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Choose the best piano for you. Here are some pros and cons about acoustic and digital pianos to help get you started making this important decision.

Yooka-Laylee for Xbox One and PS4 delivers an adventure that rekindles the glory days of the 3D platformers. It's cheerful, colourful, and fun!

Celebrate this year's Star Wars Day with Star Wars LEGO sets and Star Wars themed drones. And whichever option you choose, May the 4th be with you!

Summer is a great time to take up astronomy. Let me give you some tips on choosing telescopes and other essential gear for a night watching the stars.

A year after launching a phone designed to shake up the market in the G5, LG has opted to be less dynamic, yet more fashionable in the G6. The company’s latest flagship handset grows a bigger screen without a massive body.

The X-Rocker Pro Series H3 chair tackles some of the most important aspects of a full gaming and multimedia experience as a comfortable seating option, and the 4.1 surround sound built-in.

Video capabilities built into the devices we carry with everywhere have reached a point that encourages consumers to shoot home videos and creative projects more than ever before, and with the Osmo mobile smartphone gimbal stabilizer, DJI is trying to take this to the next level.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is the definitive Bulletstorm experience that includes all existing Bulletstorm add-ons, plus brand-new content.

Are you feeling that your home decor needs a few glam touches? Here we’ll look at five ways to create a more glamorous atmosphere in your home.

Outdoor kitchens are easy to create and eliminate the need to go inside and outside when cooking this summer. Here's what you need to set up an outdoor kitchen.

Samsung has returned with another iteration of the Gear VR headset, only this time it includes a Bluetooth controller meant to enhance the experience of viewing content or playing games.

If you've never tried an air purifier or you're looking for a new model, take a look at my review and video of the Blueair Classic air purifier. It's easy to use and removes almost 100% of the particles in the air.

Have you ever made poutine at home? It's so easy you'll wonder why you've never tried it, and there are so many variations of poutine that you'll make something new each week.

If you're a fan of Star Wars and a lover of outdoor cooking, then today's review of a cool Star Wars BBQ is sure to please! Click through to read on.

20 years ago, the hottest flame war in computing was Windows versus Mac. Today that rivalry continues, but with a new twist. Who is the best desktop virtual assistant? It’s Siri on macOS versus Cortana on Windows 10.

Tired of a seemingly un-winnable battle for fast, reliable Wi-Fi throughout your entire home? the Google Wifi whole home Wi-Fi system is now at Best Buy, offering up to 4,500 square feet (1,371 square metres) of coverage.

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