Remote controlled planes and helicopters have been around for many years but they never caused the frenzy that we have seen with drones. They have invaded our psyche and become a part of our culture. This is the year that drones have emerged as a cultural phenomenon. You can quickly become the envy of your friends if you win one of the 3 incredible drones that Best Buy is awarding as prizes in this contest.

I am currently reading Dickens’ Bleak House, an amazing story that includes many references to 19th century culture. For example, on page 344 Dickens includes in his descriptions of the Smallweed family, a family that is basically born adult, presumably skipping childhood and childish things, numerous childish games and toys that were popular in his day:

“… her twin brother couldn’t wind up a top for his life. He knows no more of Jack the Giant Killer or of Sinbad the Sailor than he knows of the people in the stars. He could as soon play at leap-frog or at cricket as change into a cricket or a frog himself.”


I am sure that if Dickens was writing in 2016 he would include references to flying a drone. They are here to stay as more and more people are using them for more and more things.  Here are the incredible drones we are offering as prizes in this contest and some of their key features:

p3-standard DJI Phantom3 Standardeasy to fly, travels up to 57.6km/h, 2.7 k HD video, 12 megapixel photos, stream video to your phone, up to 25 minutes of flight time per charge
mavic DJI MAVIC Foldable Quadcopter Drone with 4K UHD Camera & ControllerFoldable, lightweight, travels up to 65km/h, easy to fly front obstacle avoidance, 4K video and photos
p4 DJI Phantom 4 4Kvisual tracking, travel up to 72 km/h, obstacle avoidance sensing system, 4k video or full HD at 120 fps, built in Wi-Fi



How to enter

You are permitted to enter once by leaving a comment at the bottom of this blog article. In that comment, tell us which feature of the drones described above is your favourite.

What you can win

We will draw 3 comments from all of the eligible entries. Each winner will be awarded one of the 3 DJI drones available as prizes.  Complete contest details can be found in the rules and regulations document located at the bottom of this article.

The contest runs from December 2nd until December 16th.

You can enter once, so be sure to tell your friends and family to enter too. If they win after you told them about the contest they would have to share … don’t you agree?

Good Luck!

Win a drone contest rules and regulations

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  1. The camara sensor of the mavic is one of the best on the market, it provide crystal clear picture. This would be a great gift for my brother for christmas!

  2. DJI MAVIC foldable quadcopter is my favourite, I love the obstacle sensor and 4k feature.
    And most of all it’s foldable, one doesn’t need a special bag to transport the drone. It makes it the best option for adventure junkies like me.

  3. My Favourite is the DJI Phantom 4 4k, mainly because of its obstacle avoidance sensor and 4K camera.
    It saves one from having to constantly replace propellers. The built in WIFI, of course, is another perk.

  4. I purchased a DJI Phantom 2 Vsion + a few years ago and have had nothing but fun with it. I have taken it on trips from Nova Scotia to BC. The cameera has always surprised me with the clarity and the drone is so easy to fly. The movies I have made for friends and relatives using the video from this drone amaze and astound everyone that sees them. The new DJI Mavic is one my Christmas wish list as the technology, convieniance & size are the upgrades I would like to have.
    Thank you.

  5. I would enjoy using the drone’s capababilities of streaming video straight to phone and wi-fi connectivity.

  6. I LOVE the portability of the DJI MAVIC. Being able to fold it makes it the perfect travel companion since most drones are kind of awkward to bring around. I also really like that DJI Drones are easy to fly and have great battery life!

  7. I love the camera feature ..I would have so much fun with this,but i would give it to my nephew ..he would go crazy for it.Thanks for the awesome chance.

  8. One of my favourite features is definitely the small little tweaks like the obstacle avoidance system or the foldability. I can imagine myself flying the drone in the air and accidentally bumping into something, the avoidance system would help! Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

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