header.jpgDeep Silver’s much-anticipated sequel to one of my favourite games from the last console generation has landed. Available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Homefront: The Revolution had a rocky start early on in its development cycle. After changing hands several times—from THQ, to Crytek, to eventually Deep Silver—development of this game was uncertain for many years.

Nevertheless, Deep Silver has worked hard to construct an open-world first person shooter that Homefront fans will enjoy. Homefront: The Revolution features an expanded story mode, enhanced gameplay mechanics, improved graphics, and an online multiplayer component that is easy to pick up and play.

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Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC
Release Date: May 17, 2016
Developer: Deep Silver, Dambuster Studios
Publisher: Deep Silver
Genre: Open-world, first-person shooter
Modes: single-player, multiplayer online
ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)

Give me liberty or die

Homefront: The Revolution takes place in an alternate time where the digital revolution of the 1970s took place in North Korea’s Silicon River, rather than California’s Silicon Valley. Set in the year 2029, North Korea has become the world’s most powerful and influential nation, and selling its advanced weapons technology to the United States military. After years of multiple military conflicts in the Middle East, the United States economy collapses due to the cost of the massive wars, and defaults on its debt to North Korea.

Using a backdoor that is installed in all of its advanced weapons technology, North Korea shuts down the United States military and seizes the opportunity to invade the country. Ironically, Homefront: The Revolution takes place in Philadelphia, the birthplace of the United States’ constitution. However, the atmosphere is dark and grim, as all of its inhabitants are living in constant fear. The city’s residents are heavily oppressed, and policed by the invading Korean People’s Army (KPA).

As Ethan Brady, a member of the resistance, you try to take control away from the KPA and bring back freedom to the people by any means necessary. I found Homefront’s story to surprisingly deep and intriguing, which gave me a reason to care what happens to Ethan and other members of the resistance. The story is full of twists and turns as you fight to restore freedom to the people, and unfolds in a manner that totally immerses you in the war torn world.


Wage Guerrilla Warfare in war-ravaged Philadelphia

If you have played Homefront, you will notice right away that Homefront: The Revolution is a very different game. You now have the ability to explore a massive open-world, and interact with many different characters. More so than its predecessor, Homefront: The Revolution gives you challenging gameplay that will require strategic planning for every move.

The artificial intelligence of your enemies has also been greatly enhanced, this time around. For example, if you take out one of your oppressors, other members of the KPA will come to investigate. Sure, you can go in guns blazing, but to be more effective you will want to ambush your enemies with surprise attacks. Here is a tip that will help you out while playing, try hiding in the shadows before KPA reinforcements arrive, and equipping silencers on your weapons. You will be able to stay undetected most of the time, and avoid a lot of heartache.

Homefront: The Revolution comes with a full arsenal of tools and weapons at your disposal. One of my favourite items to use are the remote control explosive cars, these bad boys allow you to take out the KPA’s drones, air support, and vehicles with ease. I also love the modular weapons system in the game; you can change your firearms in the field so that you will never be without protection. For example, say you have a shotgun, with the modular weapons system it can easily become a fully automatic weapon or even an inferno launcher. Now that’s awesome!


Gorgeous lifelike graphics

In terms of graphics compared to its predecessor, Homefront: The Revolution is a technical marvel—the leap in graphic fidelity is stunning. By using the CryEngine, Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have made Homefront: The Revolution an open world marvel. I was impressed by the dynamic weather and day and night cycles—the rain coming down and the puddles of water look remarkable. The amount of detail on each of the character’s faces is quite amazing. By seeing each characters expressions, it helped to convey their emotions and immerse me in their fight for freedom.

On the PlayStation 4, Homefront: The Revolution runs at 1080p and at 900p on the Xbox One. Both systems run at a solid 30fps, and to be honest the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are visibly virtually indistinguishable. The CryEngine allows Deep Silver and Dambuster Studio to provide an amazing amount of detail into the game, truly giving fans like you and I the best experience possible.


Online Co-Op experience

Homefront: The Revolution features a four-player co-operative multiplayer mode known as Resistance mode. This mode contains characters that are independent of the story mode that you can upgrade, new weapons and outfits to unlock, and its own classes and perks. Homefront: The Revolution offers 12 co-op missions containing large maps, where you will hack radar dishes, escort stolen vehicles, and ride motorcycles while evading the enemy. Additionally, if you purchase the game’s Expansion Pass you will get certain perks like free resistance crates, and characters.

While the multiplayer aspect of Homefront: The Revolution may not be as heavily detailed as first-person shooters, I found Resistance mode to be fun and enjoyable. Overall, multiplayer is a great supplementary experience, which gave me hours of enjoyment with my friends long after I had completed the single player story mode.


Final thoughts

As a fan of Homefront, I had been eagerly awaiting this sequel for quite some time. I really wasn’t quite sure how Homefront: The Revolution would turn out after its many setbacks. Fortunately, Deep Silver gave me everything I had been hoping for and more in a Homefront sequel.

The gameplay was challenging and rewarding at the same time, and the story kept me wondering what would happen next during the 30 plus hours I put into it. The online component, although it’s not as involved as other online shooters, was enjoyable and I loved its simplicity—it was easy to go in and start playing almost immediately. It looks as if Deep Silver has some big plans for Homefront: The Revolution. Coming in 2016 are three single payer campaign expansions, and a much larger expansion called Beyond the Walls in 2017.

Don’t forget, available exclusively at Best Buy Canada is the special SteelBook edition of Homefront: The Revolution. Not only do you get the game, but also it comes in a limited edition case that features artwork inspired by the game.

If you liked Homefront, then you will absolutely love Homefront: The Revolution. Those looking for an open-world first-person shooter with unique gameplay give Homefront: The Revolution a try—you won’t be disappointed.

+ Vast open-world to explore
+ Challenging and rewarding gameplay
+ Modular weapon system allows for some unique creations
+ Engaging story

– Online multiplayer not as in-depth as it some other first-person shooters


Gameplay: 3.5/5
Graphics: 4/5
Sound: 3.5/5
Lasting Appeal/Replayability: 4/5

Overall Rating 3.75/5 (75%)

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