LG WashTower 2022 version

LG impressed with the WashTower washer and dryer pair when it was introduced in early 2021, thanks to the functional and aesthetically pleasing space-saving design and intelligent AI technology. And an upgraded version with features that help you reduce energy consumption is being shown at CES 2022.

Key features of the LG WashTower washer and dryer

The LG WashTower washer and dryer pair employ a stacked, space-saving design. The elegant black steel exterior with tinted tempered glass doors and decorative chrome elements modernize the laundry room. The steel finish is also durable and resistant to scratches. The flat design provides an almost built-in look, while the interiors are still spacious at 5.2 cubic feet for the washer drum and 7.4 cubic feet for the dryer, both made of NeverRust stainless steel.

The design is about more than the look, though: because the dryer is ductless, you don’t need as much clearance for the back wall, and don’t have to worry about regularly gaining access to clean out the rear ducts. Using the Bluetooth paring feature, meanwhile, you can control both appliances from just the washing machine’s Centre Control panel when you position them this way, making operation a breeze.

The machines include intelligent features via LG’s enhanced Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD) technology, which can sense the size of the load, the type of fabric of the clothes you place inside, and even how soiled the clothing is, then add the right amount of detergent and adjust the wash cycle to optimize cleaning. The washer also has LG steam technology, and both work with the LG ThinQ app for remotely monitoring cycles from a smartphone as well as connecting to a customer care representative for troubleshooting help if needed. They can even be controlled by voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Meanwhile, homeowners can leverage LG’s Smart Pairing feature to send a recommendation from the washer to the dryer for the right drying cycle once a load is washed and ready to be dried. Through the AI, the machine will also learn your routines and preferences over time to ensure the right drying cycles and times are used. This works in tandem with an infrared sensor inside the drum that accurately measures the temperature of the clothes during the drying cycle and adjusts accordingly.

What’s different in the upgraded model?

It’s a small but significant upgrade with this new version: the upgraded dryer being shown at CES includes a new DUAL Inverter Heat Pump dryer. LG says this technology helps to reduce energy consumption by drying clothing and linens at a low temperature throughout the cycle.

For those looking for any way to reduce their energy consumption, particularly with large families who do multiple loads of laundry each week, this small difference means a lot.

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