Sony. press conference 2023

Sony’s focus at the CES 2023 press conference was gaming, and they detailed how they are making your gaming experiences as real to life as possible. They also unveiled a new prototype of the Honda Sony concept car. Here’s a highlight reel of the CES 2023 Sony press conference.

CES 2023 Sony press conference

First look Gran Turismo movie Sony CES 2023

Sony kicked things off by talking about their partnerships and purchases over the past year. They focused on purchases like Pixmondo and how many of their Sony video games are heading to the big screen. In partnership with PlayStation Productions, Sony Pictures are developing game-related movies. A specific example was the Gran Turismo movie, in theatres this summer, and they discussed how the filmmakers used Sony AI tech to bring it to life as a movie.

First look gran turismo movie Sony Playstation

It’s a film about how a teen gamer, living in his parent’s basement, becomes the ultimate racer. It will feel like Gran Turismo, but it’s also a story that has the power to connect people to the game in new ways.

Evolution of entertainment experiences

Sony talked with creators to see how they can work in the virtual world and bring entertainment to that universe. They spoke about movies, games, and music, and how they are exploring new spaces and ways people can engage in physical and virtual venues. They are creating prototypes you can enjoy from anywhere with your own avatar, and it will be a ‘live’ experience where you can interact with friends. If you’re watching sports, you can even interact with the team.

PlayStation VR 2

PSVR2 Release date and pre order copy

Available for pre-order right now, PSVR2 is a  new generation of virtual reality. There are more than 30 games on track for the launch date of February 22nd, 2023 and they will include No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil. Beatsaver will also be coming to PSVR2.

You can learn more about the PSVR2 from this article on the Best Buy blog. PSVR2 will have an OLED display with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye. The headset has 90Hz, 120Hz refresh rate and approximately 110 degrees field of view. Other features include a six-axis motion sensing system with three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer. There are also 4 embedded cameras for headset and controller tracking​ as well as an IR camera for eye tracking.

Project Leonardo

Project Leonardo accessibility software for PS5

There is a new PS5 controller kit that will let gamers with disabilities access PlayStation 5 in better ways. It’s customizable, works out of the box, and has swappable components.

PlayStation 5

first look psvr2

Sony appreciates the support for PS5, and this past December was the biggest month ever for PS5 console sales. They’ve sold 30 million units to consumers worldwide. Starting now, PS5 will be more available to anyone who wants to own one.

Sony Honda joint venture

Sony Honda Afeela car ces 2023

Sony has partnered with Honda to transform the mobility space into a moving entertainment space. They aspire to create an open ecosystem and want to write a new chapter in the history of how people move.

Today, they unveiled the new electric car prototype Afeela. They designed the prototype with 45 cameras and sensors inside and outside the car. It can detect the driver’s status including medical conditions to prevent crashes. It will also drive autonomously while providing movies, games, and music right in the car.

Epic games and Qualcomm collaboration

The Unreal Engine has been used by Sony to create games, movies, and concerts. Epic is passionate about cars, and they are working with Honda and Sony to bring entertainment to the Afeela. They want to enhance the driver experience and have it evolve over time. Sony has also partnered with Qualcomm to bring connected technology to the car.

Sony press conference at CES 2023

sony press conference 2023

Although there was speculation that Sony would announce new TVs as well as new true wireless earbuds, neither of those materialized at the Sony press conference. After watching I think that’s understandable considering everything they did announce, and there’s a lot to be excited about from Sony this year.

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