The ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Delta S wireless headset is making waves online for its use of AI technology. Solid technology in a headset is pretty critical in 2023. However, in a market as saturated as the headphones market, can this headset make a name for itself? After all, quality technology isn’t beneficial if other aspects of the product fail miserably. I’ve found over the years that most headsets in the low, mid, and high pricing tiers don’t differentiate themselves too much from their competition. This is especially obvious in their price points. Let’s see if ROG has set itself apart.

Unboxing the ASUS ROG Delta S wireless headset

When you are buying a premium headset, you expect a premium experience. The ASUS ROG Delta S Wireless definitely provides that experience. When you open the hinged lid on the box you are greeted with a nice thick cardboard insert that says, “Welcome to the Elite Republic of Gamers.” Below the insert you’ll find the headset nestled nicely in a plastic insert. It is not wrapped up in bags but just ready for you to pull out and use.

Below the plastic insert you’ll find a small box that includes the necessary paperwork and warranty instructions. You will also find two additional ear pads, and a braided USB-A to USB-C cable. The inclusion of different ear pads and a braided cable again signify that you aren’t purchasing a mid or lower tier product. This is a premium product, with a premium price tag and a premium experience. Top marks here to ROG.

ASUS ROG Delta S Wireless design

While a few headsets on the market are still putting controls on both earcups, ROG is following the new trend. All the controls for the headset are on one earcup. This includes the USB-C charge port, a mode and activation button, a spring loaded volume control, and a Bluetooth to 2.4 GHz switch. The volume dial is probably my favorite feature here. I’ve never been a fan of scroll wheels on headsets. I find the system used by ROG to be superior. Instead of a scroll wheel that you keep pushing with your finger to raise or lower the volume, ROG uses a spring loaded switch. You simply tap for a bit of volume change, or hold for a greater volume change. 

The headset itself sits comfortably on the head. Again, ROG is bucking the trend of tight fitting headsets and has instead opted for a looser fit. I think for many this might be a great change from the norm, but others will find the headset might slip off their heads. Ideally, I think ROG should have opted for a bit tighter of a headset, but it will be a minor concern for most. The top of the headband is nicely cushioned with a pleather bar, and the plastic build makes the headset incredibly light, with a metal inset providing flexibility and durability. While headsets that use a lot more metal in the build might feel more premium, they also come with more weight. As someone who can game for hours on end, a lightweight headset is a necessity for me.

Extra ear pads

When hardcore gamers buy headsets, they are particular in what they want. This is especially true about ear cup design. You have ear cups that completely surround the ear and some that rest on the ears. Some ear pads are plastic leather, and others are breathable fabric. By trying to satisfy both the faux leather and fabric crowd, ROG has included an additional set of ear pads in the box to provide some flexibility, though they are a hassle to remove and replace. While the extra choice is a nice additional feature, it makes me wonder how much more of a price increase the product justified to accommodate this. The ROG Delta S Wireless headset isn’t cheap and though the product feels worth the price, I wonder if the ear pad material could be offered as a choice so gamers can decide which they prefer before purchase.

ASUS ROG Delta S wireless sound quality

The ROG S Delta Wireless headset comes with 50mm drivers, the norm in the industry today. That being said, the company is using AI to enhance the audio experience. For the most part, it does this very well. If you are using the headset on your PC, you can download software to have even greater control. This will allow you to tailor your audio experience to your exact preference. After using it for just 30 minutes, it was apparent to me that there are more features built into this application than what is available from other companies.

Even without the software, however, you still get a great audio experience. You can choose between 2.6 GHz or Bluetooth, both of which work and pair flawlessly. I’ve had issues getting headsets to connect to my Nintendo Switch, but that was not a problem here. Like with many gaming headsets, the audio lows and highs are amplified. Lows are amplified to make explosions and gunshots have more impact. Highs are amplified to highlight the sounds of people walking, wind blowing through trees, and more. That makes this a fantastic gaming headset, and serviceable for listening to music. It can be used for all audio needs, but after some use, I just wouldn’t use it for anything outside gaming.

AI enhances voice

ROG uses AI-enhanced beamforming microphones to enable noise cancellation and facilitate better voice pickup for team coms. When in use with my kids around me playing their handheld games and toys, my friends really couldn’t hear anything except my voice. If you game in a loud environment—perhaps with a fan blowing or loud traffic noises from outside—this will easily take those sounds out of your experience. The downside, however, means your voice won’t sound natural. I found that my own voice was left with a slight robotic sound. This was not something that was bothersome, but still worth noting.

Final thoughts on the ASUS ROG Delta S

The headset space has become quite diluted in the past few years. The variance between different brands is becoming less and less. As someone who doesn’t like all the bells and whistles of some headsets, the plain design and nondescript look of the ASUS ROG Delta S wireless headset is a huge plus for me. It looks great when stored next to my computer and consoles, and when I’m shooting lifestyle images for other projects I’m working on, I never worry about them sitting there, looking out of place. The audio quality is top notch, and the AI work in noise cancellation is inventive in the space. While there are still strides the company can take to make voice sound more natural, they are heading in the right direction with advancements in AI continuing to develop.

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