ppliance gifts for the holidays

The holidays are just around the corner. If you’re looking for great gift ideas, I have one word for you: appliances. There are so many small and major appliances available right now, and the holidays are the best time of year to give a gift that upgrades the kitchen, makes cooking easier, or puts a latte in your favourite person’s hand every morning.

Small appliance gifts

gift of an air fryer

Small kitchen appliances are going to fly off the shelves this holiday season, and you can choose something different for everyone on your gift list.

They’ll never miss eating out if you gift an Air fryer

An Air fryer is one of the most popular small appliances of the year. Air fryers can ‘deep fry’ your food without deep frying or adding extra oil. Everything you cook in an Air fryer will be crispy, delicious, and a lot healthier for you and your family.

Give the gift of coffee

coffee gifts for holidaysEspresso machines, coffee makers, or coffee grinders are great gifts for any coffee lover. This has been the year we’ve seen so many great espresso machines and coffee makers from brands like Breville, Philips, and Nespresso. Give the gift of a single-serve brewer, conical burr grinder, or a super-automatic espresso machine and let them enjoy great coffee all year.

Microwaves are for multi-tasking

A microwave isn’t just for heating leftovers anymore. The latest microwaves work as second ovens, and they have convection baking options, air fryers built-in, soft close doors, and smart sensors to cook every dish perfectly. Take a look at some of our microwave reviews to see the new features.

Clean-up is easy with the latest vacuums

stick vacuum for christmasA vacuum makes cleaning your floors easy, and the latest cordless stick vacuums and robotic vacuums take on every spec of dirt. With no cords or cables to deal with, a stick vacuum lets you get into every corner. Robotic vacuums take over the cleaning for you, and you can schedule your vacuum via your phone so your floors are clean when you get home.

Major appliance gifts

Major appliances really bring the wow factor to any holiday, and they make a great gift for a home chef or foodie.

Smart fridges are online and in kitchens everywhere

appliance gifts for the holidaysThe latest refrigerators have double doors, pull out drawers, and so much storage that anyone who is gifted one will be thrilled. Some models have built-in Wi-Fi so you’ll receive an alert if the door is open or use cameras to see inside.

If you have a wine lover on your list, a mini-fridge or wine cooler is a great gift too. It gives them a spot to store their wine, soda, or beer.

Give the gift of easier cleanup

No one really likes to do laundry or dishes, but a new dishwasher or washer and dryer help your favourite person take on the chore with a smile. The latest washers and dryers use steam to sanitize your clothes and some models have built-in Wi-Fi so you can check on your laundry from your phone.

New models of dishwashers have built-in Wi-Fi too, and you can find models with three racks and foldable tines to wash dishes big and small.

Those are just a few of the great appliance gifts you can give this year. Whether you gift a small appliance like an air fryer or a major appliance like a fridge, appliances make every day easier. Choose an appliance for everyone on your list by shopping Best Buy.