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If you’re a gamer, you might be asking yourself if you need gaming headsets, or if you should upgrade your current ones. Compared to regular headphones, gaming headsets are designed for longer wear and more immersive, gaming-specific sound, and brands like Logitech have a variety of models to meet your specific needs. Only available for pre-order currently, you could win a Logitech G332, G432, G635, or G935 headset if you enter this contest below.

Logitech is a top choice for gaming headsets

Remember Magic 8 Balls? They were those toys (sorry, I  mean mystical fortune-telling oracles) that you asked a question and then shook to receive an answer ranging from “Don’t count on it” to “It is decidedly so.” The reliability of these cousins of the pool-ball was dubious at best, but there was a particular joy in peeking into the future and having tough questions answered for you. A Magic 8 Ball might help you decide if you need a gaming headset, but unfortunately I can’t provide you all with your own Magic 8 Balls, and I’m not sure trusting decisions to a questionably spiritual toy is the best idea. So instead, why don’t you accompany me as I take look at the exciting specs and features of a few Logitech gaming headsets?

Designed with the gamer in mind

Logitech makes a variety of gaming headsets, including the G332, G432, G635, G935 models, all of which are only currently available for pre-order and can be win in this contest. All four models are designed with the needs of a gamer in mind; specifically, the headsets must enhance, not distract from, the gaming experience.

Logitech G935 Gaming Headset
Logitech G935 Gaming Headset

Let’s face it, if you’re a gamer, you aren’t likely to game for 20 minutes and then log off and go about your day. Nope, you’ve set time aside and you are planning to zone out from the world and zone into the game. This means you need to be comfortable and not constantly adjusting your headset. These Logitech headsets are made with lightweight stainless steel bands and have leatherette or sports mesh ear pads that fit around the ears to prevent pressure. They also come equipped with a 6mm mic that can be flipped up to quickly mute it, so you can go from chatting to team mates to staying stealthy and silent in a single  motion. The wired versions have a 6.5 ft. long cord, while the G935 is wireless, so you have freedom of movement whether you’re using a wired or wireless headset.

Immersive and dynamic sound from Logitech

Speakers are great for an entertainment system and there are many we can recommend at Best Buy, but there are times when you need to keep noise down or when you have a smaller budget or less living space. Gaming headsets make a great alternative to speakers in these instances. Plus, if you really are looking to achieve intense focus, headsets help minimize external distractions and deliver the sound straight to your ear.

The G935 and G635 models have Pro-G 50mm drivers with a woven hybrid mesh that ensures high frequencies, like the enemy’s footsteps, and low frequencies, like explosions, can be heard loud and clear. The G935, G635, G432, and G332 headsets all have 7.1 Surround Sound that will drop you right into the action. What’s more is that some of the models also boast DTS Headphone:X 2.0, which improves your in-game spatial awareness and lets you accurately sense position and distance, giving you that competitive edge.

Customize your gaming sessions

Logiech RGB Lightsync
Logitech headsets with RGB LIGHTSYNC

Logitech headsets don’t only offer dynamic sound and convenient, comfortable designs; they also give you the chance to personalize settings. The G935 and G635 have G-keys that can be programmed with macros and in-game commands, and you can adjust your EQ and DTS Headphone:X 2.0 settings via the G HUB. LIGHTSYNC RGB allows you to select from 16.8 millions colours or use pre-loaded RGB animations for custom effects that respond to in-game action, audio, or screen colour.

All of these headphones are also compatible across multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, and various consoles and mobile devices, so you can use a single pair for every type of gaming. So, I ask again, do you need a gaming headset? All signs point to yes.


Entering is easy, but you can only enter once. In a comment below, tell us why you think the Magic 8 Ball would reply “It is certain” to the question “Do I need a gaming headset?” What is it about these gaming headsets that makes them perfect for you?


We will randomly draw four winner from all eligible entries, and we have four models of Logitech headsets to give away: one Logitech G432, one G935, one G332, and one G635.

This contest runs from February 11 to February 25, 2019

Remember the spirits that be favour the good, so reap some karma and get the Magic 8 Ball on your side by sharing this contest with other gamers. Besides, it’s just a nice thing to do!

Enter this contest for your chance to win a Logitech gaming headset

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  1. When the sun sets, and eyes fall heavy, the stars begin to twinkle and a quietness looms over everything. That’s the time I like to play video games. Without interference, I can focus and immerse myself into a world and do so without disturbing the sanctity of the nighttime silence.

  2. I think that a Magic 8 ball would answer “it is certain” to “do I need a gaming headset?” because my current headset’s speaker no longer works and I know that Logitech has some of the best gaming equipment available with superior sound quality. It would also match my Logitech G203 Prodigy mouse that I have also purchased from Best Buy and it would be cool to sync my RGB lighting with Logitech Lightsync.

  3. “Do I need a gaming headset? ” The man asked
    “It would be a shame if you didn’t” The Magic 8 Ball replied.
    “Wh…What can I do to make this happen?”
    The Magic 8 Ball paused and took a Magic 8 ball’s equivalent of a deep breath…
    “You shall make people smile and this will be the key to your success, it is certain.”

    Packed with hope and a purpose, the man then went on a journey to achieve what now became his destiny. After many efforts, the man realized what was happening here. Even if the Magic 8 Ball was getting older and was not as accurate as it used to, it gained wisdom over the years, and it was not a certainty that the man would need or get the prize in the end, but the Magic 8 Ball wanted to teach him a valuable lesson that could only be learned through accepting his fate when it came knocking at his front door. The journey to get where he wanted to go was a reward in and of itself and what he gets at the end is not within his power, but as long as he was willing to put the effort, he would for sure get something positive out of it, something that would last longer than anything else. That was the last lesson the Magic 8 Ball ever taught. (For the Magic 8 ball’s sake, I really hope I get the Headset!).

      • Haha! For sure I’ll let you know if the stories of the wise Magic 8 ball and The Man ever continue. I really enjoyed reading The Alchemist, it surely had an influence on my writing.
        You’re the best Kate

  4. Pretty sure the magic 8 ball would say “it is certain” because I have been using a 4 year old headset that doesn’t support surround sound and using that headset for streaming Anthem, WoW and the like is kinda shameful….

  5. The Magic 8 Ball would reply “It is certain” to the question “Do I need a gaming headset?” because my son would love them!!

  6. I love that these are so customizable! I think the Magic 8 Ball would reply “It is certain” because an awesome headset can really help pull you into a game. Once you’ve played with a head set there’s no turning back.

  7. It would definitely say It is certain as my son and I love gaming but we have never had a good headset so it would be awesome to play without all the background nose.

  8. The Magic 8 Ball would reply “It is certain” to the question “Do I need a gaming headset?” because playing video games using one of these headphones is a must.

  9. The Magic 8 Ball would reply “It is certain” to the question “Do I need a gaming headset?” because I need to improve my fortnite muscles!

  10. The Magic 8 Ball would reply “It is certain” to the question “Do I need a gaming headset?” because I am atill using a headset with WIRES

  11. The Magic 8 Ball would reply “It is certain” to the question “Do I need a gaming headset?” because I don’t have one. A headset would be a game changer. Cheers!

  12. The Magic 8 Ball would reply “It is certain” to the question “Do I need a gaming headset?” because it knows how much I play games

  13. It would answer It is certain that I need this gaming headset for my teenage son who loves to game and would think I am the best mom if I could give him these.

  14. The headset I have right now always echos to people I’m speaking with and everyone can hear my system audio. I am due for a new one for sure.

  15. The Magic 8 Ball would reply “It is certain” to the question “Do I need a gaming headset?” because it knows how much great sound quality means and my current ones don’t make the grade.

  16. Headsets are a fascination for my autistic son; he can’t get enough; that, and he is noise-sensitive. His games are much too loud for me! Headsets like these would be a double-blessing!

  17. My son is always complaining that we make too much noise when he is playing so it is certain that he would benefit from a good quality headset and we all know the Magic Ball does not ever lie.

  18. I always have trouble communicating effectively with my team due to the lack of mic that i have on my original headset. These logitech headphones can help boost my performance and make me an even better team player online!

  19. Playing Zelda into the wee hours of the morning would be amazing with these headphones — the immersive sound would be way better than my crummy ear buds, I’m sure!

  20. The Magic 8 Ball would reply “It is certain” to the question “Do I need a gaming headset?” because it knows how much great sound quality means to me and my current ones leave a lot to be desired!

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