image of a clear, decluttered kitchen

Isn’t clutter in your home the worst? It looks bad, it feels bad, and it always gets in your way at the most inconvenient time. But with sharp knives and heat to deal with, clutter in your kitchen isn’t just annoying, it’s a safety hazard. If you’re dealing with a cluttered kitchen, don’t fear. From creative space-savers to getting the right appliances, there are a lot of ways to maximize your kitchen space.

1. Use the vertical space in your cupboard

Ever look at a cupboard full of dishes and realize how much space is wasted above them? Here are a few easy storage hacks to take advantage of that vertical space with just a few kitchen tools!

image of a lazy Susan holding jars and containers

A lazy Susan can help store those smaller items like spices, coffee pods, or dish towels vertically, while still keeping them easily accessible with a quick spin. Another great option is to add a shelf to any cabinet or cupboard for additional tiers.

image of a bamboo dish rack holding dishes

Dish racks aren’t just for drying! If dishes are the bane of your cupboard space, you can store your plates vertically in a dish rack, saving space on your shelves.

2. Get creative to save counter space

A lot of kitchen space goes unused because it’s not obvious how you can make the most of it. Here are a few products that can help you get creative with that unused space.

image of an over-the-cupboard basket

We’ve talked about cupboards, but have you ever considered their doors? You can hang an over-the-cupboard basket over your doors to hold kitchen tools and free up space on your counter and in drawers.

image of a magnetic knife rack holding kitchen knives

Most kitchens already have their walls filled with cupboards or shelving, but you can make the most of the tiniest free wall space with a magnetic knife rack. Mount it anywhere you have space to get easy access to knives and kitchen shears while keeping them off your countertop.

3. Make the most of your floor space

Extra floor space may be hard to come by in a modern kitchen, but if you have a bit to work with, it can easily be turned into storage.

image of a kitchen buffet holding dishes and decor

A sideboard or kitchen buffet is a stylish and useful addition to any kitchen that has the space. Traditionally used for serving food or displaying fine china, it also makes for a gorgeous storage option.

image of a kitchen cart with wheels

If you don’t have the space for a buffet, consider a kitchen cart. It can be used as a serving cart, storage, or even as extra counter space. The best part is you can simply push it into another room when you need your extra space back.

4. Get strategic with your small appliances

As much as we love them, it’s probably your small appliances creating the most clutter on your counters. But with a little strategic thinking, there are ways to mitigate it.

image of an over-the-range microwave installed above a stovetop

Have you considered an over-the-range microwave? Instead of taking up space on your counter, they can be installed above your stove for easy access while cooking.

image of an Instant Pot

You should also consider multi-purpose appliances like this Instant Pot. An Instant Pot has the functionality of a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and more, so you don’t have to buy (and store) all those things individually.

5. Rethink your major appliances

Major appliances like your fridge or dishwasher take up a ton of space, but there’s no way around it, right? Wrong!

image of a Haier French door refrigerator, open to show storage space

If you’re looking to replace your fridge soon, consider a slim, French door refrigerator to reclaim some space. The French door style can hold more in its door racks than the traditional style. Not to mention the doors don’t swing as wide into your kitchen.

image of a Whirlpool built-in dishwasher installed under a counter top

As for your dishwasher, consider a built-in model that can sit under your countertop over a portable one that will take up space. Some models are as small as 24 inches wide, so they can fit under even narrow countertops.

Declutter your kitchen

image of a kitchen with well-organized appliances

Don’t live with kitchen clutter! There are lots of ways to find extra space if you know where to look for it. From unlocking hidden space in your cupboards, to getting the most compact appliances, there’s bound to be something to try in your kitchen.

Got another tip to declutter a kitchen? Let me know in the comments! In the meantime, check out the space-saving products on

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