LG 77" 4K OLED TV.jpgCES 2015 started today and LG made some big announcements about where they are going with their TV lineup. CES always provides an excellent preview of what the upcoming year will bring. It looks like 4K is going mainstream, which isn’t a big surprise. But where LG is going with 4K is a bit of a surprise, and a nice one at that!


Most of the big brands use LED technology as the platform for their 4K sets, whereas LG’s 4K is all about OLED technology. LG has produced some excellent 4K Ultra High Definition LED sets, and I am sure will continue to do so, but their talk at CES is more focused on 4K OLED. This is fantastic because interestingly, their OLED EC9300set was proclaimed by many critics to have the best picture “ever” of any TV—and it wasn’t a 4K set. By combining OLED and 4K I can only believe their picture will get even more amazing.

LG Flexible Screens.jpegFlexible Screens

LG is launching seven new 4K OLED TVs and adding a fair number of new features. They are taking advantage of the ability of OLED to be super thin, as their 2015 lineup is being marketed as “Art Slim” design technology. OLED has also typically been a curved profile, which LG is continuing with but they are also introducing a flat 4K OLED TV, which will be their least expensive OLED yet. LG is also including a flexible 4K OLED set that you can switch between curved and flat, and this flexible TV is a big 77-inch model. OLED sets are some of the most attractive looking ones on the market, and it looks like that trend will continue.

Improved Sound

Another new feature LG is adding to their 4K OLED lineup is enhanced sound systems. And I am not just talking a few more squished speakers in their ultra-slim screen, but a 100 watt 4.1 Channel speaker system along with a wireless subwoofer developed by Harman Kardon. This comes with their flexible 77-inch model, and their 65-inch model has a similar 90 watt system. So contrary to what you might think, that a super thin screen can’t have decent sound, LG is augmenting it with much better sound systems as part of the sets.

Upgraded Technologies

TV technology keeps getting better each year, and LG is showing 2015 won’t be any different. Their picture is already awesome using this OLED technology, and combining it with their proprietary WRGB technology that adds a fourth colour, white, to the usual 3 color pixel configuration. This makes the already amazing picture that OLED has that much more vivid. They are upgrading their processors to deal with the greater detail and resolution that 4K demands.

LG WebOS.jpegSmart Upgrades

LG is also upgrading their processors  for its smart platform, WebOS, which will make it that much faster. WebOS is already one of the best smart platforms available because of the design and usability. Their new version of WebOS promises to be even more intuitive and simplify the user experience even more. They are integrating it into all of their new TVs, and have added a lot more partnerships that will provide even more content. The likes of Direct TV, GoPro, Showtime, iHeartRadio to name a few. Some I am sure will only be available in the US but the trend in Canada is also making more content available.

4K Netflix

Their biggest news on their Smart TV front may be LG’s new partnership with Netflix. This will deliver improved streaming quality that will take advantage of these better technology sets by bringing higher definition content for an even greater picture. It is not clear yet how much programming will be in a higher definition 4K format, but the trend is definitely a positive one. A sign of things to come, and supporting the fact that 4K is now becoming more mainstream.

I have always felt LG doesn’t get the credit it deserves in delivering excellent value TVs, and CES 2015 is just another indicator of this. They have a great lineup that is getting better. I particularly like the fact they aren’t following the herd by bringing in their 4K on OLED and adding lots of options on how to buy it.

Tom Brauser
I love to try new technologies and I have a practical approach to techie stuff - it has to be easy to use and make my life better. I have my house fully wired, with a surround sound system in my family room for music and TV viewing, but also drive music throughout the house as well as outdoors. I Internet stream content on all my devices at home, which provides a huge variety of entertainment to enjoy.