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Like most people, my smartphone is almost always at my side. I use it to text, talk, email, update my social media feeds, take photos–the list goes on. More recently though, I’ve started to use it in perhaps what might be considered an unusual place, my kitchen. Read on to find out how I’ve been using it, and why I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot more in the future.

If you have a weak spot for luxury watches, the Marathon TSAR deserves a spot on your wish list. A paragon of great design, the TSAR is fashionable, functional, and built to last.

Microsoft just wrapped up its event in New York. Look for an emphasis on creativity when Windows 10 Creators Update arrives in the spring, with a push into 3D and augmented reality creation. But the star of this show was the Surface Studio, an incredible new all-in-one PC. Here’s what you need to know about Microsoft’s big announcements.

In a year where some smartphones have surprised, while others have spontaneously combusted, Google’s latest entry into the fray is in the two Pixel handsets that have effectively replaced the previous Nexus line. Going higher-end under the Pixel moniker is one of the obvious differences, but with performance and a new virtual assistant being hyped alongside all that, there was plenty to look forward to with the Pixel XL.

Most Windows PC laptops come in a few particular screen sizes, yet the shapes, sizes and weight between all those variants amongst competitors makes certain ones stand out from the crowd. The Asus ZenBook 3 is one of those, serving as an answer to thin-and-light MacBooks, with its slim profile, slick aesthetics and power under the hood. If small and powerful with Windows flavouring is what you’re in the market for, you may want to get a closer look at this laptop.

The Smart Home concept makes our living spaces infinitely more convenient and comfortable, by allowing us to monitor and manipulate various aspects of our homes, such as lights, temperature and air quality, through our smartphones. But, one of the more important aspects of a Smart Home is the enhanced security it can offer. In this instalment of my ongoing Smart Home System Series, I fill you in on the benefits of a Smart Home Security System/IP Cameras.

Earlier this month, you saw me review the Recaro Easylife stroller. The accompanying combination harness carseat is made of the same breathable material and tries to be just as easy on the parent to install and enjoy. This strictly front facing carseat is sure to keep your child comfortable and happy on their car trips for the years they will need this kind of seat. Come take a look.

I just bought a brand new 4K TV, and to get the most out of it, I wanted a wall mount that would let us see it from every angle. The Sanus Advanced Tilt Wall Mount does just that, and it's easier to install than you'd think.

Astronomy can be a lot of fun. All you need is a telescope, a clear night sky and some patience and you'll be looking at planets, galaxies and more. I recently tried one of the new telescopes at Best Buy and have 6 easy tips to help you set up your telescope.

Before my first hoverboard experience, I thought riding one would be a breeze. I pictured myself stepping on to the board and immediately zipping by pedestrians and cyclists with ease. I was mistaken. Riding them takes some getting used to, so with that in mind, here are some hoverboard riding tips and tricks to consider before you step on to one for the first time.

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, I tend to stick to either wine or beer. I’ve experienced firsthand how decanting or aerating a bottle of wine can significantly change its flavour profile, but until I was asked to review the Fizzics Freestanding Draft Beer System, I didn’t realize that there was something out there that would do the same for beer.

Working on the go is a reality and coffee shops are selling more than lattes and donuts, they're providing a workplace, Internet connections and a virtual office for mobile workers. Here are 5 must-haves to pack for using your laptop in a coffee shop.

Laptop design has come a very long way in the past decade or so. There are still plenty of relatively boring looking black or grey plastic boxes. But manufacturers have pushed the envelope to release cutting edge new designs that are thinner, more elegant and more eye-popping than ever. I’ve put together a list of five that really stand out from the pack for making a big impression. If you want to make a statement, these are laptops you...

Having never seen a Cole Haan handbag, online or in-person, before I was unsure whether I would become a fan. But after taking three different bags for a spin, I now understand why so many are 'crazy for Cole Haan'.

2016 has been a great year of progress for Home Automation and an unfortunate year for our hydro and gas prices. With the rising costs of both, this edition of the Smart Home Series takes a look at how you can take some of those systems Steven Hill has been blogging about to apply them to conserving energy and shaving dollars and cents off those bills.

In previous instalments of my ongoing Smart Home System Series, I took a look at different frameworks and protocols that enable all your various Smart Home devices to talk, connect and work together. One such device that is really useful for understanding and controlling your whole living environment is a Smart Air Quality Monitor. Read on for a peek at some Smart Home Air Quality Monitors you can add to your own set up today.

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