There are a number of ads on TV right now that tout the mighty cleaning power of various dishwasher detergents, and show how by using them you can avoid the crippling embarrassment that comes with serving your dinner guests wine in spotted glasses. Sarcasm aside, these ads do beg the question – why isn’t your dishwasher doing its job as it should? Perhaps the pipes just need to be cleaned, but if not, and your dishwasher is looking a little worse for wear and you’re in the market for a replacement, look no further than GE.

You may still want to invest in the detergent of the moment, but with their myriad features, advanced technology and superior settings, a GE dishwasher will work overtime to get your dishes as sparkling clean as possible. Here are a few features that make GE dishwashers stand out from the pack:

  1. CleanSensor 
    GE dishwashers all come equipped with a variety of cycles to get your dishes as clean as possible. However, sometimes you just want to know that no matter what cycle you choose, your dishes are going to be left in the best hands. Well, with GE’s CleanSensor technology, which continuously measures water temperature and soil levels, and adjust the wash cycle time accordingly, you’re covered.
  2. Delay Start
    Just because the dishwasher is full doesn’t mean it needs to be run at that very moment. Perhaps you’re watching a movie, entertaining friends, or enjoy falling asleep knowing that you’ll wake up to clean dishes in the morning. Whatever the case, with Delay Start, you can set your wash start time up to 24 hours the future.
  3. Quiet Motor
    I have vivid memories of waking up as a child to the clunking, swooshing, draining sounds of our dishwasher doing its job in the early hours of the evening. These days, a lot of effort is put into making our household appliances as quiet as possible, and with its 55 decibel silence rating, GE’s Quiet Power Motor makes it easy to work, sleep, or watch TV while the dishwasher is on.

A custom clean that is super quiet and starts when I say it should? Sounds awesome. And all these features are available in the GE Tall Tub 23.5” Built-In Dishwasher. Now available online at, this white built-in dishwasher also comes equipped with front controls, an LED countdown display that lets you see how much time is left in your wash cycle, and a sanitation cycle that helps kill bacteria.  

It also features a rinse aid dispenser that displays a red light when it needs to be refilled, and grey nylon racks, which are durable against chipping, scratching, and peeling, and are super gentle on dishes. Add to that six wash cycles, including Energy Saver and Pots & Pans, and an Energy Star rating that exceeds guidelines for energy efficiency, and the GE Tall Tub 23.5” and GE in general are big bangs for your buck.

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Stacey McGregor
Stacey McGregor is a marketing and communications professional based in Vancouver, BC. She has a passion for the written word, loves learning about new technology and gadgets, and enjoys sharing what she learns through Best Buy's Plug In blog.