Mission speakersYou’ve been thinking about improving your audio experience in your life, and looking at various speakers to upgrade the sound. One acoustic engineering (also known as a speaker manufacturer) company that you may not have heard of is Mission Electronics. Here’s a quick look at Mission and what they offer.

History of Mission Speakers

You needed to be a disco era teen to witness the birth of Mission Electronics. They came into existence in 1977 and have been an award-winning UK speaker manufacturer since then. Though they began in the UK, Mission is now an international acoustic engineering company. And unlike other speaker companies, Mission is singularly focused. They make speakers and that is it. Lucky for them they make great speakers. Here’s a quick look at some of the speaker they offer.

Sound Bar and subwoofer

The Mission MSB21 is a good solution for a home theatre sound system in a smaller space. The sound bar has an incorporated receiver (the brains of your sound system) and it sits directly under your television. It takes up very little space while still creating a room-filling sound. The wireless subwoofer delivers the low end of sound. You need to keep in mind that the wireless aspect refers to the connection between the sound bar and the subwoofer. You’ll still need a power outlet for the subwoofer.

Bookcase speakers

You’re entering into the world of premium sound in your entertainment space, but you don’t want to allocate floor space to speakers? The Mission LX-2+ 100-Watt Bookshelf Speakers are the solution. With a little (or a lot) of speaker wire, you can connect this pair of speakers to your audio receiver and place them on your bookcases or shelves. And if you decide later to have them on their own, you can pop them onto their own stands.

Tower speakers

Your journey to full audiophile is coming along nicely. So it’s time to add stand-alone tower speakers. The Mission LX-5 200-Watt 3-Way Tower Speakers take up their own spots in your entertainment space. But luckily, they are visually as well as technologically impressive. You would need to put some thought into the overall layout of your space when you add these to the mix. A great pair of speakers won’t do much if they are shoved in a corner behind a giant potted plant.

Centre Channel Speaker

Don’t forget the middle! For home theatre purposes, a centre channel speaker like the Mission LX-C 100-Watt 2-Way Centre Channel Speaker is essential. Why? Because all the dialogue and vocal sound from whatever you’re watching is meant to go to its own dedicated centre channel speaker. Otherwise, the vocals are split evenly between left and right. Though that split trick works well enough when you’re in the sweet spot between the two speakers, you’ll get much better sound with the correct speaker added in.


I hear you asking about the low end. You need the bass. Well, here it comes. The Mission MS-200 10″ 250-Watt Powered Subwoofer is about a foot and a half tall, and it will rumble the room if you turn the volume up high. So you may want to check with your downstairs neighbours before fully embracing the bass.

Chris Loblaw
Chris is a novelist, avid gamer, tech enthusiast, and proud dad of a 13-year-old video game master.