Maytag Pet Pro washer and dryer bundle

For decades, laundry machines have been essential in every home. They have evolved over the years to become smarter, quieter, and more efficient. They are now compact yet more spacious inside, more design friendly, and even more versatile in terms of what they can wash and dry effectively. It seems like there’s little room left for innovation in the category. But that’s not at all the case, if Maytag’s new Pet Pro laundry pair has anything to say about it.

Anecdotally, about half of Canadian homes have a pet, from a goldfish to a dog. Most commonly, however, they have dogs and cats. These animals, while adored by their families, can wreak havoc on your clothing. They shed hair and give off pet dander that floats in the air, ultimately getting into the fibres of your clothing. And let’s not forget those accidents that might involve urination on the bed sheets (or worse!)

The idea behind these new machines, the Maytag Pet Pro 5.4 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer (MVW6500MBK) and Maytag 7.0 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer (YMED6500MBK), is to offer a solution especially tailored to this massive group of Canadian families and pet owners.

What makes this washer and dryer ideal for pet owners?

Maytag Pet Pro washer and dryer

The washer and dryer pair, available in an elegant black shadow finish, are specially designed to tackle tough stains and pet hair on clothing and linens. The washer has a Pet Pro Filter that is designed to capture up to five times more pet hair when combined with the deep rinse cycle. There’s also a Deep Fill setting for treating tough (and sour smelling) stains. It works by adding more water to saturate loads and soak and loosen stains. There’s also a built-in faucet for spot treating, rinsing, or soaking especially soiled items. After soaking the clothing for three hours, the water drains and you can start the wash cycle.

Using the Pet Pro option, you can add more water and activate the deep rinse cycle and the Pet Pro Filter, which gets to work lifting pet hair from your clothing and linens. Remove the hair from the Pet Pro Filter once the load is done.

The dryer also has a built-in Pet Pro Filter and Pet Pro cycle. It doesn’t use higher heat but rather an extended dry time. This is designed to lift any hair that wasn’t caught by the washer. Naturally, this can fill up the lint trap, so there’s an extra-large lint filter. It can capture both pet hair as well as the usual lint you’ll find with a typical load of clothing and linens.

Maytag Pet Pro washer filterOther key features

The washing machine boasts an ample 5.4 cubic-foot capacity and the dryer a larger 7 cubic-foot. Both can accommodate large loads as well as bigger items like a duvet or comforter. Water is automatically adjusted to accommodate the size of the load.

The washer is a top-load design with Advanced Vibration Control Plus that automatically redistributes loads if the weight is all on one side to ensure an even and steady clean. The shock absorbers, meanwhile, ensure that it runs quietly so it won’t wake the kids or your partner should you need to run an emergency early morning or late night cycle. You can keep an eye on the wash through the clear, slow-close glass lid that closes softly as well to further avoid disturbing others.

Maytag Pet Pro washer and dryer touch panelIf you’re in a rush, use the quick wash cycle. It uses an extra-high spin speed for smaller, lightly soiled loads, finishing in under 30 minutes. This can be paired with the dryer’s quick dry cycle as well. There’s also a wrinkle control cycle that uses warm water and low spin speeds, tumbling clothes for up to 150 minutes.

The dryer has a side swing, reversible door and powder-coated drum. Moisture-sensing ensures that clothes aren’t under-dried in case you can’t grab them from the dryer right away, nor over-dried to risk shrinking or damage. As a steam dryer, it also helps prevent wrinkles. If you’re doing laundry late at night, you can leverage the drum light that makes it easy to remove clothing, even in the dark.

Both are electric and the dryer is vented with a rear exhaust. Operation is simple using a standard knob and button design to choose cycles and modes. There are a total of 12 drying cycles: air dry, bulky items, delicate, heavy duty, less dry, more dry, normal, quick dry, steam refresh, timed dry, towels, and wrinkle control.

Maytag Pet Pro washer soakThe pet owner’s laundry pair

When it comes to the Maytag Pet Pro washer and dryer laundry pair, there are no extra frills like Wi-Fi connectivity or app control. But for pet owners, the pet-specific cleaning and drying features will be major benefits. Anyone who owns pets and has had to use a fabric roller on their clothing before leaving the house knows how pet hair can remain embedded in the fabric of your clothing, even after a standard wash.

What’s more, those who suffer from allergies but still have pets might find that this lingering hair can wreak havoc on their symptoms. Being able to fully and effectively clean clothing and linens, ridding them of more pet hair than with a standard washing and dryer pair, is an appreciated useful feature.

Additionally, things like cat urine can leave an odour and stain that is seemingly impossible to get out. Being able to capture the affected linen like bed sheets quickly after the accident and soak it for hours before running a wash can be the difference between having to throw out a perfectly good bed sheet and being able to place it back on the bed like new.

Pet owners have unique needs and challenges when it comes to laundry that traditional washers and dryers don’t cater to specifically. This pair finally takes those into account.

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