Samsung Digital Appliances President JaeSeung Lee.

Samsung Digital Appliances held a global livestream this morning to discuss its upcoming Bespoke appliances expansion, showcasing new products that will be available soon in various markets, including North America.

The focus, said Samsung Digital Appliances President JaeSeung Lee, is on three areas: space, experience, and time, and “reimagining what home appliances can do.” The Bespoke line initially launched with a line of customizable refrigerators, and Lee says that to date, more than two million Bespoke refrigerators have been sold worldwide.

Samsung Bespoke refrigerator

Now, the line includes an expanded selection of Bespoke refrigerators along with new colour options for the customizable panels like emerald green and clementine along with three finishes: glass, matte, and steel. Bespoke appliances now also include a dishwasher, range, and over-the-range microwave. Later this year, Samsung will launch a Bespoke front-load washer and dryer and the Bespoke Jet cordless stick vacuum.

How will these Bespoke products play into the three main expansion areas? Let’s take a look at the three key areas of expansion and how they relate to the new categories.


Samsung Bespoke washer and dryer

In time, Samsung plans to launch Bespoke products in 20 categories with a variety of ever-expanding colour and design options. In Europe, for example, the company will be offering an AI-powered Bespoke oven that has futuristic features like internal cameras so you can watch the food cook without having to open the door and smart monitoring of the ingredients to ensure a perfect cook. The oven will even be handle-less, opening via a single touch. There’s also a dishwasher, compact oven, and induction cooktop coming to other markets (no word on Canadian availability for these as yet). In North America, the Bespoke French door refrigerator will come in three- and four-door options and be available in a package that also includes a dishwasher, range, and over-the-range microwave.

Coming in a few months (Canadian availability not yet confirmed) will be the AI-powered Bespoke washer and dryer featuring AI Optimized Wash to detect the type of laundry, automatically dispense the right amount of detergent and softener (it can hold enough for up to 32 loads), and intelligently save your favourite and frequently used wash cycles. In the demo video, a young man throws his linens into the wash using his “party time” cycle so they’re ready to wear before his guests arrive and washed at the right delicate setting.

Meanwhile, through the neat My Bespoke option, customers will be able to put custom prints on the front doors of a fridge, whether it’s a photo, drawing, or painting.


A young man looks at a recipe on a Samsung Bespoke refrigerator.

Experience relates to Samsung’s plan to integrate smart home control into one app that leverages AI and SmartThings: the SmartThings Home Life app. This new app will be able to monitor everything from cooking to energy, clothing care, pet care, and home care, depending on what Samsung Bespoke appliances you have at home.

Samsung SmartThings Home Life app custom clothing settings.

The app will provide recipes, for example, allowing you to easily add ingredients to a shopping list so you can grab them at the local grocery store. In the U.S., you’ll also be able to automatically order them right from the app. The same app will also provide clothing care recommendations and be used to store your customized cleaning settings.

Samsung Bespoke air quality monitoring.

Meanwhile, you can use the SmartThings Home Life app to monitor your pet at home through the camera built into Samsung Bespoke floor care products, while also monitoring your air conditioner or air purifier and the quality of the air in the home in a different view screen. Use the app to keep track of the overall energy usage of all your Samsung Bespoke appliances, too.

The app will work with all Samsung Bespoke appliances.


Samsung sustainability

The final touch point Samsung Bespoke appliances focus on is time, and this relates to the sustainable product lifecycle. All Samsung Bespoke appliances are designed to operate with anywhere from 53-67% reduced energy consumption, making them Energy Star certified. They also come with a 20-year warranty for core components (confirmed for Europe; stay tuned for details in Canada), which is the longest the company has offered to date on any product.

Samsung SmartThings Home Life app energy monitoring

The very concept of the Bespoke panels speaks to the longevity: even if you move to a new home or update your kitchen design, the modular nature of the panels means it’s simple to switch to a new colour theme.

It’s not just about the end product, though. Samsung is also focusing on sustainability throughout the entire production and delivery process. The company has been working to minimize waste at its factory, for example, doing things like recycling liquid materials. Product packaging, meanwhile, continues to include boxes that can be repurposed into everyday household items, from wine bottle holders to shoe racks and kids’ toys.

What Samsung Bespoke appliances can you get at Best Buy?

Samsung Bespoke refrigerator

Best Buy already sells the existing line of Samsung Bespoke appliances, including the 22.8 cubic-foot four-door Flex model refrigerator in either standard or counter depth, the 24-inch 14 cubic foot all-fridge refrigerator, and the 24-inch 14 cubic-foot and 11.4 cubic-foot frost-free upright freezer. Choose from eight different colour panels: matte black steel, champagne rose steel, navy steel, white glass, rose pink glass, navy glass, grey glass, or sky blue glass. Select a combination of colours that works for your kitchen and décor needs with the French door model and upright freezer (the all-fridge comes in one finish option on the single panel), then further customize with other features.

Samsung Bespoke refrigerators ice options.

For example, you can opt for an internal water dispenser or a built-in autofill water pitcher. What about ice? Not only can you get traditional cubes, you can also opt for nugget-style ice bites, which are perfect for quickly chilling drinks. Finally, customize the lower-right storage space to either function as a freezer or added refrigerator space so it perfectly meets your needs.

Samsung Bespoke announcement

Shop for the pre-configured options at Best Buy online, like a white/grey/navy/black or all rose pink glass design, or visit a Best Buy store in your area to discuss more customized possibilities.

See the selection of Samsung Bespoke appliances at Best Buy Online and stay tuned for new innovations as they become available.


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