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2023 is shaping up to be a banner year for the role-playing genre. This category of games is based off the classic tabletop board game Dungeons & Dragons, role-playing games, or RPGs for short, use similar rules to put you in the shoes of a hero and their party. RPGs let you build your own character to varying degrees or pick a class and rework your appearance from scratch. These games also let you set unique attributes of characters like melee, magic skills to navigate through enemy encounters. RPGs traditionally have massive maps to explore with side quests and a sprawling main story. Like a great novel, if you are looking for an experience to lose yourself in, RPGs are the gaming equivalent.

Some of my most unforgettable adventures have come within the RPG genre. Games like Final Fantasy, Fallout, DiabloMass Effect, Skyrim, and The Witcher III are some of the best stories and rich sprawling worlds I’ve ever experienced in a video game.

A Role Playing Game for you

The RPG category has many subgenres, with a wide variety of adventures. Whether you are into fast paced action or a more strategic approach a thrilling journey awaits. These deep, multilayered experiences feature some of the most iconic characters that resonate with gamers around the globe. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of each RPG subgenre and some of the most hotly anticipated upcoming role-playing titles.

Action RPGs

Although story is still the key focus, action and combat are much more pronounced in these RPG games. Some of the most popular action RPGs are the Diablo, Legend of Zelda, Skyrim and Horizon Forbidden West titles. There is a central focus on developing a single character and not an entire party. The controls are more reliant on your realtime-reflexes and less scrolling through menus to decide combat actions. Here are a few great action RPGs out now:

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Release Date: Available now

The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers a world of wonder and unique possibilities. Link’s latest adventure lets you explore terrains and mysterious floating islands. Will you master Link’s new skills to overcome the evil forces that threaten the kingdom?

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Final Fantasy XVI

Release Date: Available now

Join the final struggle for Valisthea, a world ravaged by wars over its precious Mothercrystals. Take on the role of Clive Rosfield, a young knight who must face his destiny as the chosen wielder of the Phoenix, the fire Eikon. Travel across the lands and challenge the other Dominants, powerful beings who can summon fearsome Eikons of their own. Experience a thrilling story of vengeance, friendship, and love in this stunning action-RPG.

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Release Date: Available now

Starfield is the first new universe in 25 years from Bethesda Game Studios (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4) In this next generation role-playing game set amongst the stars, you can create any character you want and explore with unparalleled freedom as you embark on an epic journey to answer the universes great mysteries. Prepare for launch, for all into the Starfield.

Launch into the Starfield

Diablo IV

Release Date: Available now

Embark on a legendary adventure in Diablo IV, where you’ll traverse an expansive world teeming with nightmarish dungeons and malevolent creatures. Join your friends on a quest to stop Lilith one on the Prime Evils from destroying humanity. With cross-play and cross-progression available across all platforms, you can join forces with your friends to conquer the forces of hell.

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Upcoming Blockbuster Action RPGs

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

Follow the adventures of Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, and Red XIII, a group of rebels who fight against the evil Shinra corporation. Pursue the mysterious Sephiroth, a former SOLDIER who seeks to destroy the planet. Experience a captivating story with rich characters and immersive gameplay in this enhanced remake.

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Roleplaying Shooters

Roleplaying shooters contain many of the same elements as action RPGs, combining the action genre with character building elements and gunplay. Popular games like Borderlands, Destiny, Fallout and Mass Effect are best in class RPG shooters.

Top RPG Shooters

Cyberpunk 2077

Release Date: Available now | Full Review

Explore a futuristic open-world city obsessed with power, glamour, and body mods in Cyberpunk 2077. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw searching for a prototype implant that’s the key to immortality. Customize your cybernetic enhancements, skillset, and playing style as you dive into a vast city of the future where your choices shape the story and world around you.

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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty DLC (Requires Cyberpunk 2077 Base Game)

Release Date: Coming soon

Return as a mercenary-turned-spy, in a new adventure to save the president of the NUSA from a militia. Explore Dogtown, a new region full of secrets and dangers, and meet Idris Elba as Solomon Reed, a FIA agent. Use shapeshifting, hacking, and stealth in this spy-thriller paid expansion for Cyberpunk 2077.

Massively multiplayer online games

Massively multiplayer online games, or MMORPGs for short, open up the questing experience to other online players. Imagine you are about to face an otherworldly foe in an epic battle but aren’t sure you can do it alone. With MMORPGs you are never alone, joining a massive online community to adventure together. MMORPGs have a long line of legendary games like The Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft.

Roguelike and roguelite RPGs

A roguelike RPG has a long list of qualities, carving themselves out a specialized spot in the subgenre. They usually contain procedurally generated levels, permadeath, turn-based combat in addition to hack n’ slash fighting mechanics. Roguelites use less of these elements, primarily focusing on permadeath and randomly generated maps. Titles like Dead Cells and Spelunky are some great roguelites to experience the gameplay loop. Here are some other must play roguelike experiences that offer rewarding but challenging gameplay:


Release Date: Available now

The critically acclaimed Hades is a rogue-like dungeon crawler where you defy the Greek Gods. It’s up to you to discover unique powers and battle your way out of the Underworld. Don’t miss out on one of the most unique titles in the RPG genre.

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Minecraft Dungeons

Release Date: Available now | Full Review

If you are looking for an easy to pick up and play dungeon crawler Minecraft Dungeons is an experience you’ll enjoy. Gameplay is simple, straight forward and satisfying for players of all ages. The game features rogue like elements with 10 procedurally generated levels, all with adjustable difficulty, and numerous secret stages you can unlock.

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Open world RPGs

If you are looking for massive, expansive worlds with quests to get lost in for hours, open world RPGs are for you. As a result, this style of RPG doesn’t restrict you to a linear path but lets you explore the world’s expansive map. Some stellar open world RPGs that are essential play throughs are Fallout, Final Fantasy, Skyrim and The Witcher III. Here are more recently released open world RPGs to check out:

Elden Ring

Release Date: Available nowFull Review 

Hailed by many as one of the greatest RPGs of all time, Elden Ring is a quintessential gaming experience. Jump into a world full of mystery, magic and wonder. You’ll explore and battle through the lands in a new fantasy world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin. Unravel the mysteries of the Elden Ring’s power and become an Elden Lord!

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Horizon Forbidden West

Release Date: Available now
Full Review | Overall Rating: 4.9/5 (98%)

Delve into an epic adventure with Aloy as she braves the Forbidden West – a majestic but dangerous frontier that conceals mysterious new threats. Explore distant lands, fight bigger and more awe-inspiring machines, and encounter new tribes as you return to the far-future, post-apocalyptic world of Horizon.

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Get out there and explore!

The vast selection of RPG games always has something new and interesting to offer. Whether on the go with your Nintendo Switch or playing at home on your Xbox, PlayStation or PC there’s always a new adventure waiting. I hope this rundown of RPGs helped you find a new epic quest.

Let us know what your favourite RPG games are in the comments below!

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