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EPOS was established upon the former successful partnership between Sennheiser and Demant, the world-leading hearing technology group with more than 115 years audio expertise. Every product is designed to bring out the best in games so you feel every explosion, can confidently share strategic instructions with teammates, and comprehend subtle audio clues of approaching threats before they appear on screen for that gaming advantage that sets you apart from your competition. The H6PRO series by EPOS is a premium headset for next-generation gaming with wired connectivity to ensure latency is never an issue.

The closed acoustic gaming headset handles audio the way a seasoned gamer expects. Passive noise reduction works with a proprietary speaker system to keep the sound where it should be: between your ears. Listen to the action in both stereo and virtual surround sound, staying focused throughout.

For gamers who prefer to keep in touch with the outside environment, the H6PRO open acoustic gaming headset can oblige. When you like playing in quieter confines, the open-backed design delivers the best of both worlds: an immersive soundstage with the natural sound coming from the environment, like your own voice. You don’t lose out on the highest level of clarity in the thick of a battle. Nor do you miss out on the fidelity coming from the closed-back H6PRO, giving you an audio edge for every game you play.

The H6PRO works, open or closed

The closed-back ear cups on the H6PRO have memory foam pads made to seal in the great acoustic sound they produce. This is about immersing yourself in the action, concentrating on winning each game or battle. It’s that kind of focus that can mean the difference when listening for every detail.

The open-backed ear cups on the H6PRO were built with comfort and ventilation in mind. You won’t lose out on the realism or depth of the acoustic response because it’s always there. It lets you stay aware of your surroundings, hearing your own voice as you chat with fellow gamers in the heat of battle.

With either pair, EPOS delivers sound worthy of the best gaming platforms. Wear them and play your favourite games on a Windows PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Staying comfortable in the thick of it

EPOS fashioned the H6PRO with newer designs that include a slimmer profile for a more comfortable fit. That means less weight to bear down on your head, making longer gaming sessions feel more natural.

The 2-axis hinge alters the angle enough to accommodate different head and ear shapes. You won’t feel pressure from the headband, thanks to better cushioning and balanced distribution. With memory foam pads that don’t restrict airflow, yet keep the sound at maximum quality, these headsets never stop playing.

That means going through longer gaming sessions to win major battles or win key games. It means communicating with friends and rivals and not straining to hear anything. You can stay comfortable at all times, focusing on tactics and strategy to prevail.

The H6PRO listens when you want

The H6PRO closed and open headsets each have a microphone ready and able to communicate with others. EPOS positions the magnetic boom arm to optimize voice pickup, ensuring others hear your voice whenever you speak.

When it’s time to stay quiet, or keep thoughts private, you can remove the boom arm completely. Replace it with a sleek cover plate and you’ve gone radio silent, or set up an external microphone and keep the audio flowing through the headset.

The EPOS signature sound extends to every aspect of playing your favourite games. When you’re in the middle of a tough match, or coordinating movement with a virtual team, sound matters. These headsets were built to make it easier to listen in all aspects of every game.

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