Just like a techie loves the latest and greatest gadgets hitting the market, people who love to cook just can’t get enough kitchen stuff. Some handy kitchen utensils can really make the difference when you’re preparing a meal, while other kitchen supplies just make preparing food more fun.

If you’re a foodie or you’re just someone who wants to play around in the kitchen, check out a few of the cook kitchen utensils you just can’t live without:

Open cans the easy way

Opening cans during meal prep can be a pain, but that’s only because your can opener just isn’t up to the task. If you’ve ever tried to pry open a can of corn you desperately need after your old $1 can opener has given up on you, it’s time to switch to the Chef’n EQ Squeeze Can Opener.  It opens up a can one-handed – all you have to do is squeeze the handles! Now if that isn’t kitchen progress I don’t know what is.

You’ll be bowled over

If you’ve ever tried to squeeze something you’re mixing into a bowl that’s too small, you know the agony of trying to catch whatever you’re spilling as it topples all over your counter. That’s why having a great set of varied sized bowls in your kitchen is so important, and the Chef’n Sleekstor Pinch & Pour Preparation Bowls are a must have for any chef. You can use them to measure ingredients, and they pour your mixes perfectly because you can pinch the sides of the bowls to reveal a pour spout. Plus, they’re stackable so they save space in the cupboard.

Sliced up right

Have you ever watched a chef slice up a pizza? They use a nice, big rocking knife that easily rolls it’s way over the pizza and gives you the perfect slice every time. Now you can take that knife home with you with the Vacu Vin Mezzaluna Pizza Slicer. It has a razor sharp edge and easy grip handle, making even the thickest New York crust simple to slice through.

Whisk to your heart’s content

A great whisk makes the difference between light, fluffy batter and something that turns out lumpy and bumpy, so every aspiring chef knows you need a good whisk in your drawer. The Joseph Joseph 2-in-1 Twist Whisk stores flat in your drawer when you don’t need it, but balloons into an efficient kitchen utensil when you do. It’s great for anything you need to mix, and it’s safe for non-stick cookware because it’s silicone coated.

7 minutes to heaven

It’s hot outside and your kids want a cold treat. What’s a parent to do? With the Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker you won’t have to wonder. This little kitchen gem makes ice pops in 7 minutes. Talk about taking the stress off during a hot summer day.

Even if you’re not a master chef you create like one when you have the latest cool kitchen stuff for your kitchen, so pick up a few of these get kitchen utensils and get cooking today.

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