10392642_2Sometimes organizing the family requires a little extra incentive, by which I mean fun and interesting things to do that will encourage everyone to come out. If your Dad enjoys getting the gang together for family fun and festivities, then why not help him out by providing a few interesting attractions that are sure to generate interest across all family members. With this goal in mind, today we investigate 5 Father’s Day gift ideas that will encourage Dad to get the family together more often and draw more family members to the table for all the good times!




10392642In many families, nothing breeds camaraderie like friendly family competition. If this sounds like your family, then why not encourage more get-togethers with the Fatcat Pockey 32″ 3-In-1 Table Tennis/ Billiards/ Air Hockey Game Table? Talk about fun! Whether you prefer air hockey, ping pong, or pool, this smart table top set has you completely covered. Dad can organize family tournaments or just set a few matches when everyone is visiting for a barbecue. Either way, this awesome set means big fun for families that being active together. Of course, if yours is the type of family that fights like cats and dogs, it may be best to avoid anything that generates competition!Smiley Wink

Insignia Smart TV.jpgFor families whose interests are more sedate, you can’t do much better than to get Dad the Insignia 50″ 4K UHD LED Roku Smart TV. With the latest television technology and over 200,000 movies and TV episodes to choose from (via the built-in Roku platform), Dad can organize family movie nights to his heart’s content! With 4K UHD resolution, a 50 inch LCD screen, full Wi-Fi connectivity (for endless hours of streaming), and super Smart TV capabilities—to name but a few of its amazing features, it’s sure to keep Dad and the entire family firmly riveted & completely content through many a family gathering!

m2219855If Dad enjoys screening the latest Hollywood blockbusters in glorious 4K UHD resolution as a way to spend time with the family, then such films as The Martian (4K UHD & Blu-ray Combo Version) are among the many great titles that are currently available in what is unequivocally the highest quality resolution that’s ever existed! Numerous other great titles are now available at Best Buy, so get Dad the best and give him the chance to host amazing movie nights for the whole family with the very best films that Hollywood has to offer. When it comes to Dads and movies, the 2 things just go hand-in-hand, so now’s your chance to do something truly special for your father. By knowing his unique movie tastes, you can choose the films that are sure to mean the most to him. If you take this route, Dad is sure to love whatever is playing (and showing) on his home entertainment system!

10414777_1What Dad doesn’t love to barbecue? Well, there may be some out there, but there are probably a whole lot more that would absolutely love to get their hands on a masterpiece of outdoor cooking like the Napoleon LEX 605 64,000 BTU 6-Burner Propane BBQ. This top-of-the-line machine is massive enough to easily grill 32 burgers (of the 4 inches in diameter variety) at a time, which should be more than enough for almost any Dad’s fully extended family. Make his day by making Dad the Master Chef at all his future family gatherings! If your Dad is a bit shy about getting the entire family together all at once, then there’s nothing that’s more likely to bring him out of his hosting shell than the chance to cook steaks and burgers for everyone. And if your Dad enjoys feeding his crew with the very best grub around, then this is the perfect barbecue for him to do it on!

Coleman 10 Person Tent.jpgFinally, some Dads want to get the gang together as part of a massive camping trip. To help him out with his classic Dad plan, consider setting Papa up with the impressive Coleman Phoenix 10-Person Tent. With a piece of equipment like this in his arsenal, Dad can easily organize the most grandiose of family camping trips. Alternatively, if Dad likes to set up a backyard fun zone instead, the Coleman works wonderfully for this scheme as well, and it’s perfect for when he’s got the barbecue going and having a huge outdoor bash. One way or another, any Dad that enjoys the outdoors as much as he likes getting together with the family is sure to have a great time with this massive 3 room, 10 person tent!

That’s all I’ve got to say for now, but there are certainly a whole lot more great Dad-centric items where these came from. For example, if you like the Smart TV idea but prefer a different model, there’s no shortage of options available from Best Buy. This, of course, goes for each of the product types on today’s list. So long for now, and have a wonderful Father’s Day!

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