One of the best zombie games ever made gets a sequel

Three years after Dying Light, Techland announced Dying Light 2 at Microsoft’s briefing conference on Monday. The post-apocalyptic world is in full chaos. From infected, but also from humans. By building your narrative story based on every choice you make, player’s experience will differ from the others and replay value is almost infinite.

What I love about Dying Light 2 is that the whole city is parkour playground. You can jump on building platforms, slide under barriers, grab window edges, jump on ropes to land on the ground. Doing all this uses stamina. Be careful. Being exhausted when infected run at you isn’t the best strategy to survive.

When deep and tactical melee combat is part of the action, day and night duality is at the core of the gameplay mechanic. Infected avoid light at all cost and comes out in hordes at night. If you need to cross a nest, avoid dragging attention by waving your flashlight at them. This shifts the rules of gameplay and change the way we complete missions.

Players’ choices affect the narrative and setting of the game

The interesting part of Dying Light 2 is the way players live their own story. You are the new guy in town and need to build your reputation based on your actions. To keep the peace and live a colourful experience, you need peacekeeper’s respect. They will let you go into restricted areas and help fulfill your missions.

On the other hand, cutting a deal with bad guys will modify the outcome of the game. The city will turn to shred, citizens are starving and there’s no fresh water running from the fountain. But, you’ll get a cut from all mercenaries’ work and you’ll get rich. Basically, you get to decide if the city survives, or if you build chaos.

In co-op mode, players visit the host’s game. It’s a cool way see how your friend’s decisions affects his city. You’ll see things from a different perspective and have a totally fresh experience. The map is four times bigger than all Dying Light maps combined, so there’s a lot to explore.

Stay tuned for the release announcement of Dying Light 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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  1. This game isn’t usually what I go for, but I’m intrigued by the narrative options. Im excited to see more as we get closer to launch!

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