

Rabbit Air A3 Air Purifier Review

The Rabbit Air A3 (Model: SPA-1KABOXXN) is a small, light air purifier—width 48.01 cm (18.89 inches), depth 21.34 cm (8.4 inches), and height 50.04 cm (19.7 inches). It weighs 9.23 kg (20.34 lb).

  • Purifies the air in rooms up to 1,070 sq. ft.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth lets you connect and control your air purifier from your phone
  • Touchscreen lights up when in use and disappears after you’ve adjusted your settings
  • Rabbit Air app lets you set a timer, add a schedule for use, turn on negative ions, see your air quality, or turn on child lock
  • Wall-mountable so you can place it out of the way
  • 6-stage filtration includes pre-filter, medium filter, HEPA filter, odor remover, customized filter, and charcoal-based activated carbon filter
  • Prefilter is washable and filters last 12 months
  • LED lights change colour according to app settings

Setting up Rabbit Air A3 air purifier

Rabbit Air Review

Setting up the Rabbit Air A3 was as simple as pulling the air purifier out of the box and plugging it in. The filters are already installed and it has a sleek touchscreen you can tap to turn it on and off. You can also pair the air purifier with the Rabbit Air app by tapping the cloud button on the touchscreen. Once in pairing mode you can find your Rabbit Air A3 in the app and add it to your profile.

I like how the Rabbit Air A3 includes a wall mount. I didn’t mount it in my home but it looks simple enough to set up and it’s nice that you can put it somewhere out of the way or even mount it high up on a wall.

Testing Rabbit Air A3

I let the Rabbit Air A3 run in my home for 2 weeks. While I can’t tell exactly how many particles were in my air to begin with, I noticed a significant difference while running this air purifier. Kitchen odours didn’t linger as long, if I vacuumed or dusted it wasn’t as noticeable to my son with allergies, and the air just felt fresher overall. It is quiet and small enough to easily slide into any corner, and if you stand near it or you have it running near where you are sitting, you can feel a cool blast of air. My husband thought it was a fan or air conditioner at first because the air was so cool and fresh.

6 layers of filtration


HEPA filters will pick up 99.97 percent of air particles in your home. While that one filter is enough to improve air quality, the Rabbit Air A3 takes it a few steps further by adding extra filtration. It has a set of 6 filters including a washable pre-filter, a HEPA filter, a customized odour remover filter, and a charcoal-based activated carbon filter. All 6 of these filters work together to capture every all of the dust, pollen, and pet dander flying through your home’s air. I did a bit of research and found that the Rabbit Air A3 can improve your home’s PM2.5 air quality by 99.4%, and it can even pick up bacteria and viruses.

I like that the pre-filter is washable, and you’ll always know when you need to clean or replace one of the filters because there will be a notification in the Rabbit Air app. I used it 24/7 for a few weeks and the replacement/clean indicator only moved slightly. Your filters should last 12 months.

This air purifier is smart beyond having Wi-Fi and an app. It has an odour and particle sensor, so it can automatically adjust its settings based on the air quality in the room. I had it humming away in the corner while I was cooking and it was in auto mode. I noticed the fan picked up speed a bit, and it did that in response to the fact that the kitchen was filling with smoke from a burning pan. I didn’t even have to adjust my settings to compensate for the poor air quality. The air purifier just kicked in on its own.

It even has a feature you can turn on for negative ions. Negative ions are molecules similar to those we breath in when we’re in the great outdoors. They can increase our good feelings and boost serotonin levels, so it’s a great feature to turn on when using your air purifier.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in

I love monitoring my home’s air quality via an app. It makes it so easy to turn the air purifier on, off, or adjust the fan speed. With the Rabbit Air app you can set a timer so the air purifier will turn off after two or four hours, or you can set a schedule so it will run at predetermined times. That’s a great option if you want to turn it on and run it at night or just during the day.

Having Wi-Fi on the Rabbit Air A3 means you can also change the colour of the LED lights whenever you’d like to. I love the built in lighting on this air purifier. You can set it to one colour or have it alternate between different colours, and you can also keep the light on night mode so it’s a bit dimmer than full brightness.

Should you choose Rabbit Air A3 air purifier?

Rabbit Air A3

The Rabbit Air A3 is a high end air purifier with a sleek design, quiet operation, and a lot of great features that make it easy to use. I love the built-in lights, scheduling, and how it can auto adjust itself to the air quality in the room. It can clean the air in a big room too, as it has a capacity of 1000 square feet. When you stand beside it all you breathe in is clean, fresh air, and it is very effective at reducing the amount of allergens in your space.

You can find the Rabbit Air A3 air purifier at Best Buy right now.

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  1. We need the extra Air filter support to keep the Air quality cleaner indoors to extra safeguard our family, visitors, & pets indoors. The outdoors’ city & suburban Air quality has gotten too polluted. The Covid 19 issues still are annual issues into ’30. We do not purchase food from restaurants & fast foods that have employees with managers not following safety guidelines and preparing daily orders with no mask nor gloves worn. All have had to get daily showered chiefs hired to cook cleaner, safety guidelines of mask & gloves worn, prepared our three course meals three times a day five days a week served.
    Our home & businesses need double Air filters running daily & annually to avoid outdoors Air polluted issues. Countries’ Gov’t leaders have to get the workers to plant more trees annually.

  2. I have one of these and it works very well against wildfire smoke as well – both the air quality and odour. I have a portable AQI monitor and during a late-season wildfire smoke event (not nearly as bad as the summer, but I didn’t have the Rabbit Air then), the local AQI readings were in the 70s – which is considered poor air quality. I opened the windows until the interior air was at the same AQI level as outdoors, then closed them. The floor the A3 was on halved its AQI reading within one hour, and was at zero within a few hours. The rest of the house normalized far more slowly, until I moved the purifier from floor to floor.

    It has also done an impressive job of capturing dust and eliminating odours during an ongoing home reno, including getting getting rid of the noxious smell when the contractor’s saw burned a few pieces of vinyl flooring… The pre-filter has had to be cleaned several times, but it’s easy to do and worth it when it means that dust isn’t settling through the house.


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