Polk Audio LSiM Speaker Overview


Polk Audio’s new line of LSiM speakers are aspirational; a brand new series of high-end speakers that provide a sound that’s hard to match. Built on the back of the company’s previous in-home audio offerings, this set of new speakers are boosted by the company’s new Dynamic Sonic Engine. This technology offers great high-frequency sound dispersion and pitch-perfect sound regardless of the angle where you’re sitting. Get realistic audio, granular audio details and the great bass with this new speaker series from Polk.

All about Polk Audio speakers

Within the LSiM family lie several different options featuring the new peak of Polk performance. The smaller Polk Audio Bookshelf Speaker (LSiM703), the Polk Audio Centre Channel Speaker (LSiM704c) and the tall and mighty Polk Audio Tower Speaker (LSiM705) are available now at Best Buy.

From a feature standpoint, some great shared features are held by these speakers. Some examples of the common features and technologies between them including their one-inch ring radiator tweeters and “Super Cell Aerated” polypropylene mid bass drivers.

Polk Audio Bookshelf Speaker

First, Polk Audio Bookshelf Speaker (LSiM703) packs a rounded sound into the smallest speaker in the LSiM family. These thirty pound bookshelf speakers shouldn’t be stowed in the corner, they should be the cornerstone of your room. This device is built using Polk’s proprietary Dynamic Balance, a process that helps select the materials that create the lowest amount of resonance (which could hurt your listening experience) and Polk’s PowerPort Bass Venting which helps extend the bass response of the speaker. Brad Moon recently posted this review of these speakers on the blog.

This device also possesses a 3-way driver system for a full sound with a good balance between highs, midrange and bass.

Polk Audio Centre Channel Speaker

The Polk Audio Centre Channel Speaker (LSiM704c) can be a great centre channel for your home theatre system or can help you listen to music and/or podcasts in an office or kitchen, for instance. Much like the bookshelf option in the same family, this brand new device possesses Polk’s PowerPort and Dynamic Balance technology for efficient bass and low resonance speaker construction.

Polk Audio Tower Speaker

The big brother of the family, the Polk Audio Tower Speaker (LSiM705) is built with a dual woofer design that provide a wide and dynamic soundstage for your favourite TV shows or movies. What powers the difference in sound between this device and the others is that these speakers contain two cassini oval subwoofer drivers. These oval drivers provide boost low frequency sound through a larger surface area.


What’s next?

The new LSiM speakers from Polk are available now. Find out more about them and more products from Polk on the Best Buy Canada Home Audio & Speakers webpage!

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