fitness-tracker-2016-guide-9The holidays bring a sense of renewal and a yearning for a clean slate, at least as far as all the partying and calorie intake is concerned. New Year’s Resolutions are always mostly about self-improvement, getting fit, training harder and being more selective about what we eat and consume. This makes fitness trackers ideal tools to keep up focused and help us towards our goals.

Here are Best Buy’s top ten fitness trackers

Fitbit Alta

10408102_1Stay on the path of healthy living with Fitbit Alta. This customizable fitness tracker automatically tracks activity, exercise, and sleep, and lets you know when it’s time to get up and move. The easy-to-read OLED screen keeps you motivated and connected by displaying your stats and smartphone notifications right on your wrist.

Slip on the sleek, customizable activity tracker and you’ll be on your way to healthy living in no time. By tracking all-day activity such as steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes, Alta keeps you motivated and paints an accurate picture of your fitness progress.

The bright OLED tap display keeps your goals in focus with stats, time, and smartphone notifications on display. On-screen messages remind you to move throughout the day so you stay on track toward better health.

Fitbit Flex 2

flex2_black_bluelight_300dpi_rgb-e1472254554136-762x1024The Fitbit Flex 2 watches everything you do, whether you’re slogging through your day-to-day or dominating a workout. It tracks your activity 24/7 and offers feedback so that even if you don’t get a chance to step inside a gym, you’ll have a record of the exercise you did get today.

Ultrathin, with a discreet LED display and waterproof design, this wristband can stay with you wherever you go. It automatically recognizes your activity and even tracks your sleep patterns.

Under Armour Fitness Tracker

10509493Reach your fitness goals with the help of the Under Armour UA Band fitness tracker. This sweatproof and splashproof activity tracker measures steps, sleep, and resting heart rate to help you keep track of and beat your fitness goals. Connect UA Band to UA Heart Rate (not included) to measure your workout intensity.

UA Band tracks steps, resting heart rate, sleep, and workout intensity when worn with the UA Heart Rate (sold separately). UA Band recharges via USB in about 1 hour

See the illuminated display during your workout without needing to push any buttons.

UA Band is water resistant so you can wear it in the shower or while sweating it out in the gym; however, do not submerge it under water.

Garmin Vivosmart HR

10399175A comprehensive activity tracker that is always on, reporting all of your activities and calories burned, plus heart rate and even number of floors you’ve climbed.

The vivosmart HR uses exclusive Elevate heart rate technology to measure directly from your wrist. This gives you the most accurate read into your health and fitness regimen.

The vivosmart HR keeps you tuned in to your health using its unique Elevate heart rate technology. It provides info on calories burned and quantifies the intensity of your fitness activities, providing better credit for your efforts.

This activity tracker goes way beyond just counting steps. It tracks floors climbed, monitors progress against goals, and even assigns you attainable goals based on current activity.

Fitbit Charge 2


The Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker helps you achieve your lifestyle and fitness goals by tracking your activity, measuring your heart rate, monitoring sports activity, and more.

Connected GPS tracks routes through your linked mobile device, while smartphone notifications ensure you don’t miss important calls and texts.

It measures the important things — like steps taken, activity levels, calories burned, heart rate, sleep quality, and more — while keeping you in the loop of smartphone notifications so you don’t miss a beat. One neat feature is the relaxation application that helps you breathe to relax for 2 minutes, it can take some of the stress away.

Striiv Fusion Bio 2 Fitness Tracker with HR

10394544Stay on top of your fitness goals with Striiv Fusion Bio 2 with heart rate monitor. It tracks your activity and sleep levels, calculates calories burned, and alerts you of incoming calls, texts, and notifications. A rechargeable battery powers the activity tracker for 30 days, while a compatible app allows you to see your progress and set goals.

Continuous heart monitor tracks virtually every beat while you exercise and sleep, over 50,000 heart rate samples per day, giving you valuable insights and enabling more accurate calculations of calories burned.

Tracks steps, distance travelled, calories burned, and active time to help you stay on top of your fitness goals. Tracks your sleep and allows you to monitor your sleep quality through the compatible app.

Monitors your diet, sends you reminders to take your medication, logs your hydration, and tracks your weight.

Polar A360 Fitness Tracker with HRpolar

With a wrist-based heart rate monitor, the Polar A360 fitness tracker provides accurate calculations and valuable insights to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Polar monitors your steps, sleep, speed, distance, and more, connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth to transfer data and provide you with alerts and notifications on-the-go.

Tracks activity 24/7, offering insights and support to ensure you can achieve your daily fitness goals. Bluetooth connectivity lets you sync with your smartphone to transfer key data and receive alerts.

Wrist-based heart rate training ensures you’re hitting your targets and getting accurate guidance for optimal results. Vibrating notifications from your connected smartphone keep you in the loop, so you know at a glance if you can keep going or need to stop.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Heart Rate Monitor

10453086_2The Samsung Gear Fit2 is an advanced fitness tracker that sports a standalone GPS, heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyro, and barometer. It knows when you’re running, cycling, or hard at work on the rowing machine. Sync it with your Android smartphone to receive and respond to notifications at a glance.

The Gear Fit2 fitness tracker counts every step you take and every kilometre you crush underfoot. It tracks your pace and heart rate, and knows when you’re letting up or taking it too easy. In the past, you’ve set goals for yourself only to falter under the weight of easy excuses. But no more. With the Gear Fit2 failure is not an option. I particularly like the display and the graphics Samsung’s created to notify users.

Sync the Gear Fit2 with your smartphone for seamless integration while you work out (requires Android 4.4 and above, and 1.5GB of RAM or higher).

Garmin vivofit Jr.

10497083_2Give your child extra motivation to stay active with the Garmin vivofit jr. fitness trackers. Designed for kids aged 4 to 9 years old, this little activity tracker monitors your child’s steps, sleep, and active time, and encourages them with a move bar and rewards. Gain insight into your child’s activity by downloading Garmin’s parent-controlled mobile app.

Parents can monitor their kid’s steps and sleep and receive a summary of their child’s 60-minute daily activity goal.

Parent-controlled mobile app features fun and educational mobile adventures for children and behaviour management for parents. Motivates your kid to keep moving through rewards and an unlockable mobile adventure trail.

Razer nabu Fitness Tracker

10393408The Razer Nabu smartband is the ultimate survival tool when it comes to modern life. It keeps you notified of incoming calls, texts, and emails, while also helping stay in shape with innovative fitness apps.
It also helps you stay rested in your busy life with advanced sleep tracking. And you connect with other Nabu users with a simple handshake.

Helps you stay on top of everything with notifications of incoming calls, texts, emails, and other app alerts discreetly via the private message screen and a gentle vibration.

Accelerometer and algorithms let you track fitness progress displayed in real time on the band, on the companion app, or your favourite fitness app.

Get a good night’s sleep with sleep tracking that starts automatically the moment you fall asleep till when you wake.

Social wearable feature detects other Nabu bands in close proximity and lets you connect and exchange social media info with a simple shake of the hand.

So there you have it: ten great fitness trackers that will elevate your motivation, boost your progress toward a healthy lifestyle, and energize your life in ways you can hardly imagine. Taking on a new lifestyle, and becoming more fit, is great for you and your family.

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  3. I am little bit confused between Fitbit flex and charge 2? I want to tracker my heart rate, running and sleeping activities.

  4. Hello, sorry to tell you but the item that you state as the “Polar A360 Fitness Tracker with HR” is a picture for a Garmin Vivoactive HR and not a Polar A360 which is confusing your article. The band and two lower buttons are as found on my Garmin. Please update the article at your earliest convenience.

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