I’m a pretty detail-oriented guy, so I don’t tend to lose stuff all that much. However, both my wife and daughter suffer from a chronic kind of “where-did-I-put-that-thing?” disease where the rest of the family is forever looking for their misplaced keys, phones, and other important items. Luckily, Tile just announced two new “Pro” Bluetooth trackers that may just help us do away with having to tear the house apart looking for lost stuff.

What’s a Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker?

Tile trackers are your new best friend if, like my girls, you tend to misplace or lose track of stuff. It’s a small Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to your valuables, such as keys, wallets, computers, or anything else you lose often, or want to keep safe. If you do misplace something, Tile’s app always shows the last time and place it saw your Tile on a map. The app also lets you have the Tile emit an audible chime to help you locate an item by sound when it’s within a range, but out of sight. Or, if you lose your iPhone, simply tap the button on the Tile and the device will start chiming, even in silent mode.

Another really cool feature of the Tile tracker is something called “community find” which allows millions of other Tile owners in more than 230 countries to help find your lost item. And each Tile tracker comes with a non-replaceable battery, guaranteed to last one year with no charging required.

New Tile Sport and Style offer improvements

The new Tile Sport and Style Pro series offer a few improvements over the previous Tile Mate and Slim series. It has double the Bluetooth range at 200 feet, plus it is also apparently twice as loud, offering silent, normal and loud options.

The new Tile Sport and Style are also more rugged products than their predecessors. They both offer improved IP68-rated dust and water resistance, and according to Tile the new Style and Sport Pro Series trackers can withstand submersion in up to 1.5 metres of water for at least 30 minutes! Although if it is something like your phone that gets submerged in water for thirty minutes, maybe it’s not worth finding again.

New Tile trackers are small, rugged and stylish

In terms of aesthetics, the Sport has a tread-like, rugged design in a dark grey colour, while the Style comes in fashionable white and gold with a ridged look. Both offer cutouts in one corner so they can be looped onto keychains or other items. But they’re also the thickest Tiles ever at 5.9mm.

And don’t worry about the non-replaceable batteries. Like I said before, they last for a year, and then Tile Sport and Style owners can replace their current Tiles at a discounted price of $25 each through a recycling program. Tile then recycles the old ones.



The new Tile Sport and Style are now available at BestBuy, individually, or in a 2-pack or 2-pack combo. Have a look at all the item tracking devices at BestBuy and let me know in the comment section below which one you use, or would like to try out.

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