GE Profile smart mixer

The GE Profile smart mixer might just be the smartest small appliance at CES 2023, and certainly the smartest stand mixer I’ve seen to date. With features like a built-in scale, timer, and Auto Sense technology, along with easy click attachments and a sleek design, it will turn heads for more reasons than one.

First, the mixer comes with a built-in smart scale that will precisely weigh ingredients as you add them. This is critical for bakers who know that baking is a science and requires very precise measurements and doing so by volume versus amount can make a huge difference in your final product.

GE Profile smart mixerMeanwhile, Auto Sense technology monitors changes in texture and viscosity through motor torque feedback to optimize mixing for the best possible results: no more under- or over-mixing! With automatic shut-off, the mixer will turn off on its own once done so you can multitask and handle other things in the kitchen (or elsewhere) without having to stand by and monitor the process. Mix the meringue for a pie, for example, while rolling out the dough at the same time without having to constantly stop to check on things.

The GE Profile smart mixer works with the SmartHQ app that offers more than a dozen guided recipes with step-by-step instructions to help even novice cooks and bakers along the way. New recipes and features will continue to be added through over-the-air updates.

GE Profile smart mixerUsing a brushless DC motor system, the smart mixer runs at a low temperature and consistent high power so it can tackle even the stiffest of doughs.

There’s also a unique system for attaching and removing the mixing attachments, making the process simple: you can attach them in any direction, and they simply click into place. Once done or ready to swap out, simple pull it out with a slight tug.

The GE Profile smart mixer not only solves some common pain points with stand mixers, it also adds convenience features that both novice and pro bakers, alike can appreciate.

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Christine Persaud
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    • Hi Femishow. The mixer is scheduled to be available in the U.S. this Spring but there’s no confirmed launch date yet for Canada. Stay tuned!

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