Toshiba sound bar contest prize imageOne of the easiest ways to improve the sound of movie and TV shows in your home is to get a sound bar like the one from Toshiba we are giving away in this contest. Sometimes a simple solution is all you need. And what could be simpler then plugging it into your televisions HDMI port for instant amazing audio. Sound bars are extremely popular because many people want to improve the sound from their television without having to fuss with multiple components of a full audio system. There are a huge variety of them, with a range of features. Enter this contest for a chance to win one, and check out the full range of sound bars at Best Buy.

How can you improve your home theatre

Here are a few things you can do to improve the movie or TV experience in your home:

  1. Buy a new TV: okay this is the most obvious and one that many people do at this time of year. Why now? Fall is when most new TV shows launch and when many of the big sporting seasons either begin (hockey, basketball, and my favourite, football) or, and I’m thinking of baseball especially, end and announce their champion.
  2. Improve the viewing experience around the TV: As Shelly discusses in the article that I linked to here, with the TV as the hub, the rest of the room can be enhanced in many ways to improve your home theatre. You could mount the TV, get amazing home theatre seating, or add some smart lighting. Or perhaps a new popcorn machine is all you need in your home!
  3. Boost the audio: some televisions produce pretty good sound on their own, but amazing sound often requires add-on speakers.

Point number three in that list leads me to the important point of this article. You don’t need a degree in audio engineering to improve the sound in your home. Even the simplest audio solution, a sound bar, can make a huge difference. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

How to set up a sound bar in your home

Most sound bars are designed to set up quickly, usually with a single HDMI cable connected to the television and a power cable plugged into the electrical outlet. The Toshiba SBX-1020 is a great example of a simple audio enhancement for any TV watching situation. It’s quite small, to easily fit beneath most televisions. It’s a single component, so you aren’t concerned with placement of other components (like a subwoofer, for example). It’s also multi-functional, enabling you to also send audio to it from your mobile device over Bluetooth.

There are fancier sound bars with more built-in speakers and enhanced audio capabilities, even Dolby Atmos. Even those sound bars setup very easily though. When shopping for a sound bar, you should look at the range of options available within your price range and decide which model will best work in your home. For example, my living room has a high angled ceiling and Atmos just doesn’t work well. So, I’d focus on a sound bar without that feature. For my bedroom though, the Toshiba prize offered in this contest would be perfect!

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once. In a comment below, tell us what you would like to add to your home theatre to make your movie or TV watching experience better.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will randomly select one winner to receive a new Toshiba SBX-1020 sound bar. 

This contest runs from September 3rd to September 16th.

Remember you can only enter once in a comment below. However, your friends would likely love to win a new sound bar so share this contest so they too have a chance.

Win a Toshiba Sound Bar Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck


  1. “Who are they looking for?” “Wait, what did she say?” “Go back! I didn’t hear it!” – Me, to my wife. Please spare her the pain.

  2. I currently don’t have a tv, I just use a monitor and the sound quality is horrid, and very quiet. I’m expecting a baby in December and not that I’m off work, I find I’m watching alot more television. The sound bar would greatly improve the quality, and I could listen to music more enjoyably!

  3. This would great to add to my bedroom TV. The sound bouches off the wall and I have to keep turning the TV up to hear it. I work evenings, in health care, and I am not watching my other TV when I get home at 12:45 am. My landlord complaines when the TV is to loud at night. This will help me to keep the volume down.

  4. Wow what an amazing opportunity! I would love to add these to my new living room. We just moved and our old Soundbar was ready to retire – this would be such an excellent addition to our family movie nights! We are working our way through the Marvel Catalog Chronologically!

  5. I’d like to add some reclining theatre seating to my home theatre to make my movie & TV watching experience better.

  6. I would love to have this as an addition to my Television/movie watching experience. I am an avid pop culture movie collector and have several hundred DVDs

  7. It would be great to add a sound bar to the house. I got rid of the old surround because it was bulky and in the way of my dogs. I have looked at them but I don’t really have that much help with electronics but….if I won the sound bar the incentive would definitely be there!

  8. I’d love to win Toshiba I only have sound from my Tv seekers and honestly I can’t hear well and I can’t have a fan on or my a/c unit on while watching because I can’t hear the Tv so I have to make the choice be hot and watch tv or not watch be amazing to just watch Tv the winter it’s the same with the heat..can’t win…I can’t afford to just go out and get fun toys to improve ,so this opportunity would be an amazing gift..Thank you best buy for helping someone out..good luck to everyone

  9. I would be thrilled and so grateful to win the amazing quality of the Toshiba sound-bar in your contest to improve the quality and experience of my home theatre. Toshiba brand is awesome and delighted that Bestbuy always offers incredible products. Thanks for the chance to win #Bestbuy

  10. Oh Man, it would be a great advance in my living room, since the TV I have does not have good sound, and so I could enjoy the movies with my family, the Toshiba SBX-1020 has good connectivity and can be connected to bluetooth. We want it.

  11. I would like to have a new sound bar as I just had to replace my TV as mother nature blew mine up. Got the LG smart 55″ and a new sound bar would look really nice with it.

  12. I moved to my new home and this sound bar will be a great addition to my living room. I can have excellent sound quality while watching movies and binge watching my favorite shows.

  13. In addition to this sound bar (since I sadly only have my TV’s internal speakers), I’d love to upgrade my current TV to make my TV/movie watching experience better! It’s pretty old now and I’m definitely due to something better.

  14. Wow, this sound bar would be such a HUGE upgrade to my current TV set-up! A nice smart TV would also be great 🙂

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