So you’ve looked at your renovation plans. You’ve read reviews so you know the options that are available. You’ve learned how to Shop for Appliances Like A Pro. But what do you do when you’ve completed your to-do list, ordered your appliance, and you’re waiting for your brand new appliances to arrive?

If you’ve ordered from Best Buy, then all of your Major Appliances come with a concierge call. Even if you’ve ordered online, an Appliance Delivery Specialist will review your order and call you soon thereafter to go over your order details. And I’m talking the real deal here, folks: except of course during peak seasons when high traffic requires the use of a recorded message to manage the queue, before forwarding your call to a real human. Other than in peak season, you’ll be greeted by a real human being whose job it is to help you get your order sorted!

screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-4-49-09-pmYour personal Appliance Delivery Specialist is a courtesy service offered by Best Buy, and they’re there to help, so don’t be shy: ask questions if you need to. It’s their job to make sure you’ve ordered the correct appliance accessories for your items and walk you through what your delivery day will look like.

Are you not sure what you need to get ready at home before your new appliance comes? They’re there to help you with that. Can you definitely not lift an entire stove by yourself? Well, good, because I’d be frightened and intimidated by your sheer physical prowess if you could, but they’re there to help you get that sorted, too.

To be clear: your Appliance Delivery Specialist isn’t going to show up at your home on delivery day wearing a Superman cape and spandex. They will, however, have all of the details for you about the folks who’ll actually be delivering your order. Think of them like they’re a little bit like Superman, but heavier on the “stellar work ethic Clark Kent” side than the “chiselled Man of Steel” side.

(I mean, maybe they really will be chiselled. Who’s to say?)

Running a household and scheduling a reno is tough work, so if you need to change your scheduled delivery appointment, your Appliance Delivery Specialist can do that, too. They can even add additional services to your order, like Major Appliance installation and recycling of old products, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about*.

Not all retailers offer automatic concierge calls, so if you’re ordering new Major Appliances, make sure to take advantage of the fact that Best Buy does. It’s a helpful service for anyone replacing old appliances or freshening up the look or functionality of a room, and it’s incredibly handy for first-time homeowners.

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For more resources on major appliances, check out Best Buy Canada’s major appliance help hub.

*Some services may not be available to remote delivery customers. Call 1-866-585-4494 for more information.

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