T6.jpgCanon has just announced the release of two new models in it’s EOS Rebel DSLR line: the T6s and the T6i. We’ve  in the past, and presumably the T6s and T6i are the successors of those.

First let’s take a look at what is common to both cameras: a brand new 24.2 MP CMOS sensor, which is APS-C sized, meaning one step down from the full-frame sensor favoured by pros, found in the 5D and 6D. Both also come with Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities, which is a first for Rebel cameras, and a very welcome addition. It means that you can share your favourite images online in an instant via smart devices with the Canon Connect app installed. NFC also allows you to wirelessly print images straight from the camera, provided you have a compatible printer.

The maximum ISO for both cameras is pretty impressive at 12800, and generally when a manufacturer brings out a new sensor you can expect an improvement to the high ISO results. Shooting at the maximum ISO is generally a last resort, but I would be hopeful that the images shot on the T6s or T6i at 6400 (which is one stop down from 12800) would be pretty good.

Another great feature incorporated in both cameras is the three-inch Vari-Angle Touch Screen Clear View LCD monitor. I’ve been expecting DSLR manufacturers to get with the times when it comes to touchscreens and it seems that Canon has finally done so. Not only can you access menus and scroll through images via the touchscreen, but you can also auto-focus and shoot just by tapping the screen, which is super cool.

Both cameras boast major improvements in autofocus performance, and Canon claims ‘high levels of speed and accuracy’ in Live View mode (ie when composing via the LCD monitor) thanks to the Hybrid CMOS AF III sensor-embedded autofocus system. When using the viewfinder you get 19 cross-type focus points (cross-type being the most accurate), which is a whopping ten more than the T5 models have. 

So what are the differences between the T6s and the T6i? Well according to Canon the T6i is aimed at the casual user, while the T6s is for the photo enthusiast. The T6s has a small LCD screen on top of the body and also a quick control dial on the back, which are features previously only found on Canon’s high-end models. While both cameras are capable of shooting 5 frames-per-second, crucially the T6s has continuous tracking focus during burst mode, while shooting in Live View. Also, the T6s has an eye-sensor which will automatically switch off Live View mode when you put your eye to the viewfinder. Finally, the T6s can shoot HDR videos, which is a feature I haven’t seen before, and might yield some very interesting results. (Both cameras shoot HD video at 30fps, it should be pointed out).

The T6s and T6i look like two very good models carrying some awesome new features. They are due to hit the market at the end of April 2015.

Justin Morrison
I am a professional photographer, working in motion and stills. I create portrait, lifestyle and documentary work, and I strive to tell real and authentic stories. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia.