Pre-Order Mad Max for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and get the Ripper: A fully upgradable body for the Magnum Opus vehicle


Mad Max is definitely one of those movies that you sort of forget the cultural significance of, though when you do bring it up, it always brings a smile to most peoples’ faces.  It was the film series that shot Mel Gibson to prominence, and strains of the franchise were everywhere in 80s pop culture.  Most notably, influence of Lord Humongous (from the second Mad Max movie “The Road Warrior”) was seen in Pro Wrestling (via WWF Tag Team Demolition and a similarly named character in Memphis) and video games (a similar looking character was the final boss in the forgettable fighter “Pit Fighter.”)


Some 35 years after the first movie came out, a new Mad Max movie is set to release (with Tom Hardy in the title role) and a new video game is too. Scheduled for a September 1st 2015 release, it’s time to take Max and his Magnum Opus vehicle for a spin.


Pre-Order Mad Max for PlayStation 4

Pre-Order Mad Max for Xbox One

Mad Max types place in an open world, post-apocalyptic wasteland which couldn’t have a more “Mad Max” plot attached to it. After a disastrous visit to the Plains of Silence, Max finds his beloved vehicle has been stolen by marauders, and he vows to get it back.  With the help of the Magnum Opus, and his companion Chumbucket (who is capable of upgrading the car,) Max sets out in his mission of vengeance.



The game will feature a multi-faceted fight system.  While you can rely on guns, you must also keep in mind that ammo is limited in the game, and will have to rely on your hands, or other creative weaponry. Magnum Opus can be outfitted with weaponry for vehicular firefights as well, and will be something you’ll have to get good at as you progress through the massive playfield.


While the map sprawls open-world style, there is an interesting element to the game too. There is a vast wasteland called “The Big Nothing” which adds another angle to the gameplay.  It’s essentially off the beaten path, and is purely a survival-style test for Max, all in the name of vehicle upgrades. Keeping in mind that this is a post-apocalyptic game to begin with, gameplay will reflect things such as the lack of food and fuel, and will require as much strategy to forage supplies successfully as it does just plain staying alive.


There’s been a bit of a change to the release schedule. One thing to note is that the game was originally to be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 too, however, those versions were just scrapped, and focus is on the next gen versions.


If you Pre-Order Mad Max leading up to the release, you’ll get a significant boost to Magnum Opus.  The Ripper is a battle ready upgrade for your vehicle sporting some of the meanest looking hardware this side of The Big Nothing. If you don’t want to spend time in the wasteland looking for the upgrades and risking life and death, Ripper might just be able to save you a bit of headache and heartache, and it’s available to you free of charge just for Pre-Ordering the game!


Get ready for September 1st and your explosive date with Mad Max for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or your PC.  Pre-Order now and get the upper hand early with the Ripper upgrade!

Pre-Order Mad Max for PlayStation 4

Pre-Order Mad Max for Xbox One

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