Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is finally here! With Apple’s new subscription gaming service players get access to a library of over 100 curated games, playable across a wide range of compatible devices. Read on to learn more about Apple Arcade, including what you’ll need to play Apple Arcade games.

Apple Arcade

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is a brand new subscription service geared specifically toward gamers. With one monthly subscription fee, users will gain unlimited access to a growing library of over 100 games. Playing Apple Arcade is as simple as downloading any current Apple Arcade titles on one of many supported Apple devices through the App Store.

Unlike similar game streaming services, Apple Arcade titles download directly to your device. This means you can play selections from the Apple Arcade anytime—even when you are offline. All that is required is a compatible Apple device for players to access a huge selection of new and exciting (and often Apple-exclusive) gaming experiences.

Which devices are compatible with Apple Arcade?

As the name suggests, you’ll need an Apple device in order to enjoy the latest offerings from Apple Arcade. Luckily the service is available across a wide variety of Apple products. Here are a number of options for getting in on all the fun:

Apple ArcadeiPhone

Naturally Apple Arcade is at home on Apple iPhones, including the most recent model, the iPhone 11. In fact, the increased battery life of the iPhone 11 means that you can game even longer than previous models without worrying about running low on power.

Apple even states that the design of the most recent models of iPhone even take Apple Arcade into consideration for optimization. However, any model of iPhone that is capable of running iOS 13 or higher is also compatible with Apple Arcade.

iPad and iPad Pro

Of course potential Apple Arcade players can also take advantage of the larger screen size of the Apple iPad and Apple iPad Pro. The broader viewing area delivers a more immersive gaming experience—this while still benefiting from the sleek design and portability of Apple’s tablet device.

Right now the best Apple Arcade experience on tablet devices can be found on the new 7th Generation iPad or the current iPad Pro, which offer screen sizes between 10.2 – 12.9 inches. That said, Apple Arcade is nevertheless compatible as far back as the 5th-gen iPad, 4th-gen iPad Mini, or 2nd-gen iPad Air—as well as any model of iPad Pro. The latest version of iPadOS must also be installed.

Apple ArcadeiPod Touch

Fear not, Apple hasn’t forgotten the iPod Touch community when it comes to Apple Arcade support. The service is available on the most recent Apple iPod Touch 7th Generation, which supports the necessary iOS 13 update.

Apple TV

Moving away from more traditionally handheld, portable devices, Apple Arcade is also  ready and waiting for the big screen. Apple Arcade is compatible with all models of Apple’s media streaming device—the Apple TV. This means you can enjoy Apple Arcade on virtually any screen in your home. Who wouldn’t want to see these games shine on your home theatre setup?

With Apple TV you’ll likely want to incorporate a compatible Bluetooth gamepad controller as well. This pairing will make Apple Arcade essentially indistinguishable from any other traditional home console gaming setup. However, some Apple Arcade games may even be playable using only the Apple TV remote.

Apple ArcadeiMac, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro

Of course if desktop or laptop gaming is more your style, Apple Arcade covers this territory as well. The 21.5″ or 27″ high resolution display of the Apple iMac is perfect for gaming. Not to mention it has keyboard and mouse support for those who prefer them to gamepad controllers. Any iMac running the latest version of OS will be Apple Arcade compatible.

The high end specs of the latest Macbook Air and Macbook Pro models are similarly capable of shining with Apple Arcade. High resolution displays, fast processors, and portability are just a few features that make these laptops prime devices for enjoying Apple’s new gaming service.

Are gamepad controllers compatible with Apple Arcade?

A gamepad isn’t necessary to enjoy Apple Arcade. Naturally games for the service are designed with touchscreen devices such as the iPad and iPhone in mind. However, Apple Arcade does support a variety of Bluetooth gaming controllers, and they can be an excellent addition.

Apple ArcadeThe SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Game Controller for Apple TV is an obvious choice. While its branding suggests its ties to the Apple TV, it is actually compatible across most Apple products. This includes devices such as iPhone 11 and SE, iPad and iPad Pro, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, and iMac.

Of course many gamers are already familiar with home console controllers such as the Xbox One wireless controller or the Sony DualShock 4. Luckily these wireless Bluetooth controllers are also supported by the Apple devices listed above as well. Keep in mind however that only authentic Sony and Microsoft controllers with Bluetooth are guaranteed to work with Apple TV. Third-party controllers may not be compatible. Similarly, older models that lack Bluetooth will not work.

Apple ArcadeApple Arcade audio

While your device’s speakers may be capable of delivering a satisfying audio experience, pairing a great set of headphones or earbuds can certainly increase the immersion of your favourite Apple Arcade games. There is a near-endless variety of choice when it comes to compatible audio devices, but Apple has a few products of their own that feature optimal design when pairing with Apple Devices.

Apple’s line of Airpods, including the new Apple Airpods Pro offer easy wireless syncing with your Apple devices. The new Apple AirPods Pro even feature noise-cancelling technology, making your gaming time with Apple Arcade all the more immersive.

For a more powerful sound, you may consider an on-ear or over-ear option such as those offered by Beats by Dr. Dre. So many games in the Apple Arcade library feature incredible soundtracks. Beats headphones will ensure you squeeze every ounce of deep, rich bass tones out of your Apple Arcade experience.

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We will continue to update our post as necessary with all the latest in compatible Apple Arcade technology, so be sure to check back regularly for information on all the hottest new products to take your Apple Arcade gaming experience to the next level!

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