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EA Sports, after nearly three decades of FIFA-branded soccer games, is embarking on a new chapter with EA Sports FC 24. This rebranding of their flagship title signals a fresh start, breaking away from the familiar FIFA label. But does this new name represent a true evolution in soccer gaming, or is it merely the same game in a different kit?

Let’s take a look at the changes, improvements, and overall experience that EA Sports FC 24 offers and how it compares to previous games.

EA Sports FC 24 Details

Platform(s): PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One , PS4 and PC
Developer(s): EA Vancouver, EA Romania
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Genre: Sports
Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Navigating made easy in FC 24

The first noticeable change in EA Sports FC 24 is the absence of the FIFA branding, which immediately let you know and gives you that feeling that FC 24 is a fresh beginning. This rebranding effort is not limited to the surface; it extends to the game’s menus and interface, where a visual overhaul has taken place.

The once prominent, bulky blocks of previous seasons have been replaced by a cleaner, more intuitive list menu, featuring white text options with animated players in the background. This shift towards a cleaner design reflects EA’s desire to return to the basics and provide a more user-friendly interface for this new era.

Ultimate Team Revolution: a game-changer for squad building

Ultimate Team, a cornerstone of EA’s soccer games, undergoes a drastic change in EA Sports FC 24. The reimagining of this beloved mode introduces groundbreaking changes that redefine the way you build your dream squads. First and foremost is the inclusion of mixed-gender teams, a significant leap towards greater inclusivity and diversity. Now, you have the freedom to build your squads featuring both male and female athletes. This move empowers all that play the game to explore creative combinations, such as a strike partnership composed of male and female players, resulting in a more inclusive and exciting gaming experience.

With this monumental shift comes an adjustment in chemistry dynamics. The game adapts to this inclusivity by rewarding those who create teams with male-female pairings from the same nation, club, or country. I really like this change as it not only promotes realism but also provides a fresh strategic dimension to squad building. As a result, chemistry management in Ultimate Team becomes more engaging and complex, encouraging you to experiment with various combinations to optimize your squad’s chemistry.

EA Sports FC 24

Player evolutions

Another innovative addition to the mode is player evolutions, a feature similar to that of leveling up in role-playing games. These evolution cards allow you to permanently improve your selected athletes’ attributes and traits, enhancing their overall performance. However, unlocking these evolution cards requires fulfilling specific objectives, which adds an element of progression and accomplishment into the game.

As a result, this prospect of transforming your players into prized assets through these evolutions adds a depth and variety to squad development never seen before from EA Sports. Additionally, it enables you to potentially increase the value of your players for in-game trading and market activities.

EA Sports FC 24

Rewards and in-game economy

In terms of rewards and the in-game economy, EA Sports FC 24 has a balanced approach. You receive coins at regular intervals for completing objectives and achieving match performance milestones. This makes it a whole lot easier for those, like myself, to use the in-game currency rather than real-world money. Nevertheless, EA Sports FC 24 gives you options to gain quick team enhancements, offering premium packs that can be purchased with coins.

These packs come in various forms, such as premium gold packs and premium gold player packs, providing both choice and flexibility for all types of players. Although, the transfer market remains a viable alternative for acquiring players, allowing you to build competitive teams without the need to spend money.

Ultimate Team in EA Sports FC 24 represents a big change in the series, embracing inclusivity, diversity, and adding strategic depth. The introduction of mixed-gender teams and player evolutions really challenges you to explore new possibilities and experiment with unique squad choices. The game’s economic model, featuring regular coin rewards and accessible premium packs, strikes a balance between free and paid content.

Career mode tweaks for a more immersive experience

The career modes in EA Sports FC 24 have undergone a few noteworthy changes that allow for a more immersive experience. These updates make both the player and managerial careers feel fresh and engaging.

In the Player Career mode, you’re given the opportunity to create or select an existing player and guide their journey to stardom. It maintains the familiar elements of setting a player’s position and personality type, but the emphasis is on growth. As your player performs well in matches, hits objectives, and participates in training, their ratings improve. You can choose to control only your pro or take command of the entire team when your pro is on the field. While the core structure remains similar to FIFA 23, these improvements offer a streamlined and satisfying player career experience.

The Manager Career mode introduces changes to coaching, with a focus on team dynamics. Each aspect of the team, including goalkeeping, defense, midfield, and attack, has an ideal rating. Coaches now come with star ratings indicating their suitability for coaching specific areas. Coaches also have preferred styles of play. This requires you to match your coach’s philosophy with your team’s playing style for maximum benefit.

This strategic aspect adds depth to the managerial career, making your coaching choices a crucial factor in your team’s success. Moreover, coaches can improve over time as they spend more time with the team and players, further emphasizing the importance of managing your coaching staff effectively. While the menus and presentation maintain some familiarity, these tweaks in career modes add a fresh layer of depth and strategy to your managerial or player journey.

On the pitch: a dynamic and realistic gameplay experience

When you step onto the pitch in EA Sports FC 24, you’ll immediately notice the improvements in gameplay that enhance the overall soccer experience. The game retains its familiar look and stadium views, thanks to the various licenses it holds for professional leagues worldwide. However, the gameplay itself has undergone significant enhancements that bring authenticity to each match.

The standout feature, Hypermotion V, builds upon the success of its predecessor, Hypermotion2. This new technology utilizes volumetric data gathered from more than 180 real-world matches across the globe. This results in over 11 000 animations, nearly double the count in FIFA 23. These animations translate to smoother player movements, better reactions to each other and the ball, and more realistic player interactions.

Adding to the realism, players fall into one of seven different Accelerate 2 models, each with varying acceleration, speed, and sprint endurance. This differentiation impacts how players sprint and recover, making for varied and strategic gameplay. Referees, too, have been adjusted to allow for more leniency, resulting in fewer stoppages for fouls and a smoother flow to matches. Overall, the gameplay enhancements in EA Sports FC 24 bring soccer simulations closer to reality, making every match an immersive and dynamic experience for players and fans alike.

EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 marks a fresh start in the world of soccer video games

EA Sports FC 24 ushers in a new era in soccer video games. Even with the removal of the FIFA name, the game maintains its core elements. EA Sports has streamlined menus for easier navigation. One of the standout changes is the introduction of mixed-gender teams in Ultimate Team, a significant step toward inclusivity. Player evolutions add excitement to team management. The career modes, whether you prefer playing as an individual or managing a team, offer engaging experiences.

On the field, EA Sports FC 24 builds upon the success of its predecessor with Hypermotion V. It delivers a more realistic and immersive gameplay experience. Players move more fluidly and responsively, and the diversity of player styles adds depth to each match. While this rebranded game doesn’t completely reinvent the wheel, it brings enough changes to pique the interest of long-time fans and newcomers alike. The enhancements in Ultimate Team and on-field gameplay demonstrate EA Sports’ dedication to keeping the franchise up to date.

EA Sports FC 24 may not represent a revolution, but I feel it’s a solid evolution of the franchise. EA has ensured that soccer gaming continues to be an exciting and immersive experience for everyone.

+ Ultimate Team’s mixed-gender teams and player evolutions add depth and diversity
+ Innovative features like Playstyles and HyperMotionV enhance gameplay
+ On-pitch improvements with smoother player animations provide a more immersive soccer simulation

– Career mode lacks significant updates and feels somewhat confusing


Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics: 4/5
Sound: 4/5
Lasting Appeal/Replayability: 4/5

Overall Rating 4/5 (80%)

Purchase EA Sports FC 24 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4

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