Hisense helps you feel the joy of the game. Watching sports at home on a Hisense TV or projector will do a great job of approximating the intensity and emotion of the stadium experience. They bridge that gap between stadium-watched vs. home-watched sports events with remarkable cutting edge technology like the new QLED Mini-LED screens. Enter this contest and you might be one of the two winners of a new Hisense 55″ 4K UHD HDR QLED Mini-LED Smart Google TV. In addition, you might win the ultimate sport experience: a trip for two to Indianapolis for the ultimate in fun, enjoyable sporting events, the 2024 All-Star game.

Hisense TVs are built for storytelling

Few of us get to experience our favourite sporting events at the stadium. Oh, you might get to attend a handful of games in a season, but mostly, we watch them on television. On a great TV, like the newest models from Hisense, we can do more than just watch sports—we can experience them. Hisense is one of the first TV brands to incorporate amazing Mini-LED technology for brighter colours and deeper blacks than previously possible. Quantum Dot displays have been around long enough to prove how great they are for displaying amazing colours. However, with Mini-LEDs the TV is capable of more selective control of the brightness.

We recently published Shelly’s review of the Hisense QLED Mini-Led TV (part of the prize for this contest), and she discusses the brilliant display, the intuitive operating system, and many other features. From that review you can tell that it is great for anything you watch, including sports. The action in games like basketball is fast and intense, and the players, coaches, and even the fans in the crowd are living their dreams each and every game. On a great TV, like the one we are giving away in this contest, you can see it on their faces; you can feel their intensity, feel their passion, and feel their pain.

The NBA, like all sports, is more than a collection of games to be won and lost. They are a collection of amazing stories. Each game is a chapter in each player’s journey, and contributes to each team’s legacy. These amazing stories become part of our lives. We fans continue to tell these amazing stories over and over. From the rumours about draft picks to the final bell of the championship game, these stories captivate us, motivate us, and very often inspire us. And the best players, like those you will see at the All-Star game, continue to inspire us long after they stop playing.

NBA All-Star game is a celebration of the joy of sports

You might have guessed from the first section of this article that I am a sports fan. I attend games in person when I can, but love watching sports at home too. And I have tons of joyful sports related memories: from a fun Kamloops trip while playing basketball in high-school … to welcoming the NBA in Vancouver. These joyful sporting moments are a part of me—part of my personal story.

I would love to attend an All-star Game for many reasons. First of all, travelling to and experiencing the host city during All-Star weekend would be magical. One of my favourite sports memories was attending the first regular season game of the Vancouver Grizzlies in Vancouver in the mid 1990s. I watched every other televised Grizzlies game that I could … and loved it despite having a small, terrible TV. The crazy thing about the 2024 All-Star game is that I might actually get to see some of my favourite players from back then. Obviously, I would get to witness the amazing talents of the best of the best currently playing. But I would also get to see some of the best from the past. If I could win this contest (and I can’t since I’ll be selecting the winner!) and get to travel to Indianapolis for the All-Star game, I would hope to get to see the greatest Pacer ever, Reggie Miller. Now that would be a very joyful sports story.

Think about the importance of sports in your life then enter for your chance to win this incredible prize from Hisense and Best Buy.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in three different ways.

  1. In a comment below, tell us one of your sports related joyful memories, and name one current or former NBA player that you would hope to see if you win the trip to the All-Star Game
  2. In a comment below Shelly’s review article, tell us two things that you learned about Hisense and/or their new Mini-Led TV from her article.
  3. Social post: For one additional entry, create a public post on a social media channel sharing with your friends and followers that you are entering a Best Buy blog contest for a chance to win a Hisense TV and a trip to the NBA All-Star game. Include the hashtag #HisenseNBABestBuyContest, so we can find your post, and include any picture from this contest page. Then return here and tell us in a comment below on which channel you posted it and the name of your channel (since many people use pseudonyms) so that we can check and verify your entry. You can use any social media channel (X, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Thread, LinkedIn, etc.), but the post must be public so we can verify it is there.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select two winners from all eligible entries. Each of these winners will get a new Hisense 55″ 4K UHD HDR QLED Mini-LED Smart Google TV and a trip for the winner and a guest (trip for two) to Indianapolis to enjoy the 2024 NBA All-Star game and related events. For complete prize details, please read the complete contest rules and regulations.

This contest runs from November 14th, 2023 to Jan 2nd, 2024.

Remember you can enter in three different ways as discussed above. Ask your friends and family to help you win. We do a lot of amazing contests on the Best Buy blog, but this kind of amazing opportunity to explore Hisense and attend a dream sporting event doesn’t happen every day. Carpe diem! Tell everyone you know.

Hisense TV and NBA All-Star Game contest rules and regulations

Good Luck

Martin Renaud
Editor in Chief
Martin loves working with the talented editors and writers on the Best Buy Blog as Editor-in-Chief. During his spare time he is either working on his next novel, cooking up a masterpiece in the kitchen, or adding some smart tech to his new home on Mayne Island in British Columbia.


  1. I loved going to see the Raptors play the Chicago Bulls in their very first season. It was so great to see the Raptors play in their first year.
    I’d love to see Steph Curry at the All Star Game. An amazing player.

  2. Going to Lucha LIbre in Mexico City was a memorable and extremely fun sports adventure. If I were to go to the NBA All-Star Game, it sounds common to say, but I’d love to see Michael Jordan. Alternatively, Steph Curry would be cool to see.

  3. Recent sports memory would be the buzzer beater in game 7 with the raptors – that was legendary.

    I’d love to see Pascal play in person 🙂

  4. My all time favourite sports moment was last year when I was in Scotiabank arena for my very first leafs play off game! The energy was like nothing I’ve ever seen in the building, it was intense. I am crossing my fingers we get to experience it again this season. I would like to see Kyle Lowry play, even if he’s no longer a Raptor he’s still one of my favourite players.

  5. My favorite sports memory was when the Toronto Raptors and the Cleveland Cavaliers came to St. John’s in 2004 to play a pre season game. I couldn’t believe Lebron and VC were actually warming up right in front of me. Unfortunately, they ended up cancelling the game due to condensation on the court. At least I got to see those 2 legends shoot some 3’s in warm up. Would love to attend the NBA All-Star game in hopes to see them again.

  6. Favorite memory, attending one of the 1993 World Series home games for the Blue Jays. Sheer pandemonium.

    Would love to meet Michael Jordan.

  7. Got to meet Wayne Gretzky when I was a kid in Edmonton, AB.
    I would be awesome to Michael Jordan or LeBron James!

  8. My favourite memory is the Raptors winning the NBA championship. I would love to meet Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or LeBron James

  9. Id like to meet Michael Jordan!!! Hmmm or nikola jokic!

    Fav sports memory was when they first opened the ottawa senators canadian tire center(palladium back then) and I went to the gane with my dad

  10. I would like to say that my most joyful sports related memory was running into Wayne Gretzky back in the 80’s. That was exciting, but my most joyful sports related memory is much more recent and not so famous. It was this summer when my husband finally got his first hole in one.

  11. 1. My favourite memory was Raptors winning the NBA Championship!
    2. If I won the trip to the All-Star Game I would hope to see Michael Jordan!

  12. my favourite memory is when the Raptors won the playoffs in 2019 and everyone in Toronto was out celebrating.
    Would love to see Siakum!

  13. One of my favourite memories is forever immortalized on the internet. I was visiting my parents and my Mum took a picture of my dad and I in our jerseys. It was a Lakers/Spurs playoff game. I had my Tim Duncan jersey on and my dad had his Shaquille O’Neal jersey on. My Mum took a few photos and later my Dad discovered that on the TV, it looked like Tim Duncan was grabbing me and smelling me. I submitted it online and it went viral. If you look up “Tim Duncan Photobomb”, you’ll see it. It means a lot to me even more since my Dad has now been gone 2 years. I’d love to see Victor Wembanyama at the all star game, but I don’t know if he’ll make the team this year. I’d obviously love to see retired Tim Duncan, as he is still my favourite player ever. I do know he’s kind of a quiet guy though, so I don’t know if he’ll be present. So, I’d really love to see De’Aaron Fox of the Kings, or LeBron James of the Lakers.

  14. Super beau concours Best Buy , Mon meilleur souvenir était la victoire des Raptors au championnat NBA. J’adorerais rencontrer Michael Jordan !

  15. WOW! Magnifique prix, Mon souvenir NBA préféré est de voir les Dirk Mavericks jouer contre les Heatles à Miami le jour de l’An. J’adorerais rencontrer mon héros Dirk lors du week-end des étoiles !
    Je me croise les doigts!!!

  16. It’s a hockey memory lol but seeing Canucks games as a child with my family and cousins were always a highlight. I’d love to see Siakum in the All Star game.

  17. My son and I have recently started following the Raptors. We would like to see Siakum in the all star game!

  18. I was lucky enough to live in Vancouver when the Grizzlies were in town. If I were lucky enough to go to Indianapolis, I would love to see Jamal Murray or Le Bron James.

  19. My favourite NBA memory is seeing the Dirk Mavericks play the Heatles in Miami on New Years Day. I would love to run into my hero Dirk at the all-star weekend!

  20. Mon souvenir préféré était la victoire des Raptors de Toronto au championnat NBA. J’aimerais rencontrer Shaquille O’Neal,

  21. The Raptors winning the championship in 2019 was one of my best sports memories. Aside from a Raptor player, I’d like to see Giannis Antetokounmpo at the all star game.

  22. Attending my first F. C. Barcelona vs Real Madrid with a friend is one of my favourite memories. I’d love to see MJ in person, if he shows up.

  23. My favourite sports memory was attending a Canucks game with dad for the first time. My sisters surprised us with front row tickets at Christmas. He and I had a great time and we got to see Vancouver win (I won’t say which year it was, but it was one of Vancouver’s rougher seasons… lol). I’d love to see Shaq at the All Star game, roaming the sidelines and interviewing the current players. He was always one of my favourite players and it would be cool to see how big he is in person.

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