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Storage is a critical factor in almost all consumer technology these days, from computers to cameras, game consoles and smartphones. It’s something that’s often taken for granted, yet storage can have huge implications in terms of performance and usability of your devices.

Recently I got my hands on Samsung's new 24" Curved Gaming Monitor featuring Quantum Dot technology, and let me tell you, it is impressive. If you're thinking about getting a new gaming monitor and want one that offers crisp, colourful visuals and top-tier gaming performance with no compromise, than look no further than Samsung's latest curved gaming monitor.

With so many gaming PCs touting their virtual reality compatibility, it can definitely be a challenge to find the perfect one for your gaming needs. To help you through the decision-making process, in this article I break down the important specs to look for, and suggest some great VR-ready Gaming PCs to consider.

The paperless office is far from a reality, so you’re going to need a printer for a while now. I just bought the HP Envy 7640 All-In-One wireless inkjet printer and have been using it for the past month. Here’s my review on an excellent printer for the money.

Mesh networking, also sometimes referred to as “whole home” networking, is the big trend in in-home Internet connectivity this year. Spreading out the connection you’re paying for can get a boost from a mesh Wi-Fi system that acts less as an extension and more like a true net.

In calling it “Velop,” Linksys has designed this mesh Wi-Fi networking system to envelop a home with better throughput to enable users to get more out of their Internet connection. With easier setup and management courtesy of a newer app, and blanketing performance, this is a router system that delivers as advertised.

A Wi-Fi network gives you the ability to wirelessly connect to the internet from anywhere in your home. It’s easy to set up and seamless to connect every time, providing you smooth access to browse and stream content anytime.

Are you in the market for a new laptop with the power to chew through whatever applications and programs you throw at it, but at the same time won’t devour your budget? I tested out the ASUS X-Series X555QA AMD Quad-Core laptop recently, and I’ll tell you why this computer deserves a closer look.

You’ve got a busy life on the go, which is why you need a device that’s infinitely portable and easy to use, whether you are in the office, in a hotel or airport, or just sitting at home on the couch. So, how do you choose between a 2-in-1 tablet PC and a laptop? Read on and I’ll give you a few tips.

One of the big stories from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show was the official launch of Intel’s full line-up of 7th generation “Kaby Lake” computer processors. Read on to learn the scoop about what the new CPUs will mean for laptops and computers hitting shelves in 2017.

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