The PlayStation VR offers an experience unlike no other. It has amazing games and the support for it is growing each day. However, if you are looking to get the most out of the PSVR you’ll want to consider getting some accessories.

I’ve put together a list of a few accessories below that will help you get the most out of Sony’s VR headset and allow you to enjoy it well into the future.

PSVRPlayStation Move Motion Controller – 2 Pack

If you want to accurately track your movement in 3D space, you’ll want to pickup a two pack of these controllers. The PlayStation Move Motion Controllers use the PS Camera to determine their spatial positioning. Not only will you get accurate 3D tracking; you’ll experience enhanced gameplay by using these controllers.

There are many games available for PS VR that use one or two PlayStation Move Controllers. Immediately, you’ll notice the motion control detection of the PS Move Controllers is exceptionally well. Games like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood make great use of the PS Move Controllers by allowing you to fire and dodge the beasties who attack you with ease.

Another game that really shines when using the PS Move Controllers is Skyrim VR. When using these controllers, you are able to swing your hands during combat. It makes the experience that much more thrilling and immersive. Other notable games include Superhot, Job Simulator, Symphony of the Machine, Ace Banana, Batman Arkham VR, and Raw Data.

PSVRPSVR Aim Controller

Since launch, there are more and more shooter games that have been released on the PSVR. However, nothing is as immersive as Farpoint—the PSVR’s first full-length boots-on-the-ground shooter. At the same time Farpoint launched, Sony released the PSVR Aim Controller.

This peripheral was made specifically to maximize immersion in VR shooters. It’s light and ergonomic to hold, and most importantly gives you a sense of immersion and presence unlike anything I have experienced before. By using the PlayStation Camera, the Aim Controller tracks your movements in 3D space with 1:1 precision.

Shift your hands left or right, and in-game you’ll see your character move their gun exactly as you do. Standard FPS tactics like tilt shooting and blind-firing are all performed intuitively using the controller with no extra buttons needed. It’s absolutely stunning how accurate the experience is, and without a doubt the closest I’ve ever felt to “being there.”

You can get both Farpoint and the PSVR Aim Controller in a special PlayStation VR Aim Controller Farpoint Bundle. You can also use the PSVR Aim controller with Bravo Team, DOOM VFR, Arizona Sunshine, Dick Wilde, and more.

PSVRCollective Minds PS4 VR Charging Stand

Storing your PlayStation VR headset can be a little tricky. Not to mention, storing your PS Move Controllers, DualShock 4, and headset. Luckily, the Collective Minds PS4 VR Charging Stand can take care of all your PlayStation VR storage needs.

It’s sturdy, yet light weight. You can charge and store two DualShock 4 controllers, and two PS Move Controllers all at the same time. All with just one plug that goes into your wall! The amount of cords and mess you save by using this charging stand is well worth its already economical price.

The PlayStation VR headset sits nice and snug atop and the base is sturdy to ensure that your headset will be safe. And, as an added bonus, there is room to store and charge your PSVR Aim Controller. Pretty much, the Collective Minds PS4 VR Charging Stand is the only item you will ever need to safely store and charge your PS VR and accessories.

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    The Collective Minds PS4 VR Charging Stand fully supports both models of the PSVR and all Move controllers.

  2. Will the Collective Minds PS4 VR Charging Stand support the PSVR V2 and new Move controllers (i.e. are the connections to power the Move controllers compatible?

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