Does your mom, spouse, grandmother or sibling love her TV series? Is her favourite place the home theatre? Choose gifts that can help her get the most from TV or movie time.

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Shut out the world

A great set of headphones that can connect to your TV are a perfect option, letting her block out the noise from the rest of the household. These Sennheiser over-ear sound isolating wireless headphones are a nice option that allows for private listening, whether it’s mom blocking out the kids, or the kids using them so mom can have some peace. I reviewed some similar Sennheiser headphones and found them to be an easy option for TV listening.

Choose a Universal Remote to control them all!

Logitech harmony 665 remote review 2Every great home theatre needs a universal remote control. Logitech Harmony remotes are the gold standard and available in many price ranges and configuration options, plus most of them can connect to literally any home theatre component, as well as some smart home devices, using this Logitech Harmony model.

Keep cables handy

Every home theatre needs an extra HDMI cable. Inevitably you’ll bring home a new gadget and it won’t include the HDMI, so keeping one on hand is a move the three wise men would give props to. Tuck this Rocketfish HDMI cable in a stocking for a handy and useful gift.

Tune in Tokyo

Another cool gift option for the home theatre buff is a digital antenna or tuner. Cord-cutters use these to access local TV signals, without having to pay huge cable bills. Adding one of these to her home theatre will help test the waters, if your family is thinking about nixing the cable subscription.

Music soothes the savage beasts

If the woman in your life loves music, a high quality, multi-room wireless speaker is a nice gift. Start by gifting something like the Sonos PLAY:1, and then she can add to the ecosystem as she wishes.

If she’s already got great speakers but has been connecting to them via an Aux cable, pick up a Google Chromecast Audio. This compact and inexpensive dongle can make speakers smart and it gives them the ability to stream wirelessly.

Upgrade the TV in the den or kitchen – or the the whole home

Depending on your budget, giving the gift of a great quality 4K TV could score big Christmas git points. Smaller 4K TVs have dropped steeply in price, plus with many of the discounts being offered this season, it’s truly a great time to look at adding that Vizio or Samsung TV to the den or kitchen … or even to get a big screen option like the Samsung Frame TV. Because this one doubles as realistic artwork when it’s off (read my review of the fabulous Frame TV here) it’s a great way to add a TV to a fine looking living room.

Finally, if you’re shopping for grandma, and she has an older TV, you can still introduce her to streaming! With a Roku Media streamer, she can get to know the wide world of online TV and movies.

Home theatre gifts aren’t just for the guys, of course! If you’ve got a woman in your life who loves to chill out with a movie or TV show after a long day, add one of these gifts to your shopping list.

Shop all home theatre gift ideas at Best Buy.

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