In the last few years cloud gaming has gained popularity with services from Google—Stadia, Xbox—Project xCloud, PlayStation—PlayStation Now, Amazon—Luna and NVIDIA—GeForce Now. With more and more people jumping onboard, I thought it would be helpful to put together an essential gaming accessories for cloud gaming guide.

Below is a list of essential gaming accessories for cloud gaming. This list will get you up and running and playing your favourite games on Stadia, Project xCloud, PlayStation Now, Luna and GeForce Now.

Gaming Router

Cloud gaming services such as Stadia and Project xCloud rely on your internet connection to play games. That means, a stable internet connection and reliable router is a must. I recommend the ASUS 6-Stream Wireless AX5400 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 router.

It’s made just for gaming and has some pretty neat features. For example, Wi-Fi 6 networking, which is faster and is able to handle more connected devices. Furthermore, the AX5400 has some great gaming-focused features like Aura RGB lighting, an easy-to-use Mobile Game mode for mobile/portable gaming (great for cloud gaming), and a dedicated gaming port that prioritizes any wired device it’s connected to.

It’s easy to see why the ASUS 6-Stream Wireless AX5400 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 router is one of the essential gaming accessories for cloud gaming.

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Razer Kishi Gaming Controller for Android or iOS

If you’re into cloud gaming then the Razer Kishi Gaming Controller is a must have. It features low latency gameplay, two clickable analog thumbsticks, an 8-way D-pad, 4 shoulder buttons, a home button and two other face buttons.

Furthermore, the Kishi expands and your smartphone fits securely in between and connects via the charging port. It also has a pass-through charging port so that you can charge your phone. Speaking of charging, you’ll never need to charge the Kishi as it is powered from your smartphone.

Having owned a Razer Kishi for the better part of a year, I can honestly say that it does an incredible job of recreating the portable experience. It feels just like you are playing on a portable system such as the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.

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Pixel 5 smartphone

Google’s brand new Pixel 5 smartphone has a bezel-less 6 inch edge-to-edge OLED display with up to 90 Hz refresh that looks gorgeous. With adaptive technology, the Pixel 5 adapts your gaming experience for 4G and 5G coverage. Both offer a seamless gaming experience that to be seen to be believed. In addition to a great gaming experience, the Pixel 5 has some pretty nifty smartphone features as well.

It features a powerful 12.2 MP dual-pixel rear camera and a 8 MP front camera with Portrait Light, Night Sight, Ultrawide lens and Cinematic Pan features. Using the rear camera you can shoot 1080p video from 30 fps all the way up to 240 fps and 4K video up to 60 fps.

I’ve been using and gaming on the Pixel 5 for a little over a month now and I love it. It is just the right size, lightweight and has plenty of features that make it great for cloud gaming and mobile phone use.

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Xbox Wireless Controller

For many, the Xbox controller is the preferred controller over anything else. And, for cloud gaming, it’s the perfect choice. The new Xbox Wireless Controller features many tweaks that are great for cloud gaming. For example, it has the ability to pair to multiple devices and switch between them more seamlessly.

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PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Wireless Controller

The PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip offers balance and comfort for cloud gaming. Designed in partnership with Xbox, the MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip snaps on to a Xbox Wireless Controller and aligns your mobile device over the controllers centre of gravity.

This means that your mobile device won’t make it feel top heavy. As a result, you’ll enjoy cloud gaming for hours on end. Furthermore, the MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip has 2 articulation points. This allows you to adjust the view angle of your mobile device as you see fit.

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Essential gaming accessories for cloud gaming

And, there you have it! My list of essential gaming accessories for cloud gaming. Regardless of which cloud gaming service you use, any of the accessories above will enhance your experience.

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