black-stainless-steel-appliancesWhen you want to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen, what do you do? In my kitchen, the solution was always paint. Before I moved to my current home I had painted my old kitchen every shade of the rainbow: red, yellow, blue, taupe, and finally white. My new kitchen is white and because of how small this house is, it’s staying that way. Because I’m such a fan of change, I was a little worried that there was no way to ever upgrade my kitchen.

But there’s one sure way to upgrade a kitchen without picking up a can of paint, and that’s bringing home all new major appliances. This has been the best year in a decade to do it too, because black stainless steel is making a huge splash in the world of kitchen design.

What is black stainless steel?black-stainless

Black stainless steel is stainless steel coated with a darker layer and topped with a protective coating. The best part of this finish is how versatile it looks in every kitchen. It fits right into everything from a modern kitchen with sleek, chrome accents to a farmhouse kitchen with shiplap running the walls. And these are eye-catching appliances too; when you see black stainless steel up close and personal you’ll agree that they will be the first thing you notice when you walk into your kitchen.

Besides the fact that black stainless steel coated appliances are fingerprint and smudge resistant, they’re easy to clean too. Just wipe them down with a dry cloth and they’ll be as shiny as new.

Here’s a look at just a sample of the black stainless steel appliances that Best Buy carries.

LG 4-door refrigeratorblack stainless steel

The black stainless steel finish is swoon-worthy, but just open the door to the LG 29.8 cu. ft. 4-door refrigerator and you’ll be amazed at what’s going on under the hood. It has a door-in-door design and swing door freezer so you can open one door at a time to reduce cold air loss. It also gives you easy access to your drinks and snacks because you can keep them front and center.


Samsung Slide-in gas rangeblack stainless steel range

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that is more appreciated in the kitchen than a new range. If you compare the ranges from five years ago with those we have now, you’d be shocked at all of the new features you’d use every day.

That’s why anyone would love the Samsung premium slide-in gas range in black stainless. It has True Dual Power burners to give you consistent heat on top and True Convection cooking for everything you make or bake in the oven. There are five burners on top for posts and casserole dishes, and inside the 5.8 cu. ft. oven you get three racks and even baking no matter where you place your cookies, roast, or turkey.

black stainless steel range hoodThat’s just a sample of two appliances you can find in gorgeous black stainless steel, and there’s also black stainless steel washing machine and dryer combos, black stainless steel microwaves, black stainless steel dishwashers, and a black stainless steel range hood to tie your kitchen together.
Black stainless steel is the hottest thing in kitchen design right now, and there’s never been a better time to upgrade your kitchen with new appliances. Take a look at all of the black stainless steel major appliances available on Best Buy right now and see which will fit into your home.

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