Many of us are familiar with Roku’s TV options in Canada, but until now, getting your hands on Roku’s home theatre audio has been all but impossible. Not any more. Roku has just announced it’s bringing its Roku Streambar to Canada, and it’s now available at Best Buy for pre-order. The Roku Streambar joins the Roku player lineup, which includes the Roku Express, Roku Premiere and the Roku Streaming Stick+ in Canada.

Roku announces Streambar sound bar in Canada

The new Roku Streambar is an extremely compact sound bar with 4K HDR streaming and cinematic sound designed to upgrade the audio from your flatscreen TV. Though much smaller in size than a traditional sound bar, it’s designed to fill a room with space and can be used with even larger flat screen TVS.

Sound bars are becoming increasingly more important as our TVs get thinner. As we move towards truly flat screens, there’s less and less room for a proper built-in speaker that can deliver high quality sound with all the bass we want and the clarity we expect—and let’s not forget when the video is Ultra HD or 4K resolution or better, having sub par audio will really stand out. That’s why a sound bar is so important.
At its recent video product announcement, Roku also announced it’s adding Airplay 2 and HomeKit capabilities on select 4K Roku Streaming Players and Roku TV Models too.

Roku calls the Streambar a two-in-one entertainment upgrade that adds 4K HDR streaming and cinematic sound to any TV, saying Roku Streambar is an affordable way for consumers to upgrade and de-clutter their entertainment setup at home. Essentially the Streambar means you won’t need an external streaming device like a Roku Streaming Stick; instead, if you get this speaker option, you get the streaming, plus the audio power you need. Plus, it’ll also work as a high quality Bluetooth speaker for all your music needs.

Roku Streambar details

With its compact acoustic design and powerful signal processing, its center speaker driver is said to deliver crisp, clean audio that makes dialogue easier to hear while its angled side drivers fill the rest of the room with sound.

Automatically quiet loud commercials & talk to your digital assistant

The Roku Streambar is also designed to quiet loud commercials automatically and you can control the Streambar by asking either Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Setup is meant to be super simple with everything in the box, including an HDMI cable and a voice remote that controls your TV power, sound, and streaming.

Features include:

  • Brilliant 4K picture: Stream movies and TV in HD, 4K, and 4K HDR picture quality.
  • Big sound: Four 1.9” full range drivers fill the room with rich Dolby Audio.
  • Smarter than the average soundbar: Advanced audio engineering within the Roku OS helps Roku Streambar produce sound well beyond its size while increasing speech clarity and adding intricate depth to music.
  • Easily accessible sound settings: Simple volume modes make it easy to adjust sound. Automatically lower loud commercials, boost the volume of voices, and optimize the sound for night listening.
  • Spotify Connect: Spotify is available on the Roku platform and with Spotify Connect, easily launch a favourite playlist from a smartphone and listen through the Roku Streambar’s high performance speakers.
  • Bluetooth support: Easily stream music from mobile devices.

Later this year, Roku expects customers will enjoy Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit capabilities on select 4K Roku devices. With AirPlay 2, for the first time you’ll be able to stream, control, and share content from Apple devices right to a supported Roku device, while HomeKit will allow you to easily and securely control a Roku device using the Home app and Siri on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or HomePod.

The Roku Streambar is available now for pre-order and will ship starting near the end of October.

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  1. Has the Prime app for in Canada been fixed to show forced non English subtitles ; watching Jack Reacher for example becomes meaningless on my roku box

  2. Just for the fact that it quiets loud commercials has me sold. Seriously, why is that? This might just be the ticket. We love our Roku.

  3. Looks great! I’ve got so many streaming devices but it looks like a great pick up for anyone looking to cut down on cords!

  4. Good idea. I’d rather have a combined roku-soundbar than a roku-tv. Personally I dont want my TV to depend on updates from manufacturers so external devices make sense to me. If I can combine a couple of them into one cheap unit I’m happy.

    • Hi Declan,

      I think this is a good idea too. One HDMI port to connect streaming and audio is a good thing. And Roku’s interface has always been one of the simplest to navigate.

      best regards,

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