testing Rock-gamer gaming chair

For enthusiasts, gaming sessions can last hours and intense focus is crucial to getting to the next level or obliterating your opponents. This is especially true when it comes to online competition.  A regular couch or chair may not provide the necessary support to feel comfortable after a long period of time. The Rock-Gamer Gaming Chair aims to deliver ergonomic support by having a design that naturally conforms to the shape of your body. It also reacts to any movements or reactions that you may have while gaming. While having additional support and comfort is nice, is it worth it to have a chair specifically designed for playing video games?


A chair designed for gamers 

open gaming chair

The Rock-Gamer Gaming chair has a slightly curved back intended to conform to your natural shape while sitting. The curve also allows the chair to rock back and forth. Its uncommon shape and design caused me to be skeptical at first, but after putting it to the test, it all started to make sense.


An entry level option for small teens and young adults

This chair is a great option for teens and young adults that are casual gamers. Since I have a smaller frame, I found the chair to be quite comfortable. If you require more space or desire a chair for more serious gaming, I would recommend checking out the Clutch or Arozzi gaming chairs. These chairs feature a more conventional design that has premium materials and more seating space.


New ideas take time getting used to

When I first unboxed and setup up the chair, I was taken aback by how unconventional the design was. When you ask someone to think of a chair, the common idea would consist of a seat and four legs right? This chair breaks those notions, and I think for good reason. To be honest, it did take a while to get used to sitting in this chair. But, I am coming to realize it was because my brain knew it wasn’t sitting in a regular chair. Once I began to fully relax and found a comfortable position, it began to make more sense. Soon, I found myself naturally using the headrest to support my neck, and my back was comforted by the ergonomic design.


Folds for easy storage

folded gaming chair

Living in an apartment provides very little room for storage or additional furniture. It’s a daily challenge to optimize every square foot for functionality, while still maintaining a clean design. The feature that I really liked about this chair, was its ability to be stored in small spaces by folding in half. Since the chair doesn’t require any additional parts or assembly, it is really easy to put the chair in storage, and setup when needed. Because of its ease of use and small size, I think this chair could be a fun and functional addition to any small apartment or dorm room.


Fabric that is durable and easy to clean

Whenever I am near a television, I often find myself snacking and that means millions of crumbs will inevitably fall on everything around me. I really appreciate that the fabric on the Rock-Gamer chair is quite durable and easy to clean. I found that I was not afraid to use the chair naturally, without fear of having to be too delicate. The fabric is composed of a mesh like material that doesn’t get to hot or sweaty after long periods of use. This can be especially useful during those marathon gaming sessions or an epic binge on Netflix.


Classic black with a splash of colour

Aside from comfort and design, I feel that colour is one of the most important aspects of furniture. Since it’s seen almost every day, it should be accessible but not bland. I was surprised by how well the colour scheme incorporated within the living room. Although it is a colour combination intended for a younger generation, I feel that the aesthetic gets me in the mood to do some serious gaming. The chair comes in red and grey colour options which also add a vibrant addition of colour to the design.


Using the gaming chair


Playing video games


Using the chair to play video games was a comfortable experience where I felt support in both my neck and back. The support enabled me to play video games for hours while still feeling quite comfortable. Since I was able to rock back and forth, it produced a sensation that caused me to be more alert, and I felt more engaged with the action on screen. I think the rocking helped with promoting movement and circulation, which was a welcome change when compared to the sloth like state that I experience while using a normal chair. Due to the design, the “rocking” isn’t like an old fashioned rocking chair. This movement engages almost your entire bottom half and becomes quite entertaining because it is so responsive to your natural movements.


Watching TV

When I was watching a movie or TV show, I really wanted somewhere to rest my arms. With this chair, the only place to rest your arms and hands is your lap or the floor. It’s not an issue when playing video games, as your hands are usually gripping a controller. But watching content doesn’t require hands, and having to rest them on the floor was not ideal or comfortable. I also prefer to be stationary when consuming video content, so the rocking motion wasn’t necessary. This was one of the activities where I’d rather sit on a regular couch.


Deep contemplation and creative thinking

I was quite surprised that I found myself wanting to sit in the chair when I wanted to write or do something creative. The playful nature of the chair and its unconventional design consistently enticed me to take a seat. I think the irregular but comfortable positions, helped inspire me and think of ideas in different ways. This was an unexpected benefit of having a chair like this and definitely worth it if you game, and also want to get your creative juices flowing from time to time.


Final Thoughts


At first, I was skeptical about the Rock-Gamer Gaming Chair. It has an unconventional design and I didn’t know what to expect in terms of comfort and support. Once I began using the chair, I felt the benefits of this unique design. My neck and back felt supported, which enabled me to game for hours while still feeling comfortable. I was actually happy to try something new and experience a different level of comfort. Since this chair can fold and be easily stored away, this could be a great addition of furniture if you live in a small apartment or dorm room. While it may not be for everyone, and it does take time to get used to, this chair can be a blast to use for gaming. I would recommend this chair to anyone that wants to elevate their gaming experience and is not afraid of trying something new or different.

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