PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets

A good headset can really make or break your gaming experience. Most players want a comfortable headset that is easy to use and also delivers crisp, full-range audio and voice chat. Today we will be taking a look at PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets. They are available for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Ready to unbox and go

PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets

PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets are extremely easy to use and ready right out of the box. Since these headsets draw power from their connection to the controller, there is no need to worry about charging or battery power. Simply plug the headset into the standard 3.5mm headset jack located at the bottom of your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller. Now you are ready to go!

It is important to note that the first generation of Xbox one controllers actually do not have a 3.5mm headset jack. While Microsoft was quick to correct this poor decision, there are a number of launch-period Xbox One controllers that do not have this port. In these cases, it is necessary to purchase the Xbox One headset adapter separately in order to use any headset that requires a 3.5mm audio connection. Be sure to verify what kind of controller you have by checking the base for the presence of a 3.5mm jack.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or both

PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets

It’s also worth mentioning that PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets come in 2 separate models. They appear to be designed specifically for either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. That said, these wired headsets each work across both platforms.

Sony and Microsoft use different infrastructure for voice chat, which means that a headset designed with one console in mind may not be compatible with the other. However, in my experience, this issue tends to manifest itself in wireless headsets. I tested each of these wired headsets across both platforms. In each case, audio and chat performed the same regardless of console.

This makes the headsets a bit more versatile, to say the least. If you own both platforms, one headset will be sufficient for both.

Quality and performance

PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets

PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets hover around the mid-tier of gaming headsets available on the market today. They aren’t the most powerful or luxurious headset, but they also don’t break the bank either. In fact, I find the balance of quality and performance in these headsets to be very good in comparison to their standard retail asking price.

Both headsets deliver dynamic surround sound through a pair of powerful 50mm high-definition drivers. Again, they certainly don’t match the quality of a more elite high-end set—but they don’t command nearly the same size of investment either. For a mid-tier headset the audio quality is about as crisp and pleasing as I would expect.

They certainly do offer an advantage over going without a headset entirely as well. Key factors that gamers look to such as hearing approaching enemy footsteps see improvement when using a PDP headset over normal television audio. They are also capable of producing a fairly impressive high-end volume without much distortion.

Headset controls

PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets

PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets have a very simple control interface. They consist of only an adjustable microphone on the left and a single volume control knob on the right. This offers less capacity for advanced adjustments, but conversely makes them extremely easy to use.

The arm of the microphone locks into 2 positions—horizontal and vertical. This makes it easy to move the microphone into an out-of-the-way upright position when not in use. The flexible arm of the microphone also makes for simple adjustments to ensure both comfort and proper distance from your mouth. The microphone also features noise-cancelling technology to limit the amount of outside noise coming through to chat.

The large volume knob lacks a bit of finesse. Nevertheless, it does make it easy to locate if you wish to make a quick adjustment in the heat of battle. There is only a single master volume control. As such, more advanced balancing of game audio vs. voice chat and the like can’t be done via the headsets themselves. You’ll have to tinker with these settings directly from the respective console’s settings menu.

Commendable comfort

PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets

One of the aspects of the PDP Gaming LVL 50 gaming headsets that I find most impressive is their level of comfort. Each headset features breathable nylon-mesh over-the-ear cushions and an adjustable lightweight headband. They also come in at a respectably light 0.6lb.

I enjoyed a number of lengthy gaming sessions with these headsets and did not encounter any real fatigue. I find that they sit comfortably on my head without excessive pressure anywhere.  The headband is easy to adjust and feels sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

The nylon cushions are also very comfortable. With the breathable mesh fabric, I definitely did not experience any discomfort from heat or friction over time. The weight of the headset is evenly distributed overall. They rest in place comfortably without undue stress, perfect for those marathon gaming sessions.

The overall level of comfort of these PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets is one of their best features. They don’t quite approach the same level as an elite top shelf product, but they come remarkably close for a mid-tier headset.

PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets balance quality and affordability for a pleasing gaming experience

I would definitely recommend PDP Gaming LVL 50 wired headsets to any PlayStation 4 or Xbox One gamer looking for a quality headset that won’t break your budget. In particular, these headsets are remarkably comfortable and perfect for long gaming sessions. The sound quality is at least equal to any other headset in the same mid-tier range.

They lack advanced controls, but are easier to use for it. You won’t be scrambling around trying to find the correct dial for volume adjustment when your game is requiring attention at the same time. The quality of the hardware itself is sturdy, and these headsets should last well beyond the life of your console.

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