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Picture a party in your home, with friends and family enjoying a spectacular sporting event that all can see and enjoy thanks to a BenQ 4K projector. Many sports are returning and games are launching making autumn the perfect time to get a projector. For many people, including me, it’s football season. And football season has already begun with some incredible games … none more so than the first Monday night match between the Ravens and the Raiders. But there is so much more to fall: a huge selection of great video games come out in the fall including Fifa 2022! Enter this contest and you might win a Tk700sti projector as shown above to share with your family and friends.

BenQ projectors deliver entertainment in a big way

Movies, games, and sports are the biggest forms of entertainment—better when enjoyed on a big screen. One challenge with big screens that BenQ addresses with the TK700sti is screen resolution: it’s a 4K projector! That means your 4K movie collection will look amazing, even when projected on a huge wall in your home. We’ve missed out on that big theatre movie experience for the past year or so; but, a BenQ 4k projector means you never have to again.

black widow DVDInvite some friends, make a ton of popcorn, and enjoy one of the new movies that has just been released on 4K as it was supposed to be enjoyed. For example, the Black Widow 4k DVD just arrived at Best Buy. I can’t wait to see this movie but I would prefer to have a theatre-like viewing event for a Marvel action movie. Similarly there are many more amazing movies coming out this fall (like a bunch of new Ryan Reynolds films!) that are totally worth throwing a screening party for. The bigger the screen, the bigger the party!


Gaming like never before

forza horizon 5Imagine Forza Horizon 5 played in 4K on a screen so large you will forget where you are and feel like you really are racing through the deserts of Mexico. This game will arrive on November 9 so you have lots of time to improve your home theatre by then.

fifa 2022 arrives at Best Buy There’s less time for Fifa 2022 though; it arrives at Best Buy on October 1st. This is a crowd favourite, so invite a crowd to play, and to cheer. First make sure you are ready … this is a big game and everyone will love playing it on one of the new consoles capable to delivering the action and excitement in brilliant 4K!

And speaking of sports, didn’t I mention at the top that football is back. Yes, NFL style football has returned, and the season promises to be epic. Look over the schedule of your favourite fall sport and find the date with the best match-up; then, virtually circle that date on your phone’s calendar, and plan to have an awesome viewing party. Wouldn’t it just be sweet to have already won this contest by then? Yes it would be … but first you must enter. Here’s how.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter up to four (4) times in four different places:

  1. Visit the BenQ Tk700sti product page at Best Buy and find the feature you like best in the information section. In one comment below, tell us 1. what that feature is, 2. why it’s your favourite, and 3. what movie or game you would like to show at a viewing party in your home using this projector. All 3 items must appear in the same comment for your entry to be valid.
  2. benq contest imageFor up to three (3) additional entries, create a public post on a social media channel (one entry per channel!) telling your friends and followers that you are entering to win a BenQ 4K projector from the Best Buy blog; include the hashtag #BenQProjectorContest and a picture of the blog contest like that shown here. Then return here and tell us in a comment below on which channel you posted it and the name of your channel (since many people use pseudonyms) so that I can check and verify your entry. You can use any social media channel (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc) but the post must be public so we can check it out.

In total you can enter four times: once with a comment below telling us about the projector, and three times with a comment below telling us on which social media channels you posted about the contest using the hashtag #BenQProjectorContest.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select one winner from all eligible entries posted in the blog comments to receive a new BenQ Tk700sti 4K projector.

This contest runs from Sept 16th until September 29th.

Remember you can enter up to four times following the directions above. Don’t miss your chance to win this amazing projector. Also, encourage your family and friends to visit the Best Buy blog regularly for great articles and lots of contests.

Win a BenQ 4K projector Rules and Regulations

Good Luck


  1. My favorite feuture is that it has 4k resolution. I am a serious gamer and this is very important to me. I would play hitman 2 with it.

  2. 1) Wifi Connectivity
    2) The wifi feature would bring movie/game nights to the next level. We’d be able to easily connect our devices to watch or play whatever we want. It would also make it easier to watch outdoor movies in the backyard.
    3) The first movie we’d watch is In the Heights or Justice League

  3. 1) Potential screen size of 30″ – 300″ provides a clear view for everyone in the room
    2) Who doesn’t want a bigger screen for a more realistic theatre experience at home?
    3) Any live sports and the Lord of the Rings movies

  4. 1) 10000:1 dynamic contrast ratio expands the contrast range to provide realistic picture quality
    2) Sharp, detailed pictures are really important to me and make viewing much more pleasant
    3) Any of the Lord of the Rings or Star Trek movies

  5. 1) Wi-Fi connectivity
    2) It is a big deal for me. I have my room setup far from my router so it need wireless
    3) Oct is coming up so I need to do a Halloween movie marathon

  6. Favourite feature is available size of 30”-300” I love this feature because it offers so much variety of location to use this projector! I would love to play resident evil games on this projector, the jump scares of the big screen would be incredible!

  7. 1, Best feature: 3000lm white and colour brightness means bright image with overall good picture quality and vibrant colours.

    2. I am a big gamer, so it’s important for me to have amazing visuals. Being able to view games the way they are meant to be, with no lag and clarity is vital to my experience.

    3. I am looking forward to playing Far Cry 6 on this, coming out October 7.

  8. 1. Potential screen size of 30″ – 300″ provides a clear view for everyone in the room

    2. great versatility in size for any room or space… even the side of the house!

    3. Definitely the Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut on PS5!

  9. Favorite feature would be wifi connectivity, makes streaming movies very convenient same with throwing video games up and I would have a streaming party for jojos bizarre adventure stone ocean.

  10. 1. The feature I like best is the 3000lm white and colour brightness
    2. This is my favourite feature because of the clarity of the picture and the intensity of the colours.
    3. I would like to show the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowsip of the Rings at a viewing party in my home using this projector.

  11. I love that it’s WiFi compatible so I can connect easily with any device (even my MacBook Air) and rewatch the Lord of the Rings trilogy on a big screen.

  12. I like that it has 4k resolution with a screen size of 30″ – 300″
    Why? It means we can all watch on a huge screen!
    I would watch a movie with great visuals to test it out, maybe one of the Batman franchise.

  13. 1) Best feature is 4K and screen size
    2) I WOULD FEEL LIKE I’M ACTUALLY THERE!!!! Forever I have been stuck using a small monitor for watching movies and playing RPGs, MMOs and FPS games while my husband has his 55″ screen.
    3) We often have LAN parties and this would obviously be MY screen :D. We often showcase new games that have been released so the projector would definitely get a lot of use. The BenQ name would get a lot of exposure 😉

  14. 1) Best Feature: This is tied with 4K and HDR for me. BenQ always delivers on their higher end products so I’m confident in what they can achieve. BenQ is a very trusted and time tested brand.

    2) 4K is brilliant and True HDR is hard to come by and if you have ever seen HDR vs the standard color palette you would fully understand the wonder that is HDR. Bonus if it’s 10bit+. And plus, BenQ is awesome.

    3) We have movie marathons every few months and next up is The Lord of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit movies. The vibrant colors, fantasy environments and war scenes are pretty epic.

    And did I mention BenQ is awesome!?

  15. 1. Best feature – 120 inch screen at 4K resolution
    2. Just for the cinmatic experience of a large screen with great colour
    3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens just for the scene where Rey is flying through the crashed Imperial Destroyer

  16. The bluetooth capability is my favorite feature. I can then take it out into my front yard and have neighbourhood movie night where we can all social distance. We would watch a Superhero Movie Marathon (WonderWomen, Batman, The Incredibles, Shazam ETC).

  17. I think HDR is the best feature because contrast ratio is important in most movies and games. I’d like to try Call of Duty Vanguard on a big screen.

  18. 1. Favourite feature is HDR game compatibility
    2. Would love to display 4k content through my PS5 on a large surface to experience the rich details in the content
    3. I would love to watch Saving Private Ryan in 4k on the projector

  19. 1) best feature – 4K on a LARGE 120″ screen
    2) why this is my favourite feature – Immersive graphic details when gaming, watching movies and sports
    3) the MOVIE I would like to watch at a viewing party in my home using this projector) – Gladiator movie.

  20. 1. The 3000 lumens white and colour brightness.
    2. Bright projected pictures look much better than ones which are not.
    3. I would show “Blade Runner” at a viewing party.

    • 1. I like the 16ms response time
      2. When I compare it to other projectors, this one outperforms many of the competition ones.
      3. I will be playing call of duty Warzone

  21. My favourite feature of this product is that it’s 4K compatible it’s my favourite feature because I love gaming in the highest quality that I can, and I would very much like to watch Spider-Man on the Projector and I would love to play the Spider-Man PS4 game on the projector as well

  22. I like that the projector can make a picture from 30”-300”!
    This is a great feature because the projector could be used in many different locations.
    I’d likely end up watching a kids movie/show like Barbie or Lego Friends, lol.

  23. I like the potential screen size up to 300″. This would allow viewing in various different spaces in your home. Playing Halo Infinite on it would be amaze!

  24. 1. Wi-Fi connectivity is what I like the most.
    2. It allows me to easily project my games/movies from compatible devices!
    3. I would like to watch some anime movies XD

  25. – best feature: 4K on a wall size screen
    – why? So i can watch sports and feel like i am part of the action
    – playing at a viewing party: super bowl 2022

  26. The best feature is the HDR compatibility because the colours and content will look much more lifelike. This is amazing when watching movies or gaming because you become much more immersed. I would definitely watch Interstellar, it never gets old!

  27. 1) Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to easily project your game from compatible devices.
    2) This is very convenient, makes it very easy to stream anything I want.
    3) I would love to watch season 2 of The Witcher on Netflix with family once it’s out.

  28. The 4k resolution is amazing.

    Gaming on this would be absolutely beyond awesome

    A couple movies come to mind but being a sucker for Harry Potter series would indeed be one, but Avatar would also be pretty amazing

  29. 1-Our favorite feature is the 100% Rec.709 presenting our games because it will present 3- baseball games in 2-bright, vivid colours at viewing parties in our home using this projector.

  30. 1. the feature I like best is HDR game compatibility
    2. why it’s my favourite is because of the enhancement of colour and contrast making gaming images look more vibrant
    3. the movie I would like to show at a viewing party in my home using this projector is Jumanji: The Next Level in 4K

  31. My favorite feature is just the 4k, because I still hAve never seen 4K with my own eyes and I would share an experience of God of War PS4 on it.

  32. 1) 4K projection on a wall! Well god damn!
    2) why is it my favourite? Who wouldn’t want to test out 4K projection on a wall? I would love to watch a 4K movie at home!
    3) I’m eager to watch Godzilla vs. Kong! Just imagine in 4K projection!!!!! Ahhhhhgg

  33. My favourite feature would be the 4K resolution because it would make everything so clear and realistic! The first thing we would watch would be a calgary flames game!

  34. 1. Best feature: 120″ screen in 4K
    2) Why this is my favourite feature: Massive screen size for gaming and watching sports.
    3) The game I’m playing: When the Jays are not playing, I would have my buddies over and we would play The Show on the Series X.

  35. 1) the best feature is the 120″ screen in 4K
    2) This is my favourite feature because of the amazing graphics and details when gaming and watching movies
    3) the show I would like to watch at a viewing party in my home using this projector would be some movies suitable for my Halloween party

  36. 1) best feature I love the 120″ screen in 4K
    2) This is my favourite feature because of the amazing graphic detail when gaming and watching movies
    3) the show I would like to watch at a viewing party in my home using this projector would be alien

  37. 1) Best feature? Supports 4K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate, 16ms response time, and low input lag to provide crisp, detailed gameplay
    2)Why? Come on, PS5 on a screen the size of my garage door being viewed the way it’s meant to be! Clarity and no jitter!
    3)The movie I’m watching? Doing the chronological timeline of marvel movies with the kids right now, so by then it’s probably gonna be Thor:Ragnarok. That sounds good to me!

  38. 4k resolution at 60hz and low input lag.
    I like these features because i enjoy playing competitive online games. Ill be playing apex legends and/or binge watching marvel movies like the newly released black widow movie.

  39. 1) best feature – 120″ screen in 4K
    2) why this is my favourite feature – Amazing graphic details when gaming, watching movies and sports
    3) the show I would like to watch at a viewing party in my home using this projector) – Candyman movie.

  40. 1. The 4k is my favorite feature.

    2. It’s my favorite because well, it’s 4k. Who doesn’t love that? The graphics for game and movies are probably insane and I really want to see that.

    3. I want to use this to watch a hockey game with my roomates or play playstation games.

  41. 1. I like that it’s 4k and 60hz.
    2. It’s perfect for gaming.
    3. A Harry Potter movie marathon, then playing Hogwarts Legacy when it comes out

  42. 1. Definitely the 4K UHD Feature!
    2. It is my favorite feature due to the fact that having an image of this size (up to 300 in) requires quite a good amount of pixels to have a clear image.
    3. Either Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers: Endgame would be a delight on this projector!

  43. For me its 4k along with the fact it can go all the way to 120 inch.

    this would be perfect in our new basement where we have one big wall and i could invite friends to play nhl 2022 when its out!

    But game i would first try is sea of thieves on huge screen!

  44. For me its 4k along with the fact it can go all the way to 120 inch.

    this would be perfect in our new basement where we have one big wall and i could invite friends to play nhl 2022 when its out!

    But game i would first try is sea of thieves on huge screen!

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