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We have all been spending the last couple of weeks walking everywhere to catch all the Pokémon we can with the new smash hit mobile app, Pokémon Go. The only thing better than playing the game, is playing with friends and the best way to do that is by throwing a Pokémon Go party. I’ve got some tips and some great gear to help your Pokémon Go party be the very best!

Before we get to the party, let’s first talk a little about Pokémon Go, here is a quick refresher on the phenomenon. Pokémon Go is the newest game in the long running and fan favourite Pokémon franchise from Nintendo. The game is available now on iOS and Android devices as a free download and is still the number one free app in both the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play Store. The app encourages the player to go out and find actual Pokémon, you find Pokémon in the virtual world based offed your actual location, as the app tracks your movements in you day to day life. Once found you must capture the Pokémon by throwing a PokéBall to trap it in an augmented reality moment where the you can see the Pokémon on your mobile device super imposed on the real world as seen by your devices camera.

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The game features the original 150 plus Pokémon, which hits even adults hard in the nostalgia department and being on smart phone makes it easy for everyone to play of all ages. For a great guide on playing the game and info some on great accessories (like Pokémon Go Plus) check out Paul’s article Pokémon Go: tips & accessories to make your Poké hunting easier and more fun, but enough about the game, let’s get to the Pokémon Go party!

Adventure is what Pokémon Go is all about

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The Pokémon games and anime have always been about going on an adventure with your Pokémon and your friends. With this in mind planning a great Pokémon Go party will require a little more work than your average weekend shindig. First off you will want to find a spot nearby that isn’t too far away but is public and has some PokéStops and gyms near by. This way you can have your friends meet up there, load up on supplies at the PokéStops, perhaps engage in a few gym battles and then go on a Pokémon hunt all the back to you party location. The great thing about this, means everyone really gets to take part in the Pokémon action and if you don’t have a great Pokémon party location, you get access to those things anyway.  Also some of the best places to catch the rarest Pokémon is out and about,  in parks, near land marks or monuments and so on.


Pro Party Tip #1: I’d take this opportunity to make a map with the meeting spot, the route you have planned, complete with all the PokéStops, gyms, Pokémon in the area and other helpful Pokémon tips, like a type guide and links ( in QR codes if you want to be extra awesome) to useful Pokémon Go websites. Some examples are listed below.

Pokémon Type Guide

https://pokevision.com/  PokeVision keeps track of near by Pokémon Spawn points

http://pogotoolkit.com Pokémon Go Evolution Calculator

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Pro Guest Tip: If you have been invited to a Pokémon Go Party, be sure to show your dedication and make the other guests jealous by dressing up as a Pokémon Trainer, sporting your favourite Pokémon kigurumi or any of your Pokémon gear and accessories.


Pro Party Tip #2: If your party is going to be stationary or are back at your party head quarters, you are definitely going to want to keep a Lure Module on a nearby PokéStop for the party duration or be sure to use some in game incense, since both these items will help attract more Pokémon for you to catch. Keep in mind the Lure Module will benefit every one, whereas the incense only helps who ever used it.

 Treat your Pokémon Go party HQ like a Pokémon Center for you and your friends

 Regardless of if you are returning from a Pokémon adventure or starting your festivities at your party location you want to make sure it would have everything your Pokémon trainer guests will need. Aside from the party staples like snacks, drinks and music, you’ll also want to make sure a few other things are taken care of as well.


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Pro Party Tip #3: If you have access to a Japanese grocery stores or plan well enough in advance (to order online) you can get some amazing Pokémon themed snacks and other goodies for your Pokémon trainer friends to enjoy.

Help your friends out with good wifi and charging stations

Just like any app on your smart phone, playing Pokémon Go constantly will eat up your devices power and data. This means you will want to have some charging stations set up for your friends to recharge their devices, complete with USB ports and extra cables. If you have friends like mine, they won’t bring their own cables. The Aluratek 4-Port USB Portable Charger is a great way to make this happen and it only takes up one electrical outlet.

Pro Party Tip #4: If you want to be the very best Pokémon Party host be sure to bring a power bank with you on your Pokémon hunt, as I’m sure at least one friend will need a charge on the go. They are usually pretty small and can charge almost any Pokémon Go device, just be sure to make sure the power bank itself is charged before you head out. This power bank, the TP-LINK 10000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank, is a great example of what you’d need.

Next you want to make sure you are providing adequate wifi coverage for all your guests, as Pokémon Go can only be played when you are connected to its servers and giving everyone a break on their data plan is better for their devices and wallets. If you are having a few close friends over your wifi router can probably handle it, however if you plan to be throwing the Pokémon Go party to rule them all, you will need a router like the Linksys Max-Stream Wireless AC5400 MU-MIMO Gigabit Router.

Pro Party Tip#5: Since your wifi network should be password protected, be sure to have your network name and password clearly displayed for your guests. Trust me answering the question of what’s your wifi password all night will get tedious and if it’s a little more secure of a password it can be easy to mess up when passed along verbally, especially with mobile device keyboards.

Don’t forget to get more Pokémon games in on the action 

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Be sure to encourage your friends to bring out their Nintendo 3DS’ or extra Nintendo GameCube controllers, to play the 3DS/DSgames and Super Smash Bros. Also clear off a table or two if your friends are into the Pokémon Trading Card game. Pokémon Go definitely compliments all the past Pokémon games, plus Smash Bros is always a great party game and features some of the most iconic Pokémon like Pikachu, Jigglypuff and more.

Pro Party Tip#6: To help create the perfect Pokémon ambience be sure to include some Pokémon music in your party playlist or even have some of the anime or movies playing in the background. I’m sure all your Pokémon trainer guests will appreciate it.

Is there anything you think I missed in my Pokémon Go party guide? Please let me know in the comments and be sure to let me know of any essential accessories or strategies you have for Pokémon hunting and training. Also be sure to keep track of your surrounding while playing, but most importantly have fun!

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