grocery-bill-like-a-pro.jpgI’m one of the few people I know who enjoys grocery shopping. For me, it’s a challenge finding new and interesting products, getting the best price on those things I buy all the time, and saving money at the checkout. And because groceries make up a sizable chunk of my monthly spending budget, I like to save money on them as often as I can.

So how do you save money on your groceries? Read on and I’ll share some tips that will have you saving on your grocery bill like a pro.


Yes, it seems like an obvious thing to say, but as we’ve all gone digital with our smartphones, so have coupons. If you like paper coupons, you could start with clipping coupons from newspaper and flyers. Even if you don’t get as extreme as the hardcore couponers you see on TV, they do save you money if you’re dedicated to finding them.

But I usually lose or forget about paper coupons, and that’s why I like receiving them digitally. If you sign up and login to your favourite grocery store’s website, you might find a treasure trove of digital coupons waiting for you. You can either print them, or if your store has a loyalty card, you could add them to your card. Then when you scan your card at checkout, your digital savings will be automatically deducted.


If you’re worried about forgetting to get your digital coupons, just set a reminder on your smartphone and check in once per week.

Websites & Apps

There are so many websites out there that offer paper and digital coupons, and then there are sites that take it one step further. is a great example, and they have a website with digital coupons you can either print or have mailed to you, plus they give you access to your local flyers so you can look for deals. I love that, because we don’t get the paper delivered where we live so I always miss out.

The app also lets you use the Cash back feature. If you use a coupon from the site to buy certain products, you take a photo of your receipt, scan it into the app, and you get cash back in your account. It might not add up that quickly depending on how often you shop, but getting cash back and using a coupon is a good deal in my eyes. is another great site that lets you clip the coupons you’d normally only find in newspaper inserts.

10141507_1.jpgA New Refrigerator

I’m not joking. The latest fridges really do have technology built in to keep your food fresher for longer. Take Samsung refrigerators for example – they have Twin Cooling systems that use two evaporators and one compressor. Using these two evaporators, the humidity in the fridge and freezer can be accurately controlled. Separate humidity controls means things like your fruit and milk are kept at the optimum temperature, so they stay fresh for a longer period of time. Less spoiled food thrown out before you can use it means less money spent on your grocery bill each month.

You’d be surprised at how quickly the savings add up when you focus on saving money on your grocery bill each month. If you have any grocery shopping tips, feel free to share them in the comments, and don’t forget to check out all of’s food container options for when you’re unpacking those groceries.

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