LG The Wave CES 2020LG had some amazing technology on display at the annual consumer tech show, CES 2020. When I entered the LG booth I was bowled over by The Wave. This giant, flexible TV isn’t exactly consumer material, but it does give you a sense of what’s ahead.

LG shows off roll-up retractable TVs

Let’s stick with the TVs… LG’s other wow moment is when you realize some huge TVs on display aren’t just sliding into cabinets on the floor, no, they’re roll-up TVs. Not just projector paper, these are real retractable TVs (LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R9 – 4K HDR Smart TV) that are paper thin and so have the ability to roll up and hide away.

LG CES 2020, roll up TV
Roll-up TVs from LG

The design implications for these LG retractable TVs is amazing. You can have a massive, wall-sized screen that disappears on command.

LG was also showing off the other ways it has to hide TVs and other home and audio equipment in plain sight… by turning it into furniture; I saw a TV with a cabinet behind, tables that are speakers… you get the idea. I hope these hit the market soon; it makes sense as we move to smaller spaces in urban areas that our electronics and furniture has to do double duty.

LG is also going big on 8K resolution TV sets which are clearer, sharper and smarter than 4k, not to mention they can use AI to upscale non 8K content so it looks better.

I also saw LG’s Gallery TV series. This TV is almost completely flat, and when mounted to the wall it sits flush and blends in, more so when you use Gallery Mode. This option allows you to have the TV display art, photography or other visual stimulation on the set when you’re not watching movies or shows so the TV becomes an art portal—and it looks really realistic.

LG CES 2020, roll up TV
LG’s Gallery Series

Meet LG Gallery

LG’s minimalist Gallery Series has an ultra-thin form factor—the 65-inch model is a mere 20 millimeters (0.79 inches) thin. Paired with an included specially-designed wall mount, these 55-, 65- and 77-inch class models hang completely flush on the wall.

The GX Gallery series 4K UHD models will join the LG OLED WX Wallpaper series (razor-thin 77- and 65-inch models) and the LG SIGNATURE OLED R (model 65RX) to provide what LG dubs “genuine space integration and an element of futuristic luxury” to homes when they are launched to consumers, hopefully later this year.

CES 2020 LG
Indoor herb garden from LG

LG shows unique Appliances too

LG’s appliances have smarts built in, from a tap to turn on the lights, to a washer that lets you put in enough soap for months worth of laundry so you can truly set it and forget it.

LG is also now making an indoor gardening solution for hydroponics so you can grow fresh herbs. yes, herbs.

The Smart Door from LG is the anti-package theft solution. When you’re getting a delivery, the driver gets a QR code that gives them access to your LG refrigerated Fresh Keeper for groceries or the regular delivery box.

CES 2020 LG
LG’s smart front door replacement.

When you get home, use your biometrics to open your front door, and you can access your stuff from inside the home.

While we wait for LG to release a lot of these new items, check out all the other LG products at Best Buy.

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