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If you can’t have trackside or poolside tickets to the biggest sports events this summer, the next best thing is to bring the action home. You can do that by setting up a home theatre space with a big screen, great audio, and a few must-have devices to create ambiance and set a big event mood.

With just a few improvements, you can create a spot where everyone will want to watch big sports events or games.

The best home theatre essentials for sports

Setting up your home theatre for sporting events is slightly different than setting it up as a place to just watch movies or TV shows. There are a few essentials you’ll need to choose from, and a few must-have summer items you may not have thought of.

The latest TVs give you a poolside seat

trackside seats home theatre sports

You won’t feel as though you have a front-row seat or poolside ticket if your TV isn’t capable of creating an immersive experience. If you want to make the most of sporting events this summer, upgrading your TV is a priority.

The latest TVs are available in 4K or 8K and have technology like Mini-LED or OLED for a sharp picture and brilliant colour palette. For sporting events, the best TVs to choose have a speedy refresh rate of at least 120Hz and wide viewing angles. With a fast refresh rate, meaning it can refresh at a rate of 120 times per second, you’ll never experience motion blur at a critical moment in the event. Wide viewing angles will give everyone in the room the best seat in the house and make them feel like they are sitting trackside or in the middle of the action.

Turn up the volume with the best home audio

 audio for sporting events

Your new TV will have immersive picture quality for every event you watch. Your home audio should have the same quality. To take your home audio to the next level you can add home audio components like soundbars, home theatre speakers, subwoofers, and home theatre receivers.

You can choose wired speakers to give you a solid connection to your receiver or TV, or wireless speakers to offer more freedom for placement. There are four, five, and more channel systems so you can place speakers all around the room. Whichever type you choose, you’ll have loud, clear audio for every event you watch.

Media streamers make streaming easy

If you don’t have a Smart TV with built-in apps for watching sports or movies, you can add a media streamer to your home theatre. The latest media streams offer one-tap access to your favourite apps including Netflix, YouTube, and more. You can also download apps to keep up with the latest event standings and follow along on social media updates right on your TV.

Get the big screen experience with a projector

Projector for home theatre

You’ll feel just like you’re watching from the sidelines when you set up a projector in your home theatre. It’s one of the best ways to watch sporting events, and you can do so on the biggest screen possible. The latest projectors offer crisp colours and a clear picture, connect to Wi-Fi for media streaming, and can take up an entire wall in your home theatre. For a better idea of what to look for in a projector, take a look at the projector buying guide.

Add ambiance to your home theatre

smart display home theatreHaving a well-set-up home theatre is the next best thing to being at your favourite summer sporting event. Adding a bit of atmosphere to your home theatre is as easy as choosing a few smart devices or a comfortable couch.

Chat with friends and family on a smart display

If your friends and family can’t watch the big game with you, you can bring them trackside by having a smart display & speaker by your side. A smart display lets you take video calls or voice calls from loved ones so you can experience sporting events together.

Get comfortable on home theatre furniture

seating home theatreA couch is just a couch, but home theatre furniture is the only way to get truly comfortable for every event you watch. Home theatre furniture is designed for relaxing and gives everyone their own seat where they can kick back, recline, and have a dedicated spot to hold their favourite drink.

Smart lights set the mood

Your TV will set the tone for an immersive experience in your home theatre, but it’s smart lights that will create the proper mood for whatever you’re watching. Smart lights and switches can sync with your TV to mimic the action on screen or just provide natural or coloured light to create an atmosphere that’s perfect for sporting events.

Air conditioning keeps you cool


Your favourite team and must-watch players don’t take a break just because it gets hot outside, and you won’t have to either. When the temperatures rises in your home theatre or when the action on-screen gets intense, you won’t even break a swear with a window air conditioner or portable air conditioner near you. Set one up in your home theatre now and you’ll be ready for every sporting event.

Fans create a cool breeze

Even if you have an air conditioner, well-placed fans are a must-have in your home theatre. Pair a few fans with an air conditioner and you can provide a cool blast of air to everyone in the room. There is a large variety to choose from depending on your space, and you can pick tabletop fans, tower fans, and fans with a remote control so you can turn them off and on from across the room.

Vault into the action, right in your living room

When you set your home theatre up for sports, every event will feel just like you’re there in the stands witnessing it for yourself. Best Buy has everything you need to keep cool this summer while watching the best sporting events, so take a look at all of the TVs, home theatre audio components, and devices to keep you cool and connected.



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