In 1916, Frigidaire released the first self-contained refrigerator. Later, they invented the first home freezer and over the past century they have expanded their brand to include air conditioners, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, washers and dryers. However, refrigerators continue to be their specialty and they remain at the forefront of new innovations and improvements, making them one of the more high-quality and reliable refrigerator brands in the world.

There are four main styles of refrigerators: top mounted, bottom mount, side-by-side and French door. There are not necessarily advantages or disadvantages between each of the styles, it more depends on personal preference and the design of your kitchen.


Top Mounted: The Frigidaire 30.3” 18.2 Cu. Ft. Top Mounted Refrigerator is a top mounted fridge that is currently available at Best Buy! The fridge has two SpaceWise adjustable shelves made of SpillSafe glass. The fridge door uses a Store-More Organizational System, which consists of deep, adjustable shelves guaranteed to keep your sauces and juices organized. In addition to ample shelving, there is 2 humidity crispers for fruits and vegetables and a dairy drawer, perfect for cheeses. Lastly, there is also a Cool Zone drawer, a sepa

rate temperature adjustable drawer that you can use for storing pre-made foods, such as snacks and desserts. The freezer also has a Store-More Organizational shelf on the door, like the fridge below, and also has full width freezer shelf for more effective organization.

Bottom Mounted: In regards to bottom mounted fridges, the Frigidaire 20.3 Cu. Ft. Bottom Mount Refrigerator is a great option. It has many of the same features as the top mounted fridge above, including the adjustable SpaceWise door shelving, Spill-Safe glass shelves and a Cool Zone drawers. A unique feature of this fridge is the PureAir Ultra Filter that keeps the air clean and fresh. The freezer opens like a cupboard and inside there is a Store-More Sliding Freezer basket lining the bottom and a shelf above. I actually own this refrigerator and I love the design because I find the slid-out drawer is great for bagged items, like peas and other vegetables. By being able to put awkwardly shaped items in the drawer leaves the upper shelf open for stackable items like meats. In addition, a lot of bottom mounted freezer doors are combined with the basket so that the entire unit is a drawer, however I find these door designs far too heavy and tough on my back. Lastly, this unit is Energy Star certified, which will decrease your house’s energy consumption and save you money!

Side-By-Side: If you prefer a side-by-side style, I would recommend the Frigidaire Side-by-Side Refrigerator (FFHS2313). Some people prefer this style because there is no need to bend down to get to the freezer. A huge plus to this unit is the PureSource 3 ice and water dispenser on the freezer door for quick and easy access filtered water and ice. The fridge has three fixed SpillSafe shelves, four bins on the door, a humidified crisper drawer and a dairy drawer. The freezer also offers lots of storage space with 2 shelves and four bins. Quiet Pack technology also ensures that the fridge stays quiet. Lastly, in addition to being energy star qualified, this unit also has EnergySaver Plus Technology which automatically turns the fridge to energy saving mode if it has not been opened in 24 hours.

French Door: This style has become increasingly popular over the past few years. At almost 23 cubic feet, the Frigidaire Gallery French Door Refrigerator is one of the biggest fridges offered by Frigidaire. However, the Counter Depth design means that though the interior offers a huge storage capacity, the entire refrigerator actually takes up less space in your kitchen than older models. It is also flexible in terms of organization. For example, if you have tall items, the SpaceWise shelves can be taken out and flipped under one another to make extra space. It also has a large capacity CoolZone drawer that allows you easy store premade dishes and desserts. The freezer basket has adjustable dividers to keep your food organized and the Quick Freeze function quickly freezes food to keep it as fresh as possible. The freezer door also contains a PureSource Ultra Water Filtration system for filtered water and ice and the freezer also contains a second ice container so that there is always ice available when you need it! Lastly, this unit has EnergySaver Plus Technology to save you money!

Frigidaire has been in the fridge business for over a century. Today, though they have expanded their brand to include other household appliances, they continue to be one of the most dependable refrigerator brands on the market. Their unique innovations, such as SpaceWise shelving and SpillSafe glass gives you flexibility with organization and saves you time with clean-up. In addition, many of their models are Energy Star qualified and have various energy saving settings that will decrease your home’s energy consumption and save you money. All that’s left to do is choose a style that suits your kitchen design!

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Lucy Woodhead
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