I’ve learned something wonderful and new every E3.  Actually, that’s a misstatement, I’ve learned a heap of things every E3 I’ve paid any attention too (we’ll call that close to a decade’s worth of E3’s). This year, well, darned if we haven’t just recently celebrated a shift in the hardware generation.  With that in mind, let’s have a look back not even that far in time at what E3 brought us, and why we have every reason to be terribly excited about what might be to come.

– The Last of Us

Consoles: PS3, PS4

Genre / Rating: Zombies RPG, M

Um, ya, this tragic, beautiful culmination of our fascination with zombies and apocalypses happened and totally redefined a genre that had already been well tread.  Remember how incredibly drawn to the characters you were when you first  saw one of its trailers?  It was very compelling, and for good reason.  A fantastic game with strong mood and pacing, The Last of Us remains a big moment in games. (and, pssst, hey, what does that mean for this E3? I bet some folks who loved that game and the games that lead up to it have made a game or two that are announced this year)

Super Mario 3D World

Consoles: Wii U

Genre /Rating: Platforming E

There is literally nothing quite like Nintendo announcements, granted sometimes they’re only ‘just successful’ but sometimes they hit like a truck. Nintendo quietly makes magic and releases it out into the world.  Much like Super Mario 3D World.  Jumping into homes everywhere and dissapointing nobody, it was another step and statement made by Nintendo.  A statement by the way, which goes like this ‘We aint goin anywhere’. Im pretty sure we’ll see something along these lines this year too.  Maybe not a direct sequal, but you better believe the Mario Bro’s have something in the works.

Assassins Creed Black Flag

Consoles: PS3, XBox 360, Wii U, PC, PS4, XBox One

Genre/Rating, RPG / M

 I could see this one coming on the horizon. Once Assassins Creed hit the coast and carried onward past the horizon I knew there’d be a pirate version, it made way too much sense, and Ubisoft had already nailed the mechanics. This was a certified monster announcement Ill be darned if we don’t find out this leads to another Assassins Creed experience we don’t yet know about.

Bravely Default

Consoles: 3DS

Genre Rating: Fantasy RPG / T

Though not my particular cup of tea, the wave that followed this game couldn’t be denied, folks love them some Bravely Default just like they love Final Fantasy, and for good reason, they share fundamental DNA. That JRPG thing that rings so true amongst us, it’s clear these sorts of adventures are here to stay, and you know what?  That’s awesome. FF remains strong, even in the games its inspired so what might come of this year’s E3?

Elder Scrolls Online

Consoles : PC, XBox One (Imperial Edition), PlayStation 4 (Imperial Edition),

Genre / Rating: RPG /M

Well heck, look folks, I’ll always give you my opinion, but I do have my favorites. Bethesda, without question is at the top of the heap. Meaning,they have earned my trust through experience and I give them certain leeway.  Im basically done with MMORPG’s, it’s just something I don’t have time for anymore.  However, I did partake in this beta, and like every other game  of theirs I’ve taken part in, it was really good, showed innovation and a strong foundation based in design. After a weekend having fun I was left with the feeling of ‘wish it was good when I had time for MMO’s’ and ‘Holy poop, this is a perfect medium for Elder Scrolls Lore’. Bethesda and Elderscrolls are very well suited for this space, and no surprise, it seems to be a successful relationship. 

It’s E3 season friends, expect the unexpected, there is every chance the next title that really blows your top is coming soon. Just look at the tittles announced just a year ago. What does the future hold?  Well that’s an exciting question indeed. With every one of these in mind it feels like waiting to have my mind blow.  So, ok E3 2014, I got my seat and popcorn, let’s see what you have in store.  And don’t forget to keep checking back into the Plug-in Blog for exciting new E3 news and content, updated on the regular!

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Kurtis Diston
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