On Thursday July 8th, PlayStation hosted a State of Play livestream. This event provided an extended look at Death Loop along with updates on indie and third-party titles coming to PS5 and PS4. Here’s a breakdown of the biggest announcements from the event!

Moss: Book II – PSVR

One of the biggest announcements revealed during PlayStation’s State of Play livestream was the sequel to Moss, arguably one of the best games available on PlayStation VR. In Moss: Book II, Quill and her uncle Argus reunite. The trailer highlighted several new locations, interactions and dangers that Quill will face.

The game’s story picks up right where things left off in the first game, following the successful rescue of uncle Argus. The adventure continues and now the Arcane forces have turned their focus on Quill. They are now on the hunt for her within the castle where her uncle was held captive. We learned that the game will feature new mechanics, environments, enemies and abilities. Along with new weapons like the hammer and nature attunement ability for creating new pathways for exploration.

As a result, these new features and additions give you unique ways to solve puzzles, uncover secrets and defeat enemies. Players can also expect an emotional and touching story as Quill’s journey will be filled with triumph and heartbreak with new allies and old friends. Look for more information about Moss: Book II in the coming months.


Lost Judgment – PS5 and PS4

Sega shared a closer look at the upcoming action noir thriller Lost Judgment. The new trailer showcased two of Yagami’s new investigative actions: athletics and stealth. You can now take detective work to new heights by scaling buildings along with acrobatics to reach new heights and otherwise unreachable areas. Additionally, stealth can be used to sneak past security or silent takedowns to get an enemy out of the picture without anyone knowing.

Moreover, Yagami has a brand new martial arts style called Snake. Also, the Snake style is useful in that it redirects an opponent’s attacks right back. The trailer showcased some of the many locations in Japan where Lost Judgment takes place including a local high school. Here you must get to the root of how a mysterious rise in delinquency is connected to the main case by going undercover as an outside counselor advising the activity clubs. As a result, Yagami grooves to the rhythm in Dance Club, battles for bot supremacy in Robotics club, and enjoys off-campus activities like sticking and swaying in a boxing gym and burning rubber in a biker gang.

Pre-order Lost Judgment for PS5
Pre-order Lost Judgment for PS4


Death Stranding Director’s Cut – PS5

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is being fully remastered and expanded for PS5! Death Stranding Director’s Cut releases on September 24, 2021. It is packed with a ton of new content and enhanced gameplay features. Included in the Director’s Cut are more weapons, equipment and vehicles, a variety of new modes, missions and areas to explore, expanded storylines, and enhancements to the UI.

Moreover, there will be new online features including Friend Play and Leaderboards! If you already own Death Stranding on PS4 you’ll be able to upgrade for a nominal fee. Here’s a look at some of the PS5 features.

PlayStation 5 features

  • Environment effects via the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback
  • Adaptive trigger resistance
  • Lifelike 3D Audio
  • Near-instant load times
  • Two picture modes – Performance Mode with upscaled 4K and up to 60FPS or Fidelity Mode in native 4K – both with ultra-wide and HDR support

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Deathloop – PS5

Finally, during the State of Play presentation, we got an extended look at the upcoming action-adventure game for PlayStation 5 Deathloop from Arkane Studios. Launching on September 14, 2021 on PS5 you play as Colt, an assassin who is stuck in a time loop. From the extended gameplay trailer shown, we know that there are many clues and messages scattered across Blackreef to help you in your adventure.

However, these helpful pieces of advice can at times be confusing or disjointed. They will only start to make sense as you uncover more of the secrets hidden on the island. Additionally, you’ll need to keep a close listen on what the island’s inhabitants are talking about for helpful clues. In order to be successful in Deathloop, you’ll have to experiment with different gameplay styles. Some areas or missions are more suited to a stealthy approach while others are geared towards a more flash and explosive approach.

Finally, you’ll be able to upgrade your abilities through a variety of different ways. This includes taking out key enemies such as Visionaries or by using Residuum between loops to lock in your favourite abilities and gear.

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