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Everyone has that special person in their life who is extremely difficult to shop for. Personally, my dad is this person. He is incredibly particular and buys everything that he needs himself. As we enter the home stretch of the holiday shopping season, just know that you are not alone in your struggle. There may be a gift that whoever you’re shopping for don’t even know that they need yet! In order to build the best gift list for your loved ones, here are some home theatre gift ideas.

Home Theatre Gifts #1: streaming stick

Home Theatre Gifts 2Streaming sticks are the entry point into streaming and make for an excellent stocking stuffer. They are inexpensive and usually provide a great set of features for getting your television in a stream-ready position (especially if your set does not have streaming capabilities built-in).

Personally, I use the Amazon Fire TV Stick in conjunction with other streaming devices (like the Apple TV and Xbox One) in my home. I really like this  device; it is not as snappy as some of the more robust devices on the market (like the Apple TV, for instance), but it gets the job done. The Amazon Fire TV Stick comes pre-loaded with a custom version of Android from Amazon, so you can install your favourite Android apps on it. Beyond options from Amazon, I recently reviewed the brand new Google Chromecast and really like that device as well. This device isn’t a true “Android Box” as its design centers around “simple streaming”, but you can cast content from almost every major app.

Roku is a third option in the streaming stick space, but I would personally choose the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Chromecast over a Roku.

Home Theatre Gifts #2: 4K TV

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You may already know what a 4K television can do, but if you’re still using an older television, it may be time for the next step. A 4K television has four times the number of pixels than 1080p displays and can present a very sharp image to viewers. Before you buy, I encourage you to do your homework with respect to your next TV purchase. In addition to choosing the right size of TV, there are a few different technologies at play. You may hear words like LED, OLED, QLED or even MicroLED through your research. Just know that you have great options at all budget levels.

Outside of budget, size and display type, you may also be partial to a specific manufacturer like Samsung, LG or Sony. You may be used to a specific TV maker’s sets or your selected manufacturer has an added feature that you can’t find elsewhere (like Samsung SmartThings or Android TV in Sony sets). You can begin your search on the Best Buy Canada website or go into your local Best Buy store to speak to one of our home theatre experts.

After you have purchased a 4K TV this holiday season, you may want to check out this handy 4K TV guide from Erin Lawrence to setup your television.

Home Theatre Gifts #3: LED Lighting

Home automation has its benefits. In addition to controlling your television and streaming devices, you can control the lights in your home with your voice or an app as well.

Philips launched their Hue line of products for the first time about 6 years ago, but they’ve truly begun to enter more homes over the past 2 years. With the app or your voice, you can easily control any Philips Hue product in your home (or outside). There are products for all purposes from bulbs to strips to light bars available in both white or color-changing models.

When you begin your smart lighting journey, you may want to start with the Philips Hue Starter Kit. It is one of the best places to start because it comes with the bridge modem that you will need if you want to add other Philips Hue devices to your home.

Home Theatre Gifts #4: sound bar

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Your television has probably put on a marathon Netflix or gaming session this year. However, if you’re still using your set’s built-in speakers, it may be time for a change.

Gift that special someone a sound bar this holiday. The sound bar is a quick way to boost your home theatre’s sound. This type of device is a self-contained unit that connects to your TV and provides upgraded sound when compared to your television’s built-in speakers. These devices are typically inexpensive (in comparison to full surround systems) and integrate above or below your television well.

These devices are fairly ubiquitous; they are made by tons of different companies. Sound bars may come with an external subwoofer like the LG SK4D or the Sony HTCT290. Others like those from Bose have integrated subwoofers in the main body of the sound bar. An example of this is the Bose Solo 5. If you’re still uncertain about sound bars, Jeff Wilson wrote a whole article about why you should consider a sound bar for your new television.

Home Theatre Gifts #5: universal remote

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My final recommendation for the holidays is a universal remote.

Every holiday I watch family and friends struggle when it comes to switching inputs on their entertainment system. A universal remote from Logitech might solve that problem. Instead of having to push buttons on 2-3 different remotes to switch the inputs on your home entertainment system, you can program the device once and move to a single remote for controlling all of your devices.

Logitech makes devices at every price point. If you need a simple universal remote, the Logitech Harmony 665 Advanced Remote Control is a good match. If you want a more robust solution that is compatible with some voice assistants, the Logitech Harmony Elite Remote fits the bill.

Even more home theatre gifts

Outside of these five ideas, you may look at a new TV mount, a game console or even a wireless speaker. If you’re still struggling, the home theatre section of the Best Buy Canada website may provide the perfect inspiration.

For even more gift ideas, helpful how-tos and product reviews, check out the Best Buy Canada Blog!Home Theatre Gifts 6

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  1. The home theatre gift that I would hope for this Christmas is an Apple TV, so I can watch my iTunes purchased movies easily on my TV. Another great streaming device.

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