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Picture a party in your home, with friends and family enjoying a spectacular sporting event that all can see and enjoy thanks to a BenQ 4K projector. Many sports are returning and games are launching making autumn the perfect time to get a projector. For many people, including me, it’s football season. And football season has already begun with some incredible games … none more so than the first Monday night match between the Ravens and the Raiders. But there is so much more to fall: a huge selection of great video games come out in the fall including Fifa 2022! Enter this contest and you might win a Tk700sti projector as shown above to share with your family and friends.

BenQ projectors deliver entertainment in a big way

Movies, games, and sports are the biggest forms of entertainment—better when enjoyed on a big screen. One challenge with big screens that BenQ addresses with the TK700sti is screen resolution: it’s a 4K projector! That means your 4K movie collection will look amazing, even when projected on a huge wall in your home. We’ve missed out on that big theatre movie experience for the past year or so; but, a BenQ 4k projector means you never have to again.

black widow DVDInvite some friends, make a ton of popcorn, and enjoy one of the new movies that has just been released on 4K as it was supposed to be enjoyed. For example, the Black Widow 4k DVD just arrived at Best Buy. I can’t wait to see this movie but I would prefer to have a theatre-like viewing event for a Marvel action movie. Similarly there are many more amazing movies coming out this fall (like a bunch of new Ryan Reynolds films!) that are totally worth throwing a screening party for. The bigger the screen, the bigger the party!


Gaming like never before

forza horizon 5Imagine Forza Horizon 5 played in 4K on a screen so large you will forget where you are and feel like you really are racing through the deserts of Mexico. This game will arrive on November 9 so you have lots of time to improve your home theatre by then.

fifa 2022 arrives at Best Buy There’s less time for Fifa 2022 though; it arrives at Best Buy on October 1st. This is a crowd favourite, so invite a crowd to play, and to cheer. First make sure you are ready … this is a big game and everyone will love playing it on one of the new consoles capable to delivering the action and excitement in brilliant 4K!

And speaking of sports, didn’t I mention at the top that football is back. Yes, NFL style football has returned, and the season promises to be epic. Look over the schedule of your favourite fall sport and find the date with the best match-up; then, virtually circle that date on your phone’s calendar, and plan to have an awesome viewing party. Wouldn’t it just be sweet to have already won this contest by then? Yes it would be … but first you must enter. Here’s how.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter up to four (4) times in four different places:

  1. Visit the BenQ Tk700sti product page at Best Buy and find the feature you like best in the information section. In one comment below, tell us 1. what that feature is, 2. why it’s your favourite, and 3. what movie or game you would like to show at a viewing party in your home using this projector. All 3 items must appear in the same comment for your entry to be valid.
  2. benq contest imageFor up to three (3) additional entries, create a public post on a social media channel (one entry per channel!) telling your friends and followers that you are entering to win a BenQ 4K projector from the Best Buy blog; include the hashtag #BenQProjectorContest and a picture of the blog contest like that shown here. Then return here and tell us in a comment below on which channel you posted it and the name of your channel (since many people use pseudonyms) so that I can check and verify your entry. You can use any social media channel (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc) but the post must be public so we can check it out.

In total you can enter four times: once with a comment below telling us about the projector, and three times with a comment below telling us on which social media channels you posted about the contest using the hashtag #BenQProjectorContest.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select one winner from all eligible entries posted in the blog comments to receive a new BenQ Tk700sti 4K projector.

This contest runs from Sept 16th until September 29th.

Remember you can enter up to four times following the directions above. Don’t miss your chance to win this amazing projector. Also, encourage your family and friends to visit the Best Buy blog regularly for great articles and lots of contests.

Win a BenQ 4K projector Rules and Regulations

Good Luck


  1. I like the feature Supports 4K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate, 16ms response time, and low input lag to provide crisp, detailed gameplay so I could watch movies like Dune and Star Wars with my family at home

  2. I like the feature Potential screen size of 30″ – 300″ provides a clear view for everyone in the room so I could watch movies like Dune and Avatar with my family at home large sized

  3. 1. 3000lm white and colour brightness showcases everything in clear details and vibrant colours
    2. Amazing colors is always something I look for when viewing
    3. My kids loved seeing Black Widow (last one we saw in the theater), would have a party showcasing this projector and that movie in 4K.

  4. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to easily project your game from compatible devices is my favourite feature. This will make it much easier to connect and project. I would watch Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings when it comes out!

  5. 1. I like that it has Wi-Fi connectivity ability.
    2. I can connect and display games.
    3. I would watch the entire Hobbit series.

  6. 1. the 4k resolution
    2. Amazing graphic details when gaming and watching a movie.
    3. Can’t wait to see the new Matrix movie on it.

  7. I love the screen size of 30″ – 300″ . Makes is super adaptable to any play room in the house and great for an outdoor movie night. I love movies and would have to see one of my favourites, The Fifth Element in 4k .

  8. 1. 3000lm white and colour brightness
    2. So I can see everything clearly and vividly.
    3. Shang-chi (when it’s released)

  9. HDR is a very important feature allowing for such a better 4k image. Brighter clearer images!

    We would probably watch the new matrix if it launches with a home viewing option.

  10. 1. The 4K capability
    2. The incredible amount of graphic detail
    3. When safe to do so, I’d have friends over for the best Oscar party ever to celebrate our love of movies

  11. Love the 4K feature, great for watching live sports. Looking forward to watching NHL hockey especially the outdoor games on the big screen

  12. 1. wifi connection
    2. no annoying cords coming from a device
    3. Paw Patrol party for the princess and her friends.

  13. 1. 4K does it for me
    2. I don’t own a 4K television, but I do have 4K set top boxes
    3. Can’t wait to watch all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies on it!

  14. 3000 lumens
    I wouldn’t need to ensure that I’m in a completely blacked out room
    Would probably watch Ready Player One

  15. the short throw feature my favorite. i have a relatively small media room and the ability to project 4K at 120″ from only 10′ would be a game changer. as for a viewing party, given the current state of affairs, i would just invite my best friend over to watch spirited away followed by some couch co-op on the xbox.

  16. The feature for me is 4K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate. Why it is a big thing for me as I play a lot of games and notice when the refresh rate seems to make the game feel slow also love the detail on a large image at 4K. I would watch the new Dune on the projector as I have read most of the dune books and I one the old dune movie on blue-ray.

  17. 1. 4K for sure
    2. I don’t have a 4K tv so having the ability to display sports, movies and games at such high def will be great.

  18. 1. 4K resolution
    2. This is the number one essential stat for you home theatre or gaming needs. A must-have for sure.
    3. Titanic

  19. 1. Favorite feature : the potential screen size of screen size of 30″ – 300″
    2. Why? to be able to set it up at one end of the basement and watch at the other
    3. Which movie I would watch :Gladiator

  20. The feature I would love the most would be the 4k quality at 60Hz refresh. I would love to re exxperience old video games and movies I used to love when I was younger. I would adore rewatching Harry Potter and playing the Spiderman games on this.

  21. Love that it Supports 4K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate, 16ms response time, and low input lag to provide crisp, detailed gameplay. We love watching action movies together

    @julieprasad on Twitter

  22. We watch a lot of movies so the Lamp life ranging from up to 4000 hours in Normal mode and up to 15000 hours in Lamp Save mode is awesome. We won’t be changing the lamps constantly and can keep on watching more sharp, clear movies. The first movie we would watch would be the newest James Bond, No Time to Die. Can’t wait to see that and on a big screen at home…wow!

  23. 1. Favorite feature : the potential screen size of screen size of 30″ – 300″
    2. Why? So I can set it up in my backyard to watch movies with my daughter
    3. Which movie I would watch : I would watch Home Alone over the holidays with my family. Hopefully it isn’t freezing outside.

  24. 1. Favourite feature: low input latency.
    2. Why it’s my favourite feature: nothing worse than input lag in a game like Sekiro where timing is everything.
    3. The game I would show off on this: Witcher 3 at 4K 60Hz, HRD, on a massive wall or screen. Although from 2015, it’s still amazing.

  25. 1. 4K
    2. Amazing graphic details when gaming and watching a movie.
    3. Can’t wait to watch Avatar on this!

  26. 1. HDR game compatibility.
    2. Makes the game look more vivid.
    3. Would use this to make my golf simulator course pop

  27. 1. 4K for sure
    2. I don’t have a 4K tv so having the ability to display sports, movies and games at such high def will be great.
    3. I’m thinking NHL games and The Dark Knight trilogy

  28. 1. 4K resolution
    2. This is the number one essential stat for you home theatre or gaming needs. A must-have for sure.
    3. I’d invite the crew over for a viewing of the Matrix trilogy followed by some Warframe on the Xbox Series X.

  29. I love that it’s supports 4K 60Hz refresh rate with 16 ms response plus HDR game compatibility. All I need is a big screen and it will be perfect for a game night or movie night with the family and friends. Can’t wait to have my hands on one!

  30. My favourite feature, if it counts, is the fact it’s in 4K. It will be the first 4K product I own! It would be cool to finally game and watch movies like I’m in the movie theatre. I want to watch Interstellar in 4k. I watched it in the theatres and I need that quality again!

  31. 4K resolution would be my favorite feature of this projector.
    This would make movies (and sports) look awesome. I would love to have a family Marvel Universe night spotlighting The Black Widow movie.

  32. 3000 lumens is definitely underrated. So many projectors fail to display good colours during the day. I’d love to play Minecraft on this, but I think the first thing I’d do is invite my friends over to watch watch Toy Story 1.

  33. The feature I would love the most is the “up to 300”” size. I love gaming. I would love to hook this up and play a giant version of Sea of Thieves. The sunsets and waves would look incredible in 4K!!!

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